What armor/ring should I use on huntress?


Give suggestions please, and polls are welcome. And also, would pyra be okay on huntress?


Pyra’s pretty good on huntress. You get a nice balance of stats. Your profile picture might be better, though :wink:


  1. What armor/rings do you have?
  2. Doesn’t this belong in the academy?

Also, keep in mind a good deal of gear choices are based on playstyle and thus we can’t make those decisions for you.


Can’t go wrong with Pyra+Hydra. If you don’t have any of the rarer options, that one will work just fine.

Yeah, that would be useful to know. Not much point in us typing essays about equips you don’t have.


As a rule of thumb pyra and health rings are good on pretty much any class.

Also I would say you can’t go wrong with hydra. Spec is a good choice too, but if you have access to it I would pick garms or hiroju (?) tenne over it. Nil is a bit of a waste on it, and I’m firmly of the belief that csilk is only good for fame bonus and feed power. Don’t put harle on anything apart from assassin, by the way.


Hirejou Tenne is really lacking in Def though, even with Pyra.

If we’re talking Atk Leathers, Rags of the Host is also a decent pick.

With partial set bonuses, Hirejou+Magatama and Garments+Cuffs also look decent as well, and then OP would be able to put Pyra on another character.


Honestly when I play archer and I put my tenne on I rarely feel spongelike because I melt pretty much anything with +7 dex atk tshot. I can get what ur sayin tho


Although Hydra is superior on all of the applicable classes, CSilk can be a decent option due to Hunt’s lesser speed.

You can never go wrong with Expo, especially considering the Trap’s high cost, but Pyra’s a fine pick as well.


OMNI… end of statement


Ah yes the Ring of Omnipotence my favorite leather armour.


Thanks for all the feedback, how about nile + garments? Would that be a decent match?


Kinda squishy, but a decent attack/dex/speed mix, so alright for a more offensive build.
I wouldn’t recommend trying to go deep with a Covert like that, though!


whatever you would use on archer tbh


Bro have you ever tried Tshot + gship trap + harle + ubmp? absolutely busted build, harle on huntress ftw


i mean not many people use vile spirit or have it for that matter
i guess it would be good but i have a vile so


Harle on huntress sucks so much.


I feel like you could just play Dbow+whatever and have the exact same build, except much better.

Maybe if you replace the Tshot with Covert or CBow you’d have a decent godlands farm build, but otherwise I don’t see what you get out of it aside from “exactly like normal Huntress except worse because lower sustained damage and gets wrecked by Invulnerability triggers”.




Get more mana than HP on a huntress you beanbag!


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