What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


like seriously, I’ve heard so many horror stories about how unity is just awful for them, but for me, its actually better than flash for me. Either way, I’m beginning to think that these issues of poor server performance and dc’s are a result of years of unoptimized code being stacked on top of each other. In order for deca to actually fix these issues, they’d probably have to fix all the issues that have been plaguing the game since the flash days, and if that means not having the servers up for a day and losing profits, I don’t think they’d take the chance.
(Note: I’m not actually experienced with this stuff, I’ve just been noticing this more and more over time)


Something I don’t see Deca paying enough attention to is accessibility and other UX concerns.

I’m not sure why a bullet hell game would have shots and backgrounds in an area be so close in colour or brightness. I think they are getting better with this, hopefully make the enemy’s shots in the Void stand out more for example. So many things are just too dark. Why should the lack of vision be a game mechanic or cause of difficulty? Feels a bit cheap to me


Tysm for this; really good point.


I remember when I first started playing this game 4 years ago t11 weapons and t5 abilites were worth 1-2 def depending on the class, 1l was worth 6-8 def/atk, and a doom bow, dblade, ect was considered really good.

Now the only things that are considered good at all pretty much o3 whites with few exceptions. I understand that this is natural, harder bosses = better items, but my biggest problem with this comes from the toxicity of rings. There are 32 UT rings in the game,
and 37 ST rings, and about 20 other “limited” rings.

However most discords, especially endgame/O3 discords will only count about 7 or 8 of them as being acceptable rings. that means that out of around 100 rings, only about 8% of them are considered ok. Now I understand bloat is a thing, esp with ST rings, but still even if you remove half of them, 16% is a sad amount of rings to be acceptable.

I personally have never gotten a “good” ring according to most people. (technically now I do thanks to the crown blueprint from campain but eh) Horn and coro have inarguably worse DPS boosts then esben/ubatk/ubdex and yet people will kick me from runs/not allow me, even tho my DPS would be lower if I was using a coro, or a monocole. The fact that out off all of the ST rings, none of them are considered reqs is sad to me. Theres something else to be said about “dps” armors and that for almost all of them you have to be able to farm o3. In my opinion this is way less of an issue with weapons, because almost every class has a dps weapon that drops from a realm dungeon, fallen wand, leaf bow, toxic tooth, ect.

The issue with this further stems from the fact that if I want to get into runs I have to take often my only copy of a rare item in order to me reqs, but then if I die I can no longer try and do that dungeon unless I have runes or keys. Its a toxic cycle because then if I can no longer do lost halls or o3 or shatters except in public runs, it makes it almost impossible for me to obtain those items again.

People will often just say that I need to just get good, or whatever but how can I learn how to do the dungeon when I cant even really get into runs unless I have dps reqs. Now this is arguably the bigest problem with O3 in general, but also to a lesser extent MBC/void and probably soon shatters.

This is also even worse for f2p players with only 2-3 char slots, who maybe only have 2 8/8s

unrelated but I really hate how a lot of dungeons its way to crowded, tall walls, noisy backgrounds, shot colors that match the background, I would love an option to turn on a shot outline or something that outlines the shots in contrasting colors, and an option to turn off noisy backgrounds and just have it be a solid grey or something.


bruh, are we talking 2016 deca or 2020 deca? Deca now gives character slots on the regular lmao

bUt DuDe, HoRn and CoRo GiVe DeFeNsIvE sTaTs As WeLl, ThAt’S wHy ThEy’Re AlLoWeD, dUmMy


just another reason why esben should meet reqs, 60 hp is a sizable chunk and 60 mp helps also


Big agree with you on this one.

Personally, here are the reasons RotMG is no longer fun to me.

Basically every change that they’ve made since vital combat makes the game unfriendlier and unfriendlier towards beginner or casual players. Vital combat in and of itself is extremely complicated and essentially stomps on any chance of casual play without leaning forward and trying not to get wailed on at all times. I’m not going to touch on the dungeon overhauls because I think ultimately it’s a nice thing to show the game some love, but I just feel like the game is too difficult to enjoy. You can dunk on this opinion all you want, and I agree that pets may have handicapped me, but I’m one of many.

My friends and I used to love getting on and grinding some dungeons or just hanging out on the game. Now it’s just a farming ground for sweaty Discord raiders and younger lads with all the time on their hands, and I don’t mean that in an offensive way at all. For the layman who’s moved out, is tired of life, and wants to have a good, relaxing, social time, RotMG is no longer that game. The game is now so very beginner unfriendly and the game changes are already so far committed that we now have no good way to draw new players into the game except for Raid: Shadow Legends-esque advertising. Because of this, I believe Deca continues to focus on generating revenue from the campaigns and the same old skin connoisseurs, but I’m not a fan. New players should be coming to the game and giving RotMG revenue in more unique ways than “1 gold = 1 point, if you’re not obsessed with the game, don’t bother.”

RotMG immediately freezes for about 15-30 seconds on startup across the board with any device, which is ridiculous considering I run top of the line hardware, so it’s definitely optimization problems. On top of that, I hope they add high refresh rate support (it might already exist, and I might be tripping on this one. Let me know, I haven’t extensively played for over a year).

There are so many reasons why I feel heartbroken and that my nearly 10 years’ commitment to Realm has been paid back with a spit to the face, but that’s just the starter list.


hard to see insta killing shots

like bombs in shatts (archmage, especially the very last fire phase) or unrendered shots like unrendered meteors in o3 or godlands dungeons insta pops around unrendered corners

fps issues.
I played minecraft on 300+ fps super smooth
i came back to 20-40fps rotmg and it took a week for my eyes to get readjusted to shit frame rate
optimization bad in general lol

the shift from merching towards grinding

back in the day (im not an og but even still) merching was pretty cracked
you could make big bank, prices were always trash but not as trash, and it was a viable side job to do along with ur daily grind. Now, no point going for trading server except if you are lazy for rainbows…


Hey! You should check out this document I pulled together on guild’s – I think it addresses most of your problems with the game:

Lmk if you have any feedback!


I believe the push for harder and more intense bullet hell content is a mistake given the systems rotmg already has in place. permadeath punishes the player for making mistakes and learning the fights, raiding discords call for speedy, efficient, standardized runs with no funny business, player hitboxes are too large for a proper bullet hell, bullet hitboxes are frequently unclear since they aren’t related to projectile size at all, latency becomes more and more apparent the smaller your window to dodge is, and the omnipresence of piercing bullet storms and hp scaling reduces the co-op aspect by making your allies useless as cover and irrelevant in terms of dps.

also keys and pets need to go, and most of the playerbase either needs to be forcefully rehabilitated into decent human beings or culled entirely.


Yeah I feel that some of the more intense bullet hell content feels a bit tacked on, heck endgame content in general feels sort of tacked on for me. It feels this way because the underlying game and systems were not designed for this style of gameplay. It was added later and it feels so removed from earlygame. I think it could work out if Deca slowly shifts the underlying game philosophy to a more unified one to work with intense bullet hell.

The actual changes in-game would likely need to be changes to the hitbox sizes, reducing clutter, fixing contrast, possible changes to the HP system, rebalancing content, etc for the bullet hells to feel more fun and less jarring/unfair (instakills are no fun!!)


I agree with you on keys and pets needing to disappear, this game is so trash right now lol. I would’ve never started playing it, if pets existed back in the day, because it might take weeks to even start your first pet from scratch.

Deca probably knows these things are the only ones keeping the game alive so they don’t have any choice except to keep beating the dead horse and hope their next brilliant idea appears out of nowhere and works.


Game too easy for endgame.
Game too hard for beginners.
Game feels unrewarding.
Forge sucks ass and limits more interesting quests that could be added.
In general discord raiding is the only way to play endgame content and its extremely boring waiting for a raid.
There is no point in going into the realm - the game is literally called “Realm” of the mad god right now its Keys of the mad god.
Exaltations limit the reason to do dungeons other than exaltation dungeons.
Weapon mods when??


While I agree that it would be nice if the issues with bullet hitboxes were fixed, I think that difficult endgame dungeons like Oryx Sanctuary and the Shatters are a fantastic addition to the game. Most MMOs have players utilize discord or teamspeak for harder content. It’s been that way since the early 2000s with apps like vent being used to coordinate raids in MMOs. Difficult content requires a fair amount of coordination and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

I think me along with many others agree that HP scaling is pretty whack right now and makes the game more difficult in larger groups for very little reason. I’m really hoping that DECA makes adjustments to the scaling algorithm because doing an O3 in a group of 10 versus a group of 50+ is night and day. Would honestly really like it if they capped realms at 50 rather than at 85. That would at least bring down the scaling a little on Oryx Sanctuary, which is the biggest culprit in terms of scaling issues, and would make the dungeon caps and realm caps the same.

As for keys and pets, those are likely the big money makers for DECA. The game has to be monetized in some way and to be honest, I think DECA does an okay job with the monetization. The only things they really offer via in game shops are ways to speed up gameplay that you already have access to for free. For example, Lost Halls drops in the realm and you can easily get a group of friends together to clear a realm and do a Lost Halls together. However, it’ll be a little quicker to just buy a key and open it in the guild hall. For a game like realm, I find this sort of system okay, especially since it’s the way things have been since the very beginning with keys.

I’d personally like the game more if pets were just completely removed from the game and vitality was buffed significantly. Vital combat feels very much like they stuck a piece of duct tape over the issue rather than actually fixing the mistake that was made (aka the addition of pets) but I understand why they had to implement vital combat. Pets are a big money maker for DECA and have also become very much a part of the game that many players have put a lot of effort into. Removing them now I think would be a bigger mistake. It sucks that Kabam monetized the game in this way in the first place but it seems now that we’re stuck with it.


DECA has focussed mostly on endgame content, without making it accessible to an average player. The public testing server is a good example of this. Why where O3 whites given out during Shatters testing? 90% of the playerbase probably doesn’t have any O3 whites. The reworked Shatters is supposed to be done by people who would have T12/13 wine cellar tops, since it is lower than O3 and Void in difficulty. DECA also promotes the testing server as a way to practice the endgame dungeons. Why can’t there be dungeon keys that don’t drop any loot, sends you to the nexus upon death like the old arena, and are purchasable with fame on the live server? People aren’t going to play like they would on live if you promote it as a practice ground. Is it worth the extra testing data and feedback, if its not representative of the live game?


Shatters technically has the same difficulty rating as Void, if I recall correctly, at 8.5 gravestones.

It’s endgame content. It’s not supposed to be for the average player. It’s supposed to be for players who are experienced and have practiced and played the game to more of an extent than an average player. At the same time though, I think DECA has done a good job at providing reworks and new releases for average players in the past few years with things like High Tech Terror and the godlands dungeon reworks. I think to say that they’re “mostly focused on endgame content” is a massive overstatement.


I really think this is the opposite direction to go. The whole point of an MMO is to play with other people, I think that Deca reducing dungeon capacity to 50 to combat HP scaling is just them admitting that the scaling is messed up. The scaling should be such that whatever group of people you have, whether 10 or 100, the dungeon takes roughly the same amount of time and is roughly the same difficulty. Ideally it would be very sightly easier with 100.

If you are doing dungeons with <10 people then you should expect it to be more of a challenge in my opinion.


Good old days (even as someone who joined in November 2019).

Usually 7 of them (at least from Null): Crown, Potato, Cranium, Monocle, Coronation (possibly post-buffed), Horn (I don’t consider it as 1/4) and Omni. And they all from endgame dungeons…

This is the pure question of powercreeping and I myself agree (they don’t just look for DPS stats, but also survivability stats such as Defence and HP). A while back, I saw some dude (not Twitchy) in Null wishing Esben ring to be part of the req sheet. Twitchy himself and 41 other staff members voted yes, 47 staff members voted nay. And I heard their reason is “Esben Ring is easier to get and if everyone brings it, the quality (and possibly the efficiency) of the run may go down.” But yes, I myself wish them to get buffed (something like 18 Dex/Attack may be a lot, but can make a difference).

ST rings in general does not have ANY reasonable DPS stats to be used, that’s the big issue.

Armors: The only issue is the robe (as a good numbers of Discords don’t consider Anointed 1/4). You can get MBane and Tenne (though Thicket could be a bit difficult) without having to spam O3 24/7.

Weapon-wise, they are much less of hinderance as you mentioned.

IK a Discord server that is similar to Null but much more broader in terms of equipment choices.

It’s more than just “git gud” thing, it is also about luck. It took me like 6+ O3 deaths before getting 1st clear. The very 1st time I get to face O3 himself on Prod, didn’t push beyond Celestial…


No come on, don’t yeet my mheal/savage/decoy pet out of my hands like that, at least give me time to experience it at its fullest potential!

I think the problem lies in the “OP” pet abilities, namely Heal, Magic Heal and Electric. Its only because they are so common that they make pets character upgrades rather than an opportunity to mix things up.

Out of all the choices of things (class, items, etc) a player could bring into the realm, pets should modify the gameplay the most. A heal/savage/decoy would be for easy high survivability and attack close/electric/attack mid would be a pseudo knight that protects ranged classes.

While these combinations are possible, the abilities themselves are considered weak, or at least weaker. The attack abilities shoot projectiles that can miss, and all damage dealt by pets don’t go towards your sb damage (do people care about that last one tho?). And god knows how effective rising fury is.

So heal/mheal/electric it is. Please Deca, let me see my mheal/savage/decoy journey through.

Would you look at that, a thread where I can really put out my feelings about this! I’ve wanted to make one myself for a bit, but because I am very outwardly against DECA, I was worried it would be derailed in favor of “just move on already”. Without further ado, it’s time I rant.

Powercreep and Item Originality

The power dynamic and lack of originality between a lot of items is laughable or outright disgusting. I don’t mean Corsair Ring vs Exalted God’s Horn, either; I mean things as simple as Ring of the Nile vs Experimental Ring, or Crystal Sword vs Sword of the Colossus for their own respective reasons.

On one hand, there are times when a direct upgrade (see Bone Dagger and Queen’s Stinger Dagger) is justifiable by very specific factors. On the other… that is no excuse for the amount of items that cover the same niche while one outright replaces the other while both are in a very similar difficulty area, nor is there any reason why an item from a godlands dungeon can be vastly better in a similar field than something from endgame. (Robe of the Mad Scientist vs Ritual Robe for example.)

I will separate this section into two distinct parts to make it easier to follow.


Untiered items range from “wow, that’s pretty neat” to “this literally defines the class if you get it”, and that is a very bad line to be on when you consider certain factors, such as difficulty and rarity of where you get the item, or even what the item does. There is justification in the fact that Poison Fang Dagger is not going to ever compare to Dirk of Cronus or even Spirit Dagger, but there is absolutely no justification for Crystal Sword being absolutely outclassed by multiple items, including one that’s from something significantly easier.

On the flipside, Sword of the Colossus having such a towering stance over basically any sword that is not multi-shot is absolutely nuts when you consider its overall lack of downsides, given the generous hitbox size. There are other items like this as well, such as Staff of Unholy Sacrifice and Bow of the Void, or even things like Enforcer. There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to balance, but it almost always favors endgame items to an obnoxious degree, as they tend to make having any other items completely null unless they are even rarer than the endgame items, such as Shield of Ogmur or Helm of the Juggernaut. Once you have Sword of the Colossus, why bother with any other swords outside of maybe Indomptable/Divinity for pierce and Pixie-Enchanted Sword for CQC or dispersed damage?

That’s how quite a lot of the game is right now. There should be obvious benefits to endgame items, but if your endgame items are the only thing worth getting in the game, what’s the point of farming for anything else? There are obvious exceptions to this, but those will almost always cause the opposite problem, as they’re typically things like Robe of the Mad Scientist where they are directly competing with an actual endgame drop and often win in the end. Also, Chaotic Scriptures replacing the entirety of Sorcerer and Assassin(up until the new Poison in The Shatters) still grinds my gears.

For Weapons in particular, I know for an absolute fact that it is possible to create a system that allows you to balance this sort of thing out purely with charts, as someone I worked with in a Private Server did this exact thing completely by himself. There are quite a few ways that an entire team of designers could do to improve on this design and make it work with so many other effects, including the seventeen thousand Procs that DECA likes to use.

Speaking of Procs…

Item Originality

I’m tired of them. They’re repeatedly used for a lot of the same purposes nowadays and frankly, it pisses me off that DECA is losing touch with what is an original idea despite the fact they are the ones who imposed a lot of these effects. Take Leaf Dragon Hide Armor and compare it to the new Armor from The Shatters; both serve the exact same purpose, with one doing it much better in most situations. Take Robe of the Mad Scientist, a robe, and compare it to the new Twilight Gemstone, a ring. This isn’t even exclusive to Procs, either. Take the Henchman’s Claymore rework and compare it to Pixie-Enchanted Sword, then take Pixie-Enchanted Sword and compare it to the new ST Dagger. Take all of the ranged swords except for Rapier and compare them to each other. Fuck, man, look at Crystal Sword, Swashbuckler’s Sickle and Ancient Stone Sword; they are quite literally a progression.

It isn’t very hard to create new and interesting ideas for an item, especially when there are quite a few untapped ideas to be made when it comes to item design, and not just for weapons. Most of them, however, end up being either repeatedly used until they’re buried 50 feet under(see: On Shoot mechanics), or they’re just so pretentious like the new Helm from The Shatters. There’s those few that are genuinely awesome concepts, such as the new Orb from The Shatters, but they are so few and far between that it doesn’t ever fix the issue. There’s also quite a few things that got procs that never once needed them, the main ones being the Lair of Draconis armors and Doku No Ken.

DECA seems to want to push their “new mechanics” onto as many things as possible despite the fact that most of the time, they are completely unwarranted or just outright terrible and don’t make the item good. Take Doku No Ken as an example of this; the stats of the actual projectiles are mediocre at best when you take Defense and the waviness(although not very strongly) into account, and it could get an actual new mechanic or perhaps even get a slight boost to stats to make it different enough but also viable.

What does DECA do instead? They… add a Poison effect stronger than a Tier 5 Poison, and at no cost to the user. In what way does this fix the item? Hell, you don’t even have to carry it for the actual projectiles; the Cooldown goes down even after switching out the item, so you can carry it as if it were an ability. I fail to see how this fixes the core issues of the item, and it has instead created a new slew of problems.


The level of care that goes into some dungeons and items, much like the new Orb from The Shatters or things like Oryx’s Sanctuary and the new Sprite World is really nice. It’s great to see that people put care into things and make them truly stand out from everything else they’re competing against!.. When it actually happens. The sad truth is that DECA is the least consistent of the owners of Realm of the Mad God, somehow beating Kabam in that regard as even in their slow release of content, it always had the same level of effort put into it.

This is extremely noticeable with a lot of dungeons’ quality (take Snake Pit vs Sprite World, for example) as well as a lot of classes’ UTs, mostly Sorcerer. I’m sure you know by now that Sorcerer has been shafted for quite a long time, in favor of quite literally every other class… hell, the Scepter in The Shatters was cut in testing, but the Mace was kept in; even Poisons got something new in it, but not Scepters, despite their absolute lack of… anything. It’s infuriating just how little anyone is putting into a lot of things not in terms of difficulty (do not make this assumption based on my comparison between Sprite World and Oryx’s Sanctuary) but in terms of the quality of them. Hell, Pirate Cave has more effort put into its rework than most of the actual dungeons!

Not everything has to be a spectacle like Oryx’s Sanctuary seems to be to everyone else, but it would be nice if everything got an equal amount of love and care put into it to really make it feel like a cohesive experience. Thus far, it does not feel this way in the slightest when I’m more invested in Sprite Worlds than I am most lategame dungeons, excluding Deadwater Docks.

Classes are Boring

I’ll be entirely honest. Unless we’re talking about Trickster or Summoner, none of the base classes are remotely interesting to me. Their abilities still function just fine, and they do things that could lead to an advantage, but… I feel extremely bored just playing any of them without any UTs, and this has been a major issue for a long time. Back in the days of WildShadow this was more acceptable, as the game was inherently a lot more simple in all fronts, but now that DECA is taking things in the direction of whatever the hell The Shatters is, there’s no room for this anymore. I shouldn’t need luck to have fun with a class.

Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard and Archer suffer the most from this. Their abilities are so bland and require no actual effort to pull off, maybe excluding Archer slightly due to it being a projectile from the user. Wizard is the default class, sure, but this does not excuse it being this bad in terms of how interesting it is, or rather, isn’t. It doesn’t even need to be extremely complicated either, just something to make it a bit more unique would do, anything. Please. Hell, even most of its UTs are as plain as the tiered abilities, and the only two that spice it up are straight up OP.

If I want to get a good feel for what the class is going to be like, I should be able to do so. Instead, I start falling asleep while I’m trying to actually use the damn thing. And instead of UTs being a “wow, this is cool!” moment, they become a “why the fuck is it this different” moment. This has only been getting more and more common as well, as DECA has been foregoing most actual balance in favor of things like the new Helm from The Shatters, or the Wakizashi from The Third Dimension. I fail to see how making absurd UTs is going to fix the fact that without those items, the class isn’t fun to play at all.

Events and "Monetization"

Do I really even need to talk about this one? There’s almost constantly one nowadays, and they’re even overlapping each other. Sure, one could argue that you could simply go to the Realm for these events, but like… when you have Oryx Champions that spawn once per realm, that’s either going to take furious server hopping, or keys. And would you look at that, they have a Mystery Box that gives you keys, how convenient! Oh, wait, they’re essentially gambling…

…Yeah, the way DECA monetizes fucking disgusts me, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. They have an entire catalogue of skins with numbers that are closer to 1,000 than they are 100, and yet they decide to make each skin that actually looks decent require spending copious amounts of money in a Mystery Box, or outright $20 each. EACH. Not to mention, Vault Chests and Character Slots costing $5 and $10 respectively is a major turnoff unless people are willing to spend ridiculous amounts or wait for the totally convenient Ample Mystery Boxes that love to appear so frequently, feigning giving you a deal.

The worst extent of this, even beyond their constant Events, is the marketing. I’ve talked about it in past posts where I displayed my grievances when quitting some time back, but it is not even subtly manipulative at times. Obviously they are not around anymore, but the original Mystery Boxes for ST sets were listed as “(Class) ST Set Box” or something to this effect, while all of the newer Mystery Boxes for ST sets have the name of the set in them. This is to make them pop out a bit more to the user’s eye, while the originals did not get this treatment despite the fact that many of them were made by DECA themselves. This was an intentional decision, there’s no doubt.

Too Much is Too Much

As much as I love some complicated designs here and there, in a game like Realm of the Mad God - which is supposed to emulate a retro arcade game - there is certainly a line to draw, at least at this stage. The Shatters did not just cross this line, it went seven miles beyond it. There are some basic things in the minion design that I can get behind, especially in terms of how many new enemy types there are in each area. However, what immediately loses me is the sheer amount of these new enemies, as well as…

The bosses. Oh good fucking lord, the bullet patterns on all of what I’ve seen so far just reek of “hey look what we can do in our engine haha!” instead of “we carefully designed this to be very difficult but fair”. From the very beginning with the new Avatar this is true with that one attack in its final phase that everyone is absolutely scared of, to even the Bridge Sentinel with its… wait, that’s the entire fight.

Yeah, there’s a reason I named this section what I did. Every attack in the Sentinel’s arsenal is just DECA showing off how wacky they can make their patterns without much of an attempt to make many of them fair, especially the attack that makes swords out of bullets. I haven’t even gotten to the Twilight Archmage, let alone the Forgotten King, because the Sentinel’s attacks deal too much damage per seventy thousand bullets and the phases are simply too much. I’m also not particularly a fan of the fact each individual bullet of a Sword attack deals 60 Armor Piercing damage and slows me down so I get hit by even more of it.

This is the same sort of deal that I have with a lot of Oryx’s Sanctuary as well, even if I haven’t experienced the most of it because frankly, I still absolutely loath how obnoxiously OP a lot of its drops are. The Solar System attack is so absurd that it has its own simulator just so people know how to not die during it, and that’s something that you should never need to do in a game.

The one attack that I absolutely adore in the entire dungeon is the counterattack from Dammah, as it’s still very deadly and requires a lot of attention, but it is very straightforward and there are no gimmicks to it. There is a wall, now avoid it. Of course, this one also has a simulator, but I chalk this one up more to the fact it can four-shot most characters, and one factor that I have to cover…


All hurtboxes in the game are the size of the goddamn moon. In a permadeath Bullet Hell. While this is nice for enemies, as it makes it a lot easier to hit them at times, it is an absolute curse for any player, as things will be hitting you that have no right to hit you in the first place. It needs to be at least partially lower (down to 80% minimum) to compensate for how absurd a lot of things are, especially The Shatters. This is not an unheard of opinion. At all.


The gameplay is not varied enough for me to want to continue playing a lot of the time. Sure, I can mix up dungeons I want if I’m not particularly looking to farm for anything, but the dungeons that I do end up doing just feel the same every time I do them, even with randomized layouts. This happens with everything in the game except for Sprite World and Oryx’s Sanctuary… and frankly, it would take a good amount of effort, but it would absolutely be worth it if there were a few patterns or behaviors that a boss could adapt from to make each run of something feel different.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be something that DECA would put any time into, given their priority seems to be in other places that are… not really any good for this sort of thing. For the time being, everything will end up feeling samey and I guess we’ll just have to deal with it.


God, I wish these things would go and die. Everyone knows what this would entail, so I’m not going to waste my time repeating what everyone else already says and feels.

I almost forgot this one.
Chat Filter

The chat filter is completely stupid now. Trying to type basic sentences can randomly end up being censored and you have absolutely no clue why, despite the fact that an option to filter offensive language exists. Why have the option when you can’t swear even with it off?

Oh, and most of the time it censors you calling the game bad. That one’s just funny. You also can’t say Australia or say little and trolling in the same sentence.