What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


Well climbing to up to that level is not appropriate, let’s be real.

Not anymore. Null stripped Esben Ring off from req sheets a while back.

“An Omni you grinded for.” Uh… not everyone are willing to risk their endgame items to an Exaltation dungeon?


Yes? Both are extremely easy with any public discord. Nest commonly has no-req weekends too, that’s how easy it is. In addition, MANY realms do public nests. That’s how easy Nest is.

I would expect any new player to play a melee…

Once players do easy, high req and high dps null runs, they can get endgame rings, blueprints, wealth, and expand to different classes

The whole point of this discussion is that Null runs are high dps, and thus, makes it easy for new players to complete high-level dungeons without a high risk of dying.

If the new player can’t risk items, then they should’ve gone to lower-req, lower dps discords in the first place, and die until they learn, which isn’t that punishing when most reqs are base wc tops and 4/8.


Considering that the best players grinded to get to that level, it isn’t inherently “negative” or “elitist”. And getting to the level where you can do veteran, safe runs isn’t hard either.

For proof, looking at any new ROTMG players, their progression is insanely fast.

(I’ll add more later, the key thing is to look at their first starting date and their graveyards. They all get 8/8s and high level equipment very, very quickly in their ROTMG career):




At the end of the day, new players have to grind a bit to succeed. That is part of any normal game progression. However, insinuating that most high-req discords (including Null and veteran sections of discords) are being “elitist” or “gatekeeping” in an actively negative fashion is completely untrue.


Ok this “argument” (feels more like a screaming match at this point) has to come at an end at some point. The original point of this thread was to talk about issues with the DECA era of realm, not about whether or not null’s reqs are gatekeeping newer players. It was interesting at first, there were some good points proposed, but I feel that with one party replying, the other party feels that they have to come up with a response to one-up the other, and overall that doesn’t create for meaningful response, just minor comebacks that are poorly thought out. So let’s stop arguing about this, ok?


Then that’s RotMG’s issue. A good amount of UT’s from midgame at this point are considered obsolete by endgame players.

Like why go to UDL for DBow when you can bonk Forgotten King for Warmonger? Not only Warmonger have much higher DPS, but also shots are MUCH easier to hit (which pretty much render the mid-game UT obsolete). That’s just one example.

X-ing Fire Waki is another one. Worse Damage/MP ratio than a fricking T6 counterpart and the passive bonus are not justified enough to use it.

DBlade still have its niche for endgame but I would decrease the arc gap a bit further to make it usable.

Scorchium Stone is alright, usable on both casual and endgame scenario.

Hm… what other midgame items that are deemed obsolete for endgame scenario?


Yeah, I find it dumb how the game once you reach endgame is just sit in realm and wait for o3 or spam discord raids. There’s no reason to be playing the realm itself other than event gods.


Public Exaltation dungeons are… not so worthy TBH. The difficulty levels of them are justified but reward-wise, very mediocre.


I actually relate to this. I’ve already gotten 8/8’s even if they’re dead now, and I’ve completed just about all the content in the game. Exaltations just feel like a needless grind for optional bonuses but aren’t part of the actual progression. Yes DECA says it’s long term progression for endgame, but it doesn’t feel rewarding. It’s why I’ve almost quit this game, only staying to do some TPE’s for fun.


Typical endgame player omegalul


Why go to udl when you can go kill king? Do you seriously expect an easy fucking glands dungeon to drop the same caliber of gear as the hardest dungeon in the game? You are cooked as hell if you wanna compare doom bow with warmonger.

X waki does considerably more damage per spacebar than a t7 and is significantly easier to use in open areas. If you prefer a t6, then go get one. Its easier to get anyways. Anyways, samurai mains like yourself should seek for sidearm anyways. No point to using anything else right? Who go to shaitans when you cn just go smack slave knight gael?

I use dblade. Its usable. The arc gap isnt even that bad, and why are you even complaining about arc gap on a point blank weapon? Dblade should never be your main sword. Dblade is completely viable and pixie only wins against it until 5 def.

Ah yes scorchium because before arcana, mystics only had scorchium for burst damage. And scorchium is better at bursting since you can actually land every shot. Scorchium is completely usable for those who dont have an arcana.


There’s… a LOT of things wrong with this game. Though lets start with the New Player Experience. Quite literally no direction given. If you’re a new player, chances are you’ll have absolutely zero idea of what to do and where to go even after the tutorial. There was a post somewhere I think on the reddit where an official DECA member stated they were focused on player retention rather than generating new players, which is a horrible way to look at it, considering their player retention methods have just driven a lot of veterans away (me being one of them)

FOMO events. DECA said they’d lower the amount of events in game, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d estimate no less than half of all events have had to deal with some fear of missing out, they’ve actively tried to replace the “pick up and put down” nature this game had originally.

Predatory purchasing. Granted what game doesn’t do this? But DECA’s absolute insistence to monetize everything possible is out of hand. I get it, it’s a free game, they need to make money, but we don’t need campaigns that cost over 600 USD to complete just for a few items. We don’t need the cash shop thrust down our throats. Opening the shop menu has all the gold items up front, and fame WAY in the back, almost to the point where you won’t even know the fame options exist. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if when weapon modifications come out, they’ll charge per weapon to add a modification slot, or even make us pay realm gold to unlock the feature at all.

Content. DECA seems to want to rework old content (that really doesn’t need reworking at all in the first place, looking at you sewers) over adding new content that people could potentially enjoy more. On top of the fact that most of the DECA team had never even touched the game before becoming team members, save for only a select few.

Oh yeah, not related to DECA, but the community on this one; In game chat, and (when I was last in them) raiding discords had a huge chunk of racist, transphobic and homophobic raiders and raid leaders. I’m unsure how the discords have changed, but the in game chat hasn’t one bit, and it’s disgusting. Makes me ashamed I ever associated with this goddamn community at all.


To be fair, it’s not the discords that are elitist, it’s the RL’s. IDK if things have changed since I left quite literally every RotMG related discord besides the main one almost a year ago now, but when I tried doing runs, a lot of the RL’s in almost ANY discord were extremely toxic to anyone who was even learning an exaltation dungeon, you know, the thing they were supposed to be helping players learn by leading them through it? Again, this was more on the RL’s and not discords themselves, but I still absolutely despise dungeon running discords and how 99% of them were run.


Pet has got to be the first downfall of ROTMG. Pet was simply too overpowered, ROTMG used to be a community based game where people asks for heal and actually learn how to dodge, priests and paladin was essential, now you get more heals from a divine pet than a 8/8 healing class. The only thing that can kill you is shotgun shots and DECA has done exactly that. Every endgame dungeon is filled with minions that can shotgun you instantly because DECA realized that people just can’t die normally. It used to be dodging but all endgame runs now focuses on tanking group shots and bringing enough heals. People used to dodge with 10 hp while also asking for heals, confident with their dodging abilities, nowadays you just run through everything and hope you don’t get shotgunned out of no where.

Secondly, putting the toxic RLs aside, you can’t just play the endgame dungeons on any time you want. You have to wait for a run which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours. You just can’t be bothered playing in realm because the rewards are too shitty compared to steamrolling endgame dungeons and getting better loot. The constant events are not helping either, you feel useless playing the game without events after getting spoiled by DECA so much. Now you hear there’s a run going on, you quickly try to get in and you realized you just missed the call by 10ms, goodbye now you have to wait another hour. You just can’t be bothered to wait anymore and you hop on to any other game you have.

What gets worse is that guilds are basically non-existent now. You used to be able to play with guildmates regularly, especially on a top 100 guild but now all of the guilds are dead. You just joined a top 100 guild and they’ll be dead by next week, replaced by another top 100 guild. All your friends are inactive and you already have all of the items you want. Another point is that I feel like the distance between new players and long-time players is basically non-existent now. I used to feel damn good getting my first 4/8, getting my first event white because I know that not a lot of people have them. Nowadays, you just can’t tell, DECA gave away 8/8 candies for free, event whites are much easily obtainable (got 3 QOT in a single event day).
At the end of the day, the question is whether there’s a point in playing the game and for me, I don’t. None of the new dungeons/items have impressed me, the progression hasn’t been as fun as it used to be.


Yeah, there’s no new player experience on ROTMG. I used to be able to persuade some of my friends to play this game back in the days, but now it’s literally impossible to bring someone to play this game. They have to be completely guided from the start to finish because the ROTMG tutorial is the most dogshit tutorial to exist that only explains how to shoot and move.


Why are you saying typical endgame players? 99.9% of the remaining player base still playing today is basically endgame players. And he’s right, there’s no point farming realm when you can get a much better reward just by doing discord run with your brain turned off. All people do now is just wait until there’s a discord run coming up.


99.9% is a gross exaggeration. You and your little group of null vet raiders do not represent the entire rotmg populace. Why dont you get some real statistics before talking?

Also even if 99.9% is a real and verified percentage, that is NOT a good thing for the game. Everyone being endgame means that there are no new players so i dont even know why you think that “99.9% of rotmg players are endgame” is an argument.

You seem to talk alot for somebody who doesnt have any characters and havent played the game in a solid couple of months. I also do not know why you are talking as if you are an endgame player because from your graveyard, i dont consider you to be one.


Yes, Warmonger should and always be a DPS item as it drops from endgame dungeon. But that does not justify it should outcompete mid-game counterpart completely.

What? 60 more damage but costing 15 more Mana’s to use? Is that even a good tradeoff?

Excuse me but I really dislike Sidearm. So no thanks.

What do you mean by this???


why say lot word, when few word ok?


Midgame counterpart?

  • Bergina Bow pierces armor and fires 1 straight shot at Warmonger’s range. It also completely beats Doom Bow in every notable aspect except for piercing.
  • Leaf Bow isn’t that far behind the endgame bow DPS (better than Monger if you’re hit), has +5 SPD (Archer is slow!), and trades the double-shot quirk for wavy shots.
  • Deathless is worse Void Bow, but that’s still pretty damn good!
  • And Nectar Crossfire… exists? I don’t know how strong it is after the rework.

I consider WLab and CLib drops easily midgame, more “midgame” than the tradable-for-3-GLife doom bow. Doku, Cutlass, and Condu are all pretty decent, with the same forge tier as DBow (though they drop from harder dungeons than the UDL). The percieved value of endgame items of disc reqs is differen than practical value, though we’ve already been through the discord reqs conversation before.

“Why go to Shaitans if you can do Shatts?” You literally said it in your post.
(I think you were trying to say earlier that X-ing is so bad that even T6 is better. It just sounded weird because you literally said the user-end soution yourself… just get endgame whites. If you don’t want Sidearm, then you’ve countered your own point, because there’s reasons to prefer another Waki.)

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely ridiculous to think that newer and harder content shouldn’t drop better items. It’s still ridiculous to expect that endgame items shouldn’t completely outclass some ‘midgame’ items.

Your problem that “endgame players have no reason to interact with early content (or with newer players)” is independent. It’s something that… exists, but would ideally be fixed by making the new account experience better (which is an incredibly complicated thing. No matter what, you’d upset the traders, the economy, many PPE players, lategame/endgame players, let alone anything that you nerf or devalue. I’m very doubtful that an elegant solution, other than making another game, exists, and even that is sketchy)


My apology, I didn’t realize I contradicted myself until you pointed out.


lol you telling me there’s new players playing this game? why don’t you hop on the game and try to see how many light blue stars are actually playing the game. You can barely find a server with a functioning realm unless you’re on the trading server.

wow you’re attacking me now? don’t kid yourself with your yellow stars because I haven’t played ever since exaltations, O3, and forging came out. I couldn’t be bothered to play the new ROTMG because of the issues I mentioned. I was white star back when you were blue star, and it’s much easier to get fame now than it was back then. Also, your graveyard don’t look that much different than mine. Why don’t you compare my void and cult run to yours instead? By your rank history, it looks like you just entered the end game a few months ago lol. You can’t see my characters because realmeye would announce the characters as dead if you haven’t logged in for a few months. I thought that would be obvious by now.