What class do I use as a throwaway?


If i want to learn exaltation dungeons with a throwaway and just do them in general for the loot, what class do I use and ?/8 do i max it? Ideally i would want survivability and less pots used to max the stats needed. Wats the best class pls share opinion thx guys


Priest. Good survivability due to ability and the base stats aren’t too high.


For me personally (as someone who is also learning exaltation dungeons at this point), I found Puri-Priests to be particularly helpful for learning. You don’t need to worry as much about running out of healing potions, the heals (and by extension the mistakes you make in terms of dodging) also can assist other players, the purification helps with nullifying dangerous status ailments like Slow/Paralyze and Confusion, and the wands help you get your feet wet, since you can stand back and watch the patterns. Priests also already have low max stats, which will save time. But if you can’t or don’t want to risk losing a Tome of Purification, then a Tier 5 Tome is fine.

I’d probably recommend at least maxing speed for dodging if you REALLY want to minimize the amount of pot grinding you need to do, but I usually feel comfortable running them with 6/8’s. I’d personally say that if achieving 6/8’s is difficult for you, I’d say hold off on doing Exaltation dungeons and learn the easier content first, but if you feel comfortable with a <6/8 character and you don’t want to waste time, I’d still say go for it.


WC tops with Exa HP will help. But if you are in certain dungeons when you can survive well without the HP boost, you can go for UBAtt/Dex for that extra DPS (on mana-reliant class choose UBMP like Samu, Assassin, Knight, maybe Sorc).

Which class are you going to Exalt? And for the requirement, you have to max that character to 8/8 (yes, exactly 8/8) to progress through or it won’t count.

Generally, you can choose a class on what stats they are most hungry on yet easily farmed but I will break down on all 17 classes:

  • Rogue: He’s Dex and Speed hungry but good news is they can be farmed easily. You can also get Speed if you are farming on GLand.

  • Archer: He’s Attack hungry but then they can be farmed in GLand, Manor and few other dungeons. Not too difficult to farm Attack than before but still be annoying.

  • Wizard: Similar to Archer but needs 30+ Dexes to max out. BTW, all Robe classes needs 19 Manas to max as well. You can farm Manas in Cult, OT and CDepth.

  • Priest: Focuses on Wis (32 Wis needed in average) but UDL is easy to spam in contrast what ppl are complaining about. Again, 19 Manas just like other Robe classes. A bonus for Priest is his healing tome as you wanted survivability and Wand being the long ranged weapon.

  • Warrior: Focuses on Vit and Attack. If you can rush Abbies without much trouble, it should be piece 'o cake to get Vit maxed and look for TRooms (even though they are uncommon) as they can yield additional Vit and guaranteed Def. Spamming CLib and killing TRoom boss (it’s guaranteed), you can walk out with 2 Vit and 1 Wis (and 1 not guaranteed Attack).

  • Knight: Focuses on Vit (needs 37+ in average) and Def (needs 40). For Vit, I already mentioned it. For Def though, it became a lot easier to rush Sew after its rework (assume you have a maxed character to do so) and look for Golden Rat, TRoom and the Slime Gods within the dungeon as well. You can also farm Def on GLand if you are too scared to spam Sew or trading in Speed/Dex for Def.

  • Paladin: Focuses on Wis, as he need 37 Wis. After his stat buffs, he is somewhat Dex-hungry but it shouldn’t be too tedious to spam Sprites. A bonus for him is a decent Defence cap and his Seal can provide DPS buff (namely Damaging), HP increase and Healing status effect.

  • Assassin: Similar to Rogue but need wee bit more Attack than Rogue. No need to mention Speed and Dex again.

  • Necromancer: Focuses on Att like Wizard but now with Wis and Mana. 35 Wis needed in average and 19 Manas.

  • Huntress: Same stat cap as Archer and no further explanations needed.

  • Mystic: After her stats buff, she is somewhat Att/Dex hungry (needs 27 of each by average). Requires 32+ Wis to max like other Wis-mod class (excluding Sorc and Warrior). No further explanation for Manas.

  • Trickster: Similar to her 2 Dagger companions but now somewhat hungry for Attacks, 27 needed in average.

  • Sorc: Focuses on Vit and Mana. Also nearly Attack hungry (he needs 30 of them in average). Need I explain more on how to get them?

  • Ninja: Nearly Attack, Dex and Wis hungry as they are capped on 70 on those 3 stats.

  • Samurai: Similar to Ninja but just focuses on Attack. Somewhat hungry for Speed and Def.

  • Bard: Dex, Mana and Wis. No further explanations needed.

  • Summoner: Same as Bard but needs 5 more Dexes than him.

Tips when farming:

  • Having more than 1 character slot will help a lot as you can assign one or 2 characters for farming. If that is not possible, you can create an alt account that is delicated for such task but then you will need to transfer the farmed pot to your main.
    Permanent login shortcuts for opening mule accounts or just avoiding the launcher [Windows Only] : RotMG (reddit.com)

  • Make sure the farming character is at least 5/8 (Attack, Dex, Def, Speed and Vit maxed). But if you can’t max Vit, 4/8 is good enough but it will takes longer to get out from In Combat status.

  • If you planning to farm on GLand, make sure you have a character that is delicated for such task and use Loot Booster (Clover, Loot Drop potions and maybe Tier if you want to get Para HP when farming) to speed up the farming process. While being Loot Boosted does not guarantee increased droprate, it is still worth it.

    • If you want to carry swapouts, choose one or two equipment at the most and use a backpack to get most pots as possible per farming.

    • Do not pop your Loot Booster until you are at the respective zone. Sometime there will be 2 GLands and one of them will be other side of the realm.

    • Lastly, find an empty server to farm and have someone anchor (if possible) at GLand to have full use of the booster in case you are full of pots and have to vault them before the boost ends. But me though, it usually takes me 2-3 minutes to get back there as I don’t have an anchor when I farm.

  • If you are farming on the dungeons though, look for a realm that has moderate number of players in it (30-40 should be enough).

  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT send your farming character to raid Exaltation dungeons or you will have nothing to recover quickly if that character dies, especially if you have no spare rainbows to chow down.

Ma bad, you are talking about learning to raid Exaltation dungeons, not for Exaltation itself. I mean those tips will still help if you are going to Exalt a desired class.


If you are looking to do disc dungeons, warr should be your go to. Lowest requirements for pretty much every server. Most exalt dungeons have some sort of easy damage phase, so if the group is decent you shouldn’t have to worry too much about getting in sb damage. In general discords are a nice tool for learning on basically any class, though.

That being said I for one really don’t like warr, and especially if you plan to grind a bit, I would recommend just playing a class(es) you enjoy most. Although the recommendations above are all good (priest and pally).

Whatever you decide, try to train yourself to focus more on yourself and your dodging bullets near you (as opposed to your aim and what you are shooting) during relevant phases (eg. Stingers, survival, void copies, crystal ascension). Doing this more helped me increase my survivability greatly, especially in groups… On that note make sure you’ve adjusted your player opacity down (probably below 50% via regedit) :).


Survivability and damage (maximizing how long you can farm on one char while still getting loot) balance should be where you’re looking, so basically any melee or wizzy. From that general mold, if you want more survivability go priest/necro, and then try other classes as you become more experienced with the game


Surprised nobody mentioned Necromancer, the skulls have a high MP cost but a better mheal pet helps


Yeah, almost my thoughts exactly. I don’t hate warrior, per say, but I feel that it’s one of the better classes, partly because you can learn without the padding of pally, it can deal some hefty damage and (more importantly in my book) has quite the speed potential coupled with its defense, helping to get you out of tight pinches.




Definitely do them in raiding discords if you can, they are very helpful for beginners. Be sure to ask why you stand in a certain position, or dont shoot during a specific phase, etc so you can learn and understand the dungeon for yourself
For me the best class to do these on is knight or paladin— both very tanky and capable of lasting quite a few runs with a set of O2 tops especially as you become more familiar with the dungeons. Ideally you should max attack and dex (to get into the raiding discord runs), speed for dodging and getting in the right position quickly, and life for survivability. When you start out, I would max def instead of life because you will probably die a lot before you are able to make a profit with your characters, but once you manage to make a profit without maxing life, maxing life will greatly increase your total profits per character. The same applies to upgrading from an exa Hp to a UbHp. The goal is to obtain more than you lose, so at first you want to make cheap characters, then start using more expensive character when they die less often.




I’d say knight is better since it has better survivability but yea priest is an A-S tier class


Ranged class so everyone else can take the hit for you.


As someone who had difficulty learning O3, I highly suggest using priest.

While everyone else already gave their input, I’l try not to go over what was already said. In addition, I think having low base stats is a bad thing rather than a good thing like a few people in this thread sort of conveys.

A ParaHP already makes up for the lack of health for any class, priest especially. Add on the fact that the freaking thing has Puri (if you can craft it of course), it outheals every single tome in existence (not sure about T7 but I’m assuming you don’t have that) since it has a staggering +10 wis. Also the 10 vit lowers your IC time, something that is pretty freaking cool. Not only that, but it removes all status effects besides pet stasis.

The downside? It’s a white bag and it doesn’t give healing (which doesn’t really do much if you need to get 250-300 heal immediately).

I started bringing tlatoni robes for the mega MP, since you will be pet stasised during o3. Defense is also abysmal anyways on 0/8’s. Heck, I even bring it on maxed priests if I have it (not anymore of course since I’m comfortable).

If you aren’t doing a o3, bring any other robe for the defense. It helps a lot, plus you get small amounts wis and mana.