What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


For your idea of building playstyles into the classes themselves, what if Tomes had a passive ability they granted Priests where when they shoot their wand through players, it would heal like 1-5% (balance needed) of the tome’s healing power? This would make Priest gameplay more dynamic and focus more on good team positioning than only using their Tomes to heal themselves. Maybe Knights literally create a shield wall that blocks shots, similar to the Earthern Bulwark Summoner? What other ways can we fundamentally change how classes operate to create new gameplay?


Love this positive review of the gameplay. Very funny to hear that someone is glad that death is so common but it makes a lot of sense


To bring up an old issue that I haven’t seen come up again so it’s probably fixed:
Shadowmuting was the absolute worst thing back then. Trying to interact with the community and talk in realm and then realizing that nobody was responding to you was such an isolating feeling. Being a rusher and trying to tell people to tp to sarcs, treasure room, boss, etc. but nobody could hear you, that was horrible.

Chat moderation is still a problem. But to think of it, I think that the bot advertisement problem has actually gone down, or it’s the same level of problem it always has been but I’ve managed to just Ignore every bot. At the very least, it means that new bot accounts aren’t being made


Even existing players trying to introduce new players to the game doesn’t work well due to how incompatible it is with new players. The level of commitment in order to start having fun is insane.


lack of vault slots


I’m not exactly sure how I kept playing this game. My only justification for pushing through the lack of direction and high difficulty (since this was my first time ever playing a permadeath game) was that I’d just get it eventually. I thought I’d somehow push through what felt like at the time my own skill issue. I did, but that doesn’t justify the difficulty in getting through the early game. Enemies overpowering me because of my skill and stat level were fine, but the lack of direction was unnecessary.


Mainly the disconnect problems and the recently added seasonal mode, i think its unrewarding and trully misunderstands what the playerbase asked long long ago


Two problems, though not ones other people might be experiencing. I’m getting noticeably worse performance since my last OS update, and I’ve traced it to the fact the app hasn’t been properly updated for my computer, a MacBook Air with Apple M1. RotMG is still an Intel x86 app on Mac, the only one on my PC that’s not been updated, so is using the x86 emulator with obviously poor results.

The other is probably related to another feature of my laptop, it’s high pixel density screen. RotMG works fine except one of the UI is wrongly scaled, the gold purchasing UI. I was interested in buying a battle pass but have been prevented, since the first battle pass i.e. months ago.

I put in support requests for both issues, but neither has been resolved even though the fixes should be straightforward, and in both cases high priority. Shipping a non-native app on Mac M1s shouldn’t be allowed today (and probably won’t be allowed soon by Apple). Shipping an app with a broken UI for buying things is just the height of stupidity as it means they lose money, probably more than they realise as most people won’t report problems like this.


Most modern roguelikes make it easy to get back into the game itself. RotMG, on the other hand, makes it extremely difficult, and I’m pretty sure it’s intentionally designed to be frustrating so the owners can sell solutions to it. Leveling from 1 to 20 is tedious makework; here’s an item that’ll let you skip it. Having to scrounge decent equipment is frustrating; why not just buy it? Want to grind up your pets to the point where they’re combat-functional? Spend months working on it, or let us help for a nominal fee of several hundred dollars. And so on. It’s blatantly obvious that there’s a lot of intentionally bad choices made specifically to sell players ways around them, which is theoretically good business but terrible game design.


The barrier of entry for new players is too high. Leveling and playing an unmaxed character without a pet is extremely tedious even if you are good at the game.

A lot of people are turned off before they get good enough at the game/have a good enough pet to be interested in playing regularly.


Endgame dungeon power creep is still absurd and largely inaccessible, especially Oryx’s Sanctuary.

Pretty much the only real way to do O3 is to join a Discord, log in and verify your ROTMG account and all of that nonsense, wait around for a run to start, quickly get into line before slots are filled up, join the call and listen to a bunch of goobers you don’t want to talk to, wait around some more for them to find an appropriate server and realm, hopefully get into the realm and wait around MORE to close the realm, trudge through Oryx’s Castle/O1/O2, use your 3 magical runes that are hard to find and half the time one of them is missing so the run is bunked, finally enter the dungeon and either die or have to nexus unless you’re already a seasoned veteran or survive because you’ve mastered it or get lucky, get your Glife and move on with your day… sounds so fun lol.

This can easily take an hour or more unless there’s perfect coordination/class setups/no leeches. I’ve cleared O3 20 times or so when it came out and I’ve not touched it since. It takes a ridiculous amount of effort just to get into the dungeon and your efforts are often rewarded with useless glife and gmana. Recipes for the whites are nigh unobtainable. Minibosses are not balanced either, Beisa difficulty is comparable to LOD whereas Leucoryx is seemingly harder than Oryx himself (at least for me). The Shatters is pretty much just as bad, except a lot of the shatters white bags are junk, at least O3 has good whites. Doing one in a public, non discord guided public realm is pretty much never going to happen with how the dungeon is currently designed. Half of the time your efforts go unrewarded.

Either make the endgame dungeons feasible to be done publicly, or make them easier. They’re too inaccessible for the often lackluster rewards. Make the blueprints actually obtainable too.


I never completed any endgame dungeons in my 12 years of rotmg career and I do not miss anything… you are right!


They are not all bad. Cult, Nest, Fungal/Crystal can and are done publicly – My 44 exaltations, including 2 maxed on Sorc, were achieved in public dungeons. Marble Colossus and Void aren’t too bad, provided you have enough people. I never do them as I always prefer Cult, except when I took advantage of the Void practice which dropped in Realm.

OSanc and Shatts though are horrible. I’ve attempted both many times and have never gotten past one of O3’s minibosses, or the first boss in Shatters, dying occasionally but mainly nexusing. I would attempt them more if I got further, but it really disincentivizes me when I can’t even get to the main boss, meaning I have no chance of an Exaltation or good drops.

The only one left is Kobold which I’ve yet to attempt, mostly as I’m playing a seasonal char which I want to last as long as it can, so don’t want to do anything too risky. Overall they seem just too variable in difficulty with too big a gap between the more approachable ones and the hard ones.


Oh god how could one person be so wrong

Join raiders and holy crusaders; they run just as much if not more than osanc and they are for the most part reqless/low reqs vcless and clean

Again proving you’ve done barely any o3s organised by discords

Making them easier? Could you be more selfish? See the problem is you play for the loot not the enjoyment and difficulty of the game.

Sure, o3 has some issues but all the issues you’ve brought up here are no one elses problem, they are yours. If you can’t do o3 dont ruin the experience for other players and ask for it to be nerfed.


Came back to play a bit over the holiday season and it’s pretty much exactly how I remembered it when I quit before which is to say not very good. I feel like realm of the mad god is no longer realm of the mad god. It’s literally just sit in nexus and wait for key pops or sit in discord and wait for runs. I’ve always believed that you should be able to do everything from the realm since it’s literally “realm” of the mad god but that clearly isn’t the case. On the rare occasion you get nests or crystal done but no one bothers with kogbold or shatts. O3 is also hardly feasible as well. Not only do you need three keys to unlock it players drop off like crazy and pretty much every run fails at the miniboss. I’m still just kind of mystified that you need to use discord to even play part of the game.

I feel like the end game dungeons dropped in the realm should be made easier or have some other kind of special feature (the current modifiers are honestly pretty meh) since that would actually incentivize people to do them. The fact that you need to wait in a realm and do an event to get the dungeon drop already sets it apart from just straight up popping a key.

Regardless it’s pretty sad to see the state rotmg is in. I had a lot of good memories from before.


What server do you play on? I don’t interact with Discord at all and it seems like 25% or more of the time O3 gets opened. I play US West. Sadly, I’ve only survived the mini twice and actually gotten to see O3.


Realm shatts are done literally 24/7 and far more than nests.

The game is obviously going to adapt around the current system. If deca made the game whilst being ignorant to the existence of discords there would be an even bigger problem.

Don’t even try to tell me that pre deca rotmg was better than post deca rotmg


Where? USEast and the other public popping key servers are by far the ones with the largest amount of people playing in the realms and even then no one bothers with the shatts. I know this because I actually tried playing in the realm and was sorely disappointed when the most anyone bothered to complete were the nests. Hell even the shatts popped in nexus rarely made it further than a few monuments destroyed. It’s clear no one wants to do shatts unless its an organized discord run. Obviously my experience isn’t universal but the way your response is worded makes it seems like the moment anyone sees an avatar they jump on any chance to do a public shatts which is far from the case.

The thing is that DECA seems to only be catering to these people, which I get since it’s the money maker. Unfortunately, the result is that the game’s environment is unfriendly to beginner players. You have an absolute joke of a tutorial as well as basically empty realms unless you want to wait in long queues. You essentially need a friend that already plays rotmg to prop you up. I remember back in the day when you could actually make friends just by playing in the realm because that’s where everyone coalesced and as a result, you actually had a fun support system. Now everything is centered on endgame content and people sitting in nexus or discord which is hardly beginner friendly.

I never said anything of the sort, you’re just putting words in my mouth. I started playing rotmg right around when Deca took ownership so there literally is no “pre deca rotmg” for me. And even supposing that was the case who are you to decide what I like and don’t like? Frankly going through this thread it seems as if any piece of critique towards rotmg offends you personally. You can like the game and defend it to the death, fine by me. I should also be able to express my dissatisfaction and opinions since this is literally a thread regarding the problems with the game. The truth of the matter is that for many players including me, rotmg is no longer the game that we once loved to play.


number 1 problem is backpack make backpacks free ,cost fame or drop from all bosses, the game is terrible without a backpack almost unplayable.


Yes they literally do and far more than nests and I have far far more experience than you do in this games endgame so I can tell you with certancey that avatar shatts are run 24/7.

This is literally so false. I learnt every dungeon in the game in 50 days (before new shatters after o3) and I know many others similar. Again your forcing your lack of skill onto other people.

I don’t get offended at all I simply don’t want people telling deca the game is too hard. Again you literally said that the game is not what it used to be for YOU.

I can already imagine your reply so before you ask, yes I agree deca caters to endgame players, yes my experience of avatars is far more accurate than yours, yes I know not everyone learns at the same pace.