What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


Unfortunately, much of the playerbase has disappeared due to stale content. Plus, people solo not just for the challenge but because they get guaranteed loot. More players means having a lower chance of getting the loot you want.

People don’t value Event Dungeons not because they’re too abundant, it’s because they want to get better loot. Why grind Tombs of the Ancients when you can just skip ahead to o3? Sure, it’d be harder but you ultimately get more out of it. People are just using the most optimal ways to progress in the game so that they don’t spend too long in mid-game content, another unfortunate result of the game’s poor balancing and pacing, save for certain niche items that are surprisingly viable even end-game. My point is, the rarity of the dungeons isn’t the problem, it’s the content above them and how easy it is to access them.


Thank you.
This reply strongly follows up on what I said previously. For fast pace play the game truly does feel like it’s just a handful of dungeons until you need a mark to forge that item you want.

This creates a rather sinister scenario where players can feel brute forced into the newer/endgame content but also unable to get into it at all due to prerequisites. This means a bulk of players feel stuck in the mid-game hoping to be carried by much better and more fortunate players. Note this is not exactly how it is, but how it feels given the inexperience and shallow storage/character slots new players tend to have. It’s pretty shocking how many players I’ve instilled with confidence just by pushing them to try Cult and carrying. The surge of pots accelerates them like nothing else.

  1. Don’t bring up stuff that ended 1 month ago, some people don’t wanna continue arguing things they said 1 month ago
  2. Please read context, as the person they’re replying to uses null as an example of a supposed discord that is easy to meet reqs with, so bringing up other discords in this specific argument is irrelevant as the original person is using null as an example of a discord known for its reqs yet according to them can still be accessible to newer players


Currently problems with rotmg:

Nowhere does the game tell you what your hp/mp regen rate actually is.
Nowhere does the game tell you what your dex/atk translate to as fire rate and damage.
Nowhere does the game tell you how your pets stats translate into regeneration, damage, etc.
Nowhere does the game tell you how much less effective your pet is at anything it’s supposed to be doing while you’re in combat.

Weapon tool tips do not show shot speed nor give general descriptions of shot patterns.
(new weapons tool tips omit even more information like fire rate, among other glaring flaws)


My biggest problem with RotMG is running endgame dungeons, which mostly require organized discord runs. Deca might as well implement organized discord runs into the game’s tutorial.


Void and shatters specifically or other dungeons ?


Stackable marks do not automatically stack in your inventory if you double-click them.

Simple quality of life things like this are very important to streamlined gameplay.

I also think there should be a way to go straight from the realm to your vault, and back. But that would just be really cool.

ALSO, I wish the third katana class had been a robe class, but kensei is cool too i guess


I think that the game, at its core, needs a matchmaking system for dungeons (I would be willing to pay 20 bucks for this service basically.)

Along with this, some other things like a complete rework of the in-game realm to be more of a true adventure rpg style game, and a centralized trading system.

These three things alone would pretty much fix the game


Ur goated



this is a very good point. At the very least players should have direct tools to test their dps


im not offended


There’s training dummies in Guild hall but their HP is so low that you can’t compare many different weapons on them. You also have to quantify your measure of dps by yourself while Guill is goofing off with Craig…


Dungeon mods. Sometime it gives us insane advantage, other time, an OP combination of more boss HP and boss damage (literally makes it undesirable to go in).



I almost always prefer no modifier on endgame dungeons. High Grades on endgame combines high % with high base.

Syndicate minion mod only has been a huge breath of fresh air for me and my guild.

For me, making grade d or c more likely is an easy way to mitigate this issue.


My problems with ROTMG currently:

Item forge is still crazy unhealthy

Exaltations still feel kinda scuffed, ESPECIALLY in combination with Item Forge (Why do any other content besides exaltation dungeons on 8/8s? You can craft everything you want)

No official PPE mode

I really dislike brainless discord runs, but I hate the feeling I get when I’m not grinding out exaltations. I feel like I am not playing optimally and I’m just wasting time


Regarding that last one, specifically boredom, maybe you just have to learn to appreciate playing the game at a slower pace? Discord runs get boring when they’re easy unless something exciting happens like a funny death. With pub runs though, while less optimal, you can get so much more joy out of it. It’s because everything is less coordinated which can make it more exciting if you succeed. On the contrary, if you do fail, i.e. nexusing or dying, you still get the adrenaline from that feeling of danger. If you just want to get exaltations easily and don’t care about having a slow pace, then you can do Discord runs. However, if you really just want to play and enjoy the game, you should probably play the game normally so you can feel the excitement and fun you’re supposed to feel when fighting for your life. Discord o3’s can be boring, but with truly public o3’s, especially with the recent free rune event, you can really challenge yourself and even laugh at how many people nexus or die to stuff.


New player here. I’ll share my experience.

Definitely the new player tutorial could be improved. It took me like a week to learn you can teleport, and while I generally didn’t understand the game loop and how I should progress, I learned by trying new dungeons and getting creamed sometimes. The godlands were a fearful thing until I realized it was better to wait until level 20.
Also, marks are confusing because you feel like you should keep them but you quickly run out of room. It especially stinks when you have to get rid of a mark from a difficult dungeon. Now I’ve realized that I should just do the Run the Table quest for the treasure map and then use that when the quest for the golden effigy mark is available. Otherwise I mostly only have time and space for scouting missions. I agree with others that getting rid of marks in inventory or at least letting them stack would be a huge improvement.

The discussion about Discord is really strange to me. I don’t really engage with game communities much (I do creep forums a lot) because I play at odd hours and the vast majority of game communities tend to be extremely whiny and negative. I’ve only read a few posts here on realmeye and I keep seeing doom and gloom stuff about how the game has gone downhill, the devs don’t care, mindless discord dungeon raiding is ruining the game, etc. I’m not saying these opinions are without at least some basis (particularly for veterans who know how the game has changed throughout its life), but it’s so pervasive here and in other communities that if I actually took them seriously I would practically play nothing.
Anyways, I haven’t noticed the discord raids as affecting my personal play. I mostly solo or have one or two people randomly accompany me at times. Sometimes a large group of people (Discord?) start entering the realm saying “taken?” and then pretty soon the realm gets cleared and I finally get to do an Oryx run (although I’ve done O1 solo a couple times which was a nice learning experience). I’m starting to like Oryx runs now that I understand them better. A big group is a bit too easy and it’s hard to tell what is going on, so it is a bit boring. But now that I understand that it’s a competition to get SB damage and to try to get the most damage on O2, it has become a bit thrilling in its own right. I do like the rush of charging the castle and making it to the guardians first, and the scramble to do damage to O1 in time. I like trying to dip in and get enough damage to achieve SB on O2, and look forward to when I become skilled enough to deal the crucial damage. I’ve done the first half of O3 but have never managed soulbound damage and only tried and died to O3 once. I wish there was a way to solo so I can learn those fights better!

I recently learned that I can switch servers when the one I play on is dead. Wow, what a new experience! On my server there is normally just a few players when I am on, and I get to experience one or two raids maybe. On USwest and EUwest the action is almost nonstop! It’s a little boring doing Oryx 1-2 constantly, but I’ve been doing it for 2 days because the increase in my rate of earning Bxp is so dramatic. I wish I had found this out sooner because I could have done most of the battle pass in just a couple of weeks. I’m too late to get the coveted vault unlocked but oh well. Also, it is nice being able to run pretty much any dungeon I want. Before this it could take me like a week to complete my godlands collection because library, puppet, or mad lab wouldn’t drop. In the busy servers, dungeons are constantly being called.

Overall, Discord raids don’t really interfere with my gameplay and I’ve never been asked to leave a dungeon because I don’t meet “reqs”.

Lastly, the only main complaint I have about RotMG is that I find the chat absolutely shocking. I’ve never played a game with such a confluence of inappropriate usernames and foul language in chat. Is there literally no moderation?? Also, I find it discouraging that if someone dies that several people will laugh and call them failures. Maybe it is supposed to be funny, but it makes me feel wretched knowing that so many people will call me a failure if I die.
On the flip side, there does seem to be a decent amount philanthropic players who are nice to beginners. Two different times when I was a beginner, another player gifted me nice items unprovoked. Someone gave me a T6 ring, how nice!

TLDR: The tutorial needs to be improved, marks need to be improved, I wish there was a way to practice O2-O3 with less people so that you can learn the fight, and there needs to be better moderation of chat because currently it is appalling.

PS: While I think that a lot of the store prices are ridiculously high, I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that this game doesn’t feel pay-to-win at all. In just two months I’m almost ready to fuse the perfect pet to legendary, thanks in part to the absolutely generous login rewards.


Thank you for contributing, it’s so refreshing to see an opinion from a true new player’s perspective without any veteran bias. Discord doesn’t become intrusive unless you participate heavily in it. Otherwise, you can basically ignore it as I’ve learned. People only ask you to leave Discord runs if you actually try to crash one, typically in bazaars where they pop keys for dungeon runs. If you’re playing mostly in the actual realm, there’s no worry. I will admit toxicity and racism has become very rampant and more of a concern among the community, even called out in a Realmeye post a while back. The chat moderation is poor, as it while it filters slurs and such, it also filters out random letters, like “rgott” in a row. There was even a time where you could be muted without being alerted (shadow muted) for saying things that aren’t offensive, mainly the word “realm” since many bot accounts spammed using that word. Anyways, thanks again for your contribution, I’m just not used to seeing many new players in the forum who share their experience in the game.


As Someone who quit right after Shatters original release and then just came back this MotMG,

O3, Exalts, classes past ninja are all new to me :smiley:

There’s a ton of rants posted and really most of yall play this game too damn much anyway, so being unhappy with ya self… difficulty in respect the opinion of people being harsh for (not enough new content)
because coding’s a bijon and it’s really not just a play-through.

For new content,
I really like how well O3 was done, you can die every phase quite easily!
Pet’s balanced with combat stuff is kinda cool, Armored nerf is lame and should be dope as shit as it should.
The game’s still fun, the playerbase is friendly and its really just a buncha mid age gamers dog.
What DECA can do on their end to expand playerbase is really dive into potentially taking out business loans on some advertising.
Fortnite was and still is a free game, but due to advertising was able to land major brand placements and do handshake deals for actual $000,000’s
I saw Wu-tang clan stuff in the item shop months ago ffs
fortnite collabs

So that’s what DECA should focus on. Advertising
the game’s dope. (Never doubt yourself, new innovations dope overdevelopment can happen on a game loved for simplicity. lots of proccy shit with ufo was a turn off, other side procs on o3 items are so good that its worth wrapping the head around)
Micro transaction desperation is being big felt with first time battle pass, skin viewer in shops deserves props and (OH DID I SAY BLUEPRINTS ARE ACTUALLY TIGHT NGL esp with buyable for fame thats groovy)
There’s a certain feeling rotmg sells on of the actual dankiest dank OG in the Nexus. and its rare air. if u had a max rogue true baller . RotMG sells on nostalgia and its actually quite a fun grind, the age of no pets no hp mp slots only 8 inventory! WITH THE STATS RIGHT THUR made difficulty nearer =/= equal across a 0/8 to an 8/8. So Crisp. my problem with rotmg is pets. no newcomers~ is killing both sides of the candlestick. advertising can, AND WILL, blow the potential out the water though. aint no one doin it like this. DECA took over a game that actually is beautiful and as long as it remains true to it’s core of being a bullethell perma-death game it’ll always be addicting. (ammys taken away was a lil sad but actually if they were still in the game like Ring of Decades is… the game would be dead)
What made it incredibly fun back in the day is grinding alongside hundreds of other noobs. Now we all bossin 4/4 sets… give them folk some shit to die to now cmon we fuckin EPING THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME DONT PLAY WIT THE KID

The lack of endgame drive is whats killing the average player. Only things there are to do are consider getting top damage… Exalt characters.
we need more o3 player slayer dungeons.

The lack of creativity for deca is them realizing they have a free-to-play game. Which ain’t free to run.
So them worrying about playerbase has (stagnated RotMG?)
The OG ness of dyes not being available anywhere but by buying them with gold made the free-to-play game actually satisfying, purchasing gold. At the present time gold is usually just spent for shortcut pet food bundles. or skin bundles & get multiple clovers…
Don’t make these people play slots especially for something that they’re supposed to be enjoying.
If you want to really get nice, ditch the 16x16 characters and make those rare. The Cozy sorceror skin I dropped $20 and realized its not even enough. what the fuck dog.
stop flooding shit character skins no one wants to buy and create the beautiful surroundings.
Peace & Love