What character should i play?


Huntress can be pretty fun.
Or, if you want to play Wizard, but not die, pick Necro.
Alternatively, if you want to play Wizard, but deal more damage, pick Mystic.
An alternative to this alternative: if you want to play Wizard, but have consistent piercing, pick Sorcerer.




beserk bonus. it puts the mystic’s base dex of 55 to 82 while beserk is active, which is 7 higher than a wizard, who has 75


But it still had lower base atk. Additionally, to keep it up, you have to have a insanely good pet.


im just trying to see why seelpit said that mystic has more damage. I am certain that wizard actually does, especially with spell bomb(tablet op, and i wish i still had mine) But att i generally dont notice too much at max. in my experience, almost every class needs like 30ish att to max at lvl 20.


i dont have a good pet i would


Maybe if the wizard is mundane…


Alright i wanna get a final answer. what should i choose?


Go for Assassin my friend. I have 2 8/8 assas they’re working pretty good.


im gonna try it rn. ill let you know how it goes


Gl my man.


Not to mention curse ^^;


post ur list homie


Okay :sweat_smile:

I like all classes; all have their uniqueness, but I find some classes more appealing then others. Also this list is not based on wich class I find the strongest, but how I feel the best experience playing.

So, here we go:
1°- Archer
2°- Huntress
3°- Wizard (Third Strongest Class in the Game, in my opinion)
4°- Paladin (In my opinion, the strongest class in the Game. This class deserves it: once the lesser of the melees, now is an OP Class. Also the first class that got my best gear, before I got my first 4/8 archer in 2012: still remeber that veng and that archon sword, haha; My first 8/8 in 2018 too ^^)
5°- Warrior (Second Strongest Class)
6°- Knight
7°- Necromancer
8°- Priest
9°- Sorcerer
10°- Mystic
11°- Samurai
12°- Assassin
13°- Rogue
14°- Trickster
15°- Ninja


While we’re at it. Here’s my top 15:

  1. Knight (You cannot die, unless you’re brain dead)
  2. Pally
  3. Rogue (Best farming class in my opinion, rushes and solos any dungeon)
  4. Wizard (Just nuke everything)
  5. Warrior
  6. Assassin (WC goddess and cultist OG)
  7. Trickster (With a good pet fastest moving class in game, leeching expert)
  8. Sorcerer
  9. Mystic
  10. Necromancer (Close to death, press spacebar)
  11. Archer (Is actually a great class but needs UTs therefore only good on a well built account)
  12. Huntress
  13. Priest
  14. Ninja
  15. Samurai


Er…actually, it’s closer to a dex value of 91. Berserk increases fire rate, not dexterity, by 50%; with 55 dex, this increases your shots per second from ~6 4/15 to 9.4.

I should’ve probably worded that better, yeah. Combined with Spells, Wizard probably does deal more damage - all the more true depending on the MHeal of the pet…
Regardless, here’s a comparison of Staff DPS on Wizard vs Curse Mystic vs Curse+Berserk Mystic, to illustrate my point.

…Huh. Curse Mystic is a lot less strong than I expected…


Here’s me top:

  1. Wizard (pew pew, destroy everything before taking dmg)
  2. Priest (never die, awesome selection of uts)
  3. Warrior (arguably the “best” class but there’s it’s not as much fun imo. fat loot is always nice. has some very nice looking sets)
  4. Sorcerer (not a common choice but very well rounded and a nice selection of uts. always a fun class to play although objectively not the most powerful. very dependable)
  5. Trickster (probably the most fun to play but dies far too easily. decoy is extremely useful for higher-level dungeons and is lowkey op)
  6. Necromancer (fat loot and very safe. can be a bit of a hit or miss in terms of healing but is always fun to play. sometimes the tiny decrease in damage compared to the wizard bugs me a little)
  7. Archer (lots of damage and lots of uts. the reduced range compared to staves pushes him a little bit down. it’s not much but I just do enjoy the extra safety a little more)
  8. Knight (while I do appreciate the easy loot and lack of death, I just don’t him a very fun class to play. the random instakills aren’t that fun either)
  9. Assassin (decent damage and very safe. his ability limits him a bit but it’s also exactly what keeps me using him. can sometimes be extremely squishy)
  10. Mystic (potentially super useful and lots of fun, but I have to put it down because of so much trolling potential)
  11. Ninja (high damage but at the cost of range and a sort of lackluster ability. Still fun but too much high-risk play imo)
  12. Paladin (I know a lot of people say it’s the best class but personally i haven’t used him in like 2 years. Just wasn’t a big fan)
  13. Rogue (not really my playstyle and I found him a bit boring. Others say he’s the best farming class but I prefer more range and damage. shines alone obviously)
  14. Huntress (essentially an archer copycat so I don’t find much reason to use her. the ability is pretty much objectively inferior, especially in faster-paced gameplay)
  15. Samurai (nothing special and not worth using over ninja in many ways at all. just a poorly made and essentially useless class. when people say he’s well-rounded, it pretty much means there’s nothing about him that stands out and therefore makes him worth using)


Go to the guild hall and ask to Guill for a “Random Class”
He got you.


My list is

  1. samurai
  2. samurai
  3. samurai
  4. samurai
  5. samurai
  6. samurai
  7. samurai
  8. samurai
  9. usually samurai but maybe necro


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