What classes are you bringing to the 2x event white chance?


So, what classes are you going to bring to get those whites? Are there classes you think would be better at certain bosses than others? If so, who?

Event White 2x Drop Rate Event [Aug 16th to Aug 23rd]
MotMG 2018 Discussion Thread (the anointed MEGATHREAD)
MotMG 2018 Discussion Thread (the anointed MEGATHREAD)

Prolly Knight or archer because i have those two classes


Knight is all around an excellent eventer. If you want to go in a small realm and solo events I would use a rogue


0 x 2 is still 0 tbh


a priest XD

no seriously hear me out, there’s nothing exceptional about a double droprate event.its lasting 8 days. so technically you can get the same drops by farming 16 regular days, of cours the trafic would be massive and events will be run a lot faster, but that doesnt really affect it tbh so running a warrior ppe like a normie to get a jugg cause of double drop rates is just purely stupid

but yet again ill probably be running a warrior ppe during the event xd


I’ll be either going on fast classes, or with HP scaling on most events now, some ranged class or knight.

Fast classes still have advantages for doing events like pentaract / lotll but for the most part, any class will be able to get in soulbound.

Also, I’ll advertise Realm Slayers here (realm closing discord) since they do a good job of quickly clearing realms.


Why lotll? The protection crystals are easy enough with a group standing in one place, if thats what you mean


Ok…you got me I was desperately trying to add something to the list other than pentaract xD.

You’re right, should have no problem reaching SB on any event. Only exception is pentaract because depends how many towers you can hit before it dies.


hahaha Idk why I got such a good laugh out of this


Another reason why spd classes have a slight advantage is because they van run there by themselves. Slower classes are forced to tp, and rarely cannot get sb damage due to being stunned upon teleporting. Also if you try to tp to a cloaked rogue while a group is there you may not be able to tp in time


My jugg warrior, duh


Warrior is best for farming events.


I have samu, its the only character that ill be using this MOTMG and i got a lot of white bags, so for me its samu but with a really good gear, t13 katana, fire wakit ut, and ofc a dominion armor.


I won’t be playing because the game is boring


Gonna be starting with assassin, in case tons of people arrive and it gets a bit laggy, can be a bit safer to use him.


I’ll probably use whatever i have, realm events aren’t that difficult


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