What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


They don’t talk about it, so I can’t really assume anything or even that they are lying. They said they did not know the reason


Only way we can do is buff public dungeon’s reward, especially Exaltations. Difficulty is fine as it is.


In before people mention Shatters, which even then DECA has nerfed it and buffed exalts to make it even easier to do for only the exalt grind.


Don’t see it happening, much as I’d like it. They’re not going to effectively make keys worse, as it would hit their revenue selling them.


The playerbase, or at the very least the most vocal one being a bunch of doomers over every little thing


As some people have said, the game is dying, just very, very slowly.


With really EVERY update they bring up new bugs that prevent me from playing! WHY?? Do they give a shit about the players experiences?

Just wanted to enter an Ancient Ruins as I did multiple times before… infinite loading -> error. infinite loading on Nexus - ends up in errors after a second. quitted -> cannot login again!

After every update it’s the same shit!

When I was CTO there, the very first developer’s priority would be a stable user experience! And as a seccond, the monetarization of everything, but first, the stability!

If I ever had spent a single Cent from my real money on the game, I felt scammed so often.


Well RIP to RotMG even faster when keys are almost mandatory to access to all contents, and not all players are willing to throw $$$…


But some players are willing to, and they throw a lot of $$$, and that’s all that matter to DECA


I don’t play anymore but here are my issues that made me stop playing. Read the bold for tl;dr.

1. Public runs are completely unviable
Discords are the major reason for this, but there is also some player unwillingness as the cause of it. People are extremely hesitant to do public realm runs because they know it will be safer and faster to just do them in a discord. I love doing public endgame dungeons with a lot of people. No one in the group really knows if they’ll make it, there’s no organization, and there’s no guarantee that the dungeon will even be finished. The higher risk also makes it more fun. I feel the fear of death has been severely lost with the safety of exclusive runs.

2. Guilds are extremely neglected
Guilds or any form of clan are a good idea in any MMO. The problem is, there is almost no incentive to join a guild other than the free pots you get from Guill, and discords have become glorified guilds. Don’t get me wrong, there are a large amount of guilds out there that are active and do dungeons, competitions, etc., but that is not your average guild, and I would say that, even being generous, only about 5% of guilds do things like this. This is because the overabundance of guilds. People will make one where the only member is themselves, because there is no reason to invite other people or join a different guild.

3. Power creep
This one is pretty self-explanatory so I’ll keep it short. Some items have become so irrelevant that I would rather have the nostalgic dopamine of looking at a white bag sprite than actually have the item inside of it. Early/mid-game whites used to have a purpose, but now they feel pointless, with very few exceptions.

4. The 'community’
People often complain about the community and how toxic or elitist they are and how they gatekeep everything. The issue is that this is the minority of the community, and people often generalize that the whole community is like this. When I posted my shatters HM solo, almost every comment I got made my day and the overall reaction to it made my year. Most people who play this game are very friendly, its just the top 1% of players who speak very loudly and make the community as a whole look bad. However, being a high-end player, I basically had to play around a load of the toxic ones, but this is not an issue for everyone. This is not to say that at times I wasn’t toxic - I definitely was - and there’s really no excuse for it.

note that it is definitely way more than 1% of players

The combination of these four things was the primary thing that drew me away. I know I’ll probably come back to this game in the future, but it definitely wont be for long.


Generally content will be power crept since the devs have to keep adding/reworking parts of the game in order to prevent it from going stale. I personally believe that it’s fair if an item in the midgame is less useful or maybe even irrelevant in the endgame, but I rather care if it’s useful for the stage of the game that it’s in. Tome of Holy Purification doesn’t need to be this powerful debuff warding item that every endgame player should use, but rather a nice utility sidegrade tome for priests that struggle with more debuff-heavy midgame dungeons. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but I prefer items that are useful within their own stage of the game over items that can transcend its usefulness past its stage. Think of Terraria, in which all the items are useful in their own stages, but are definitely outclasses later in the game. That’s not to say they aren’t useful ever, they’re just naturally overpowered by other items for the sake of game progression.


I definitely agree with this, there’s simply too many items to make each and every one of them unique and fill their own niches. I just feel that there’s more room for improvement with how unique some items are, but I also feel DECA is moving in the right direction with reworking some old UTs and giving them reworks they deserve or just adding new competition to the pool.


Since the last update I’am able to play several dungeons until I get a loading error which makes me not being able to login again for longer time.