What class should I put Nil Armor on?


Just got nil armor from void, I have no idea what class to put it on. All my leathers i either have wyrm or garments on it, any help?


Typically I would use it on archer or huntress. I put a lot of focus on their dps as far as weapons ability and ring. A tanky armor like nil or the st archer set are good for evening it out.
Also I love to run shadow quiver on archer, so I. 1. have to get close and
2. Dont want to lose a rare item


In general, I’d say Trickster and Ninja are the two classes that will make the most use of it.


A leather armor class


They use bows so generally are less vulnerable than trix or ninja, the classes I would use it on. Also keep in mind with vquiv you only need to get 3 shots in to do more dmg than any other quiv so don’t feel you have to sit on shit


What class should I put Nil Armor on?

  • Archer Archer_0
  • Assassin assassin_0
  • Huntress Huntress
  • Ninja Ninja
  • Rogue Rogue
  • Trickster Trickster_0

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Honestly, in my opinion the Armor of Nil is something that a leather armor class would use to tank shots. Armor of Nil can go on any of these classes to increase the survivability of shots for the little sacrafice of -2 SPD, something that a class such as the Rogue or Trickster could easily sacrafice. A lot of top guys use this to survive if you take a look. I’d probably put it on trickster or rogue just cause if you teleport into something that could kill you, the Armor of Nil is gonna help tank it and give you more time to nexus or evade it.

I’ll add something the wiki says here too…

“Certainly not the best on Archer\Huntress because of the lack of a high DEX cap; however, it is a godsend to Ninjas and dagger classes where the loss of DPS is usually well worth the ability to stay in combat longer.”


Def trix, rogue if you have mg cloak cause 100 def on rogue is fun. And I have one on my ninja… Fed the rest cause ima be using golem set on my trix


Assassin, Ninja and trix are the squishiest


Let’s be real, most people won’t be doing much tanking on Assassin.


Well, unless you can spam the poisons with a very high mheal lvl (which Op apparantly can), you will have to get in dagger range to do damage. And if you’re using an etherite, then you will definetly have to tank a lot.


Definetely dont put it on a bow class. They are supposed to dodge, not tank. For rogue also it semms to be pointless, since you will be cloaked while you are up and personal with the etherite in your hand. So, the best things would be the ninja and the trix, and this will work great on them.


Who uses an Etherite on Assassin

Like, Rogue, easily understandable.
Trix, sure, if you’re decent at decoys, pretty nice to make use of.
Sin ain’t got anyfin going for it! Why!!


Assassin or ninja


people who dont have a cdirk?


DPS is unnecessary, just main Bone Dagger at all times.

In all seriousness, I don’t think Assassin really needs to use an Etherite. What’s wrong with using a Spirit Dagger for that neat 5+ tiles a range, or even just a tiered Dagger? :c


dps daggers are p unessecary for sin, I would use tiered spirit or even cgr


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