What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


I’m planning on pulling together a list of what I think needs to be addressed over the next year by the various teams of DECA; figured that I’d reach out to a few different groups and see what people thought were pressing problems that needed to be addressed.


I’ll just say one of the most pressing ones IMO, since there’s sure to be plenty of things you will hear. Game optimization. Despite having a higher than average amount of players playing on low-end computers, Exalt is super unoptimized. I mean seriously, the recommended hardware to play this game is ridiculous… It is definitely one of the reasons why people hack.



There are a lot of minor quality of life updates that I think would make a big difference in everyday play:

Separate opacity selector for gravestones.

Getting marks/items for tinkerer same as as for the forge.

Reduced vault loading time.

Naming characters.

Revamped character selection screen to let you sort by fame and class.

Hotkey to toggle “show text bubbles”.

Hotkey to put first item in a bag into your inventory.

Hotkey to snap rotation to nearest cardinal direction (similar to the one that resets rotation to face north).

Fixed zoom setting for high-res monitors.

One more layer of minimap zoom between the closest and the next up (or just let it be highly variable).

120 minute cooldown time for white bag prism.

Opacity and size settings for boss HP bars.

I wouldn’t say these are “pressing” problems, but they are things I would like to see addressed and I imagine they would not be difficult to implement.

I would say one pressing problem is the new player experience. The tutorial may introduce them to the controls, but doesn’t give any idea on what progression in the game looks like so many people get to level 20 and feel a bit lost. They also are lost just in the Nexus, being spammed by bots with no clear indication on where to go to even play the game.

The chat filter system is utterly broken and needs a complete rework. I don’t pretend I have a solution, but I personally would rather have to ignore a few more bots than have my messages be filtered constantly.

It seems they have been more dedicated to fighting back against hackers recently and I hope they continue with it. It is sad that it took a hack as game-breaking as Kill Aura for them to do something about it, and even more sad that their slapped-together solution seems to be disconnecting people who have just slightly longer range from a bard buff. Honestly.


What do you mean by “fixed zoom setting for high-res monitors?” I’m not sure what’s wrong with them because I’ve never had problems with it.

Also, big ty for all the feedback, this was exactly what I was looking for and it’s really really helpful.


^ (Author is Marshmalla)


Crappy performance and bugs.


Rework Cave of a thousand treasure. Its a joke of a dungeon, even more than shatters 1.0. I’d even say its now the shame of this game, as shatters was changed recently.


The biggest problem in rotmg is power creep, keys, and discords


I’m writing my own, sourced from several people and sources. Already asked Marshmalla for permission to use that xD

I’m at 24 pages currently and have filled in 3 sections out of 30 :confused:


Power creep?


Any specific ones?


There are two main reasons why I don’t play the game anymore:

The first is that it is more or less impossible to play the game in a fun way and make progress at the same time. Want to get UTs? You either have to spend an eternity farming or have to do some chest event in nexus, where you play the game in the most unfun way possible.
Want to do something challenging to have fun? Now you risk losing character and your UTs and get loot way slower than when using a boring steamroll group.

The other is that exalt doesn’t run on my computer. I have never seen a programm as poorly optimized as exalt in my whole live. There are games from the ninties which have better graphics than rotmg and run at literally 500 times lower system reqs. Its quite ironic how the flash client was always called spaghetti code but ran the game waaaaay better than unity. Seriously wtf.


While I have noticed Unity’s share of problems, I still don’t understand what caused such a great divide between performances for varying players back when the coding switched. For some of you, the game literally became unplayable, whereas for some of us, the game ran smoother than it had ever gone before (albeit with occasional hard server crashes, but I’ll take that over general lag)!

I could never find a consistent similarity between all the machines for the players it stopped working for, back when I was asking around…


This hasn’t been mentioned yet but there’s a lot of balancing issues with the game right now. For example with the crafting, I think it’s absurd that a planewalker costs the same to craft as a cring. Yet snake pungi and staff of esben are 15 gold items. Doku, which is one of the best katanas is also 15 gold for some reason. They should definitely revist the costs of items and try to assess what items are easy to obtain, what items are hard to obtain as well as which ones are good and which ones are bad and balance around that. IMO, better items should cost more.

Marks are sort of annoying to vault, and maybe they should be semi-stackable? Like stacks of 4 perhaps. Tho I understand if that doesn’t change since Deca wants people to buy chests.

A few points about the client itself. Yem mentioned a lack of optimization, I just wanted to point out one specific grievance. There’s a bug where when you open exalt, the program freezes and you have to wait for it to load. Pretty sure everyone has it no matter what computer you have. Half the time I open exalt it takes so long that I have to close it and restart. Crazy that the game is so poorly written it doens’t even boot half the time.


I think a few points worth mentioning:

  • Like Mynamerr said, progression is hella wack. There’s an easy start with getting to level 20, then a very steep curve with getting potions - which, while it has gotten easier, is still a lot of potions, and subsequently dungeons, per character - and ending at…just…getting new items? Doing 1 exaltation dungeon every 1-2 non-business week?
  • Pretty much identically related is the gameplay loop - or more specifically, the Realm itself. Starting from level 20, one of your primary goals in the Realm…is to not be in the Realm. You want potions, so you do dungeons. You want better tiered gear, so you farm dungeons. You want to have a nice grind for UT items, so you do dungeons. Dungeons, dungeons, dungeons.

imo, these two are the primary things that hold Realm back at the moment. There’s more issues than these (some stats being way weaker than others, items that nullify other classes’ niches - see: huntress, the class intended to be the slowing class, being wholly outdone by Honey Orb mystic, quality of older dungeons being severely lacking - looking at you, Oryx 1, with your 75% invulnerability.), but I’m not sure if they’re as major as these two.


We just need to rework the current Realm to make it more reasonable over Discord.


For example, I play on a 4K monitor. Even if I zoom all the way out, I am still one tile short of being able to see fog of war on all sides. Versus at lower resolutions you can zoom out so far that you can see several tiles-worth of fog of war. However, these lower resolutions do not fill my full monitor so I stick with the less-than-ideal 4K variant.


The frequent disconnects above all else. Apart from that, there are several less noticeable bugs or performance issues, such as the inability to quickly swap items between the vault and your inventory, slight delays upon using abilities, etc. These aren’t gamebreaking, but I see them as obvious issues which certainly would not have been intended.

Something else I see as an issue is the fact that greater potions take up two spaces in the vault’s potion storage. This has been a mild annoyance to me ever since it was implemented.


My biggest issue is that sadamune is not tradable for whatever reason even though the rest of the weapons are…


Item Forge and Exaltations were rushed and kill the incentive to play through a variety of dungeons on a variety of characters.