What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


The issue of needing gear from a dungeon in order to be accepted into a group that is running that dungeon is common to many MMOs. The problem gets worse the more objective and accessible measures of gear become (see iLevel in Wow).

Fortunately, permadeth forces characters to reset every so often, which helps. Unfortunately, people want to avoid those deaths, which makes the problem worse.


Horn is the best ring on range classes fym




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They should really make these bombs more noticeable.


As someone who’s played for more than 9 years and has completely stopped playing. There are some major issues that need to be addressed. I have a level 90+ divine pet and it’s completely broken, the only reason I would die in a game would be because of lag spikes or a shotgun out of nowhere, there’s no other way. Pets used to be completely aesthetic and a vanity item that follows people around and now it’s a monster that can damage and paralyze better than an archer and heal better than a priest. This has completely switched from the ROTMG I used to play many years ago where I could play at 50 hp comfortably while asking for hp/heal from a nearby priest. I could see the enemy projectiles clearly and dodge accordingly. Nowadays, every dungeon released after lost halls are a clusterfuck of invisible bullet projectiles. It’s almost completely impossible to do those dungeons in a public realm without wasting a bunch of time.

I have a ton of 8/8s but have never attempted to do an O3 run as I see no need to do so, the risk/reward is too great as it doesn’t really matter how good you are at dodging, 1 random shotgun will just obliterate your character’s existence. Obviously, this resulted in another chain of clusterfuck called discord where people have to wait and queue to do a dungeon with the hope of someone having keys. What do you do in a dungeon full of enemy bullet projectiles in a discord run? not dodge obviously, just group up altogether and tank it with some priests. The realms are almost completely dead. The event rewards are far too great that it seems useless or worthless to play the game normally without any event. Tradings are hardly profitable anymore as the player base keeps declining and the price fluctuates so much in response to each random event. I used to trade so much back in the early days and it was a fun process from rag to riches but now people just give away whatever they have to a random person next to them since most tradeable items barely hold any value anymore. The game used to be community-oriented as well where people talk and ask for help on a regular basis, now it’s a single-player game with occasional co-op only on discord where you have to listen to every single thing the RL tells you to do with no question.

Now that’s enough complaining for the gameplay, the exalt unity player sucks ass. I get randomly disconnected every 5 seconds, loading takes 5 minutes or doesn’t work at all, the fps I got also decreased considerably compared to what I used to have in flash players.

And for the one most important reason of me quitting the game which is completely personal is that they changed the ESC hotkeys to actually open the menu where it used to be my nexus hotkey. I’ve tried changing the nexus hotkey to almost every key in the keyboard but when you’ve played a game for 8 years using the same nexus hotkey, it’s extremely hard to change the habit, as a result, I lost a bunch of UTs and 8/8s dying stupid deaths just because I forgot which nexus key I’m using at the moment.


First off, I just want to praise the effort put into your post, despite you calling it a rant. Nice formatting, and every idea chains into the other, smoothly. Reading you was a pleasure.

  • Powercreep: I agree. While its not inherently bad to have an item progression following the difficulty of the place where you find them, this trait should only be reserved for the tiered items.

  • Mad scientist vs ritual robe: Your post wasn’t about single items, so I’ll keep this short. However I cannot stay silent, as I love both. Mad lab robe is focused more on the MP with its proc (even tho it gives 7 wis), while Ritual robe leans more into the wismod department.

  • Variety: Yes yes yes, randomized layouts isn’t enough to keep the gameplay fresh. I’d even say that new content is not enough to keep it interesting. Common enemies have no identity of their own, all of them just follow you and jitter in place, only thing that sets each of them apart is their bullet patterns. And when there actually are good enemies (like the leviathan in godlands) we despise them, because we are used to the boring cannon fodder that are minions. And no amount of complex bossfights can save the blandness of the minions.

  • Chat: Indeed, it can only frustrate players to see their message is being censored with no apparent reason. On top of this, guild chat messages can only reach you if you aren’t loading. If your friend is making a top tier joke but you were stuck loading 3 times over, he is only met with a cold wall. This is an MMO, and groups of people need proper means of communication.


I’m going to do my own take but tackle multiple topics at once since some of them are actually pretty relevant

Powercreep and Item Originality

This all actually falls under the same category. They all actually have a relation to one another. But there is 1 thing that was not talked about here at all. Droprates and Progression. Powercreep will always be a problem no matter what, the only solution there exist currently is to embrace powercreep by adding more UTs so that people who have less luck are able to compete with better items more easily. Rotmg’s powercreep is rn entirely determined by drop rates, and not overshadowing. Vesture does not get powercreeped by a Diplomat until you look at the very END of the game. Luminaire has a high skill trade off compared to most wands. While I am not to say there is no powercreep, but I’ll say the issue is significantly less big than you think. A colo sword will outclass most swords, yes. But have you considered how rare or how long does it take to get one? If you were to get something that is insanely good in an early-game dungeon but there is something just as good at late game, where is the progression? This actually isn’t a problem due to PERMADEATH, limiting the amount of end-game UTs in the game. However, forge produced a problem like this.

The way Permadeath limits powercreep is that players won’t even receive said items to even be powercreeped unless they are at an end-game level but even then most players haven’t received enough Conflicts for Conflict to completely overshadow Soul Bearer which is a more easily accessible alternative. This is why Item Originality matters so much. Because it matters so little when you’re losing every item. By creating more unique items you’re asking people to farm them SPECIFICALLY more. Divinity is one of the best “over-all purpose” swords. Really good for learning, clearing and doing damage to bosses when they are out of range which can be easily switched to a Majesty or Colo. If you truly want something to blame when it comes to “UT Powercreep and Item Originality”. Don’t blame UTs, blame TIERED WEAPONS. Tiered weapons are the entire reason why having every UT good will not work no matter what.

By Embracing powercreep by adding more similar UT weapons, you not only get more engaging gameplay, you are able to taste certain UTs like for Priest. You can taste DPS tomes like the Parasite tome and if you like it you will grind for something like Scripture. So why not add more DPS Tomes? I think UT progression is much more of a bigger issue than actual powercreep since most UTs are not even to be challenged by tiered weapons, especially when now Void Tops and O3 Tops are tradable. Why use a Cutlass when the over supply of Void Tops are now at your hands? The true problem is tiered weapons.


I am nothing much to say about this tbh. I don’t think its my opinion to say how much effort Deca puts but I’m willing to call out flaws in dungeons they do. I was going to add something about Sorceror but the next topic… I have a lot of things to say about, both supporting and not supporting.
Classes are Boring

I have… studied this and there is A TON OF ISSUES about this. To keep it short I’ll break it down to a few points.
  1. Fundamentals of Realm’s Gameplay
  2. Stat Relevency
  3. Progression and UT Progression
  4. Class purpose obsolence
  5. Learning grounds

Now lets get to this. The problem with having engaging and complex classes is heavily limited to realm’s gameplay. Unlike most MMORPGs or Rogue-likes Realm can’t afford to be complex outside of UT swapouts firstly because of how the gameplay is like. The gameplay is so intense but so simple that there’s no much to do with it. Theres the problem where there’s too many classes but that will be in number 4. If you’re entire focus is on Dodging and on Attacking, the problem is there isn’t that much room to think about a complex ability when it takes a few seconds to snap any class. Also if Summoner is considered a fun class, I geninuely don’t know because Summoner has been the most boring class to me for the lack of HEALTH ON SUMMONS. WHICH I WILL TALK MORE IN POINT 4 BUT HOWEVER THIS IS A BIGGER ISSUE, YES I AM GETTING MAD WHILE I AM RANTING.


This is a core, fundamental issue that is bigger than anyone thinks. This created SO MANY PROBLEMS.

  • UT ring and UB ring problems
  • Sorceror and other wismod classes being shit
  • Pets and Vital Combat
  • UT armors problems
  • DPS Meta
  • Defense vs Health.
  • Pot drop dungeons
  • Progression
    and MORE. I’ll go over them in quick detail.

UT ring and UB ring problems come with how unbalanced the stats are. Dex and Attack basically does the same thing but because DPS is actually much more important than every other stat Crown reigns supreme over every other ring no question. Its basically a +12 attack/dex ring with additional health. Making it so most of the time other stats won’t be an issue

Sorceror is in this shithole because of the irrelevancy of VITALITY AND WISDOM, Vitality which it has the highest stat of and Wisdom because his scepter relies on wismod. This problem is almost exclusive to Sorceror because not many other abilities are actually affected.

Pets and Vital Combat. Led to the irrelevancy of Mana. while Wisdom and Vitality were an attempt to make them more useful ultimately it did not lead to much since they almost only affect vital combat which if you dodge well enough will not be an issue in the first place. Most recovering down is when you’re not getting hit by anything anyways.

UT armor problems like what Dreamless said but dependant on Meta. Why get more defense on a warrior with a tiered armor when you get do something that actually helps like the Gladiator’s Guard.

DPS Meta, status effects do not matter enough to exchange stats for them.

Defense VS Health. Health is literally worth more than Defense in majority of situations. So just like Dex and Attack, Defense is another “Copy” of a stat like Health but weaker.

Pot drop dungeons, due to relevancy of stats and the overflow of life and mana dungeons this entire area is fucked. Theres no actual progression of “which stats you should max out first” other than “Speed and dex first because they are the easiest”. Everything else is just call it and get someone to rush it. (Another fundamental issue with realm especially epic dungeons)

yeah we all know this.

Progression and UT Progression

Look at Priest UT progression. You have purification Tome, Tome of Pain, Tome of Lib, 2 Tomes in Tomb then you have more end-game tomes liks Mushroom Tome and Laserbeam Tome. Rather good for a UT progression, starting in godlands. Now look at Knight where every shield is in an Exaltation dungeons. And not only progression in where they drop. Variety also, look at WIZARD. So many UTs, THEY ALL DO THE BLOODY SAME THING.
Class Purpose Obsolence

Look at huntress. She slows. Now look at how many classes slow (Hint: Fulmi, Aether, Ancient Eminence, . Look at Archer, he paralyzes. Now look at how many enemies which can be paralyzed. Now look at Summoner. She summons things. NOW LOOK AT HOW DECA LITERALLY GAVE ST RINGS FOR THE EVENT THAT SUMMON THINGS AND NECROMANCER’S AoO SKULL. How do you DO THIS SO FAST?!
Learning Grounds

Classes that don’t have a lot of skill ceiling yet have an extreme low skill floor. And a particularly one that is TAUGHT TO PLAYERS. W I Z A R D. The most safest, optimal, powerful and easiest class in rotmg. And we’re teaching new players to use this already really powerful class that has nearly 0 flaws to it. Classes like Rogue are extremely self-centered.

The mess that is the entire section above that I geninuely cannot say it properly because its so many issues at once

These are all flaws in classes but I haven’t really talked about classes themselves and why they are boring. Well its mostly because of skill ceiling, UT progression, Purpose and Stats. People only Extreme Prejudice on Wizard because it has the highest attack stat compared to Necro and Mystic so therefore suddenly EPing is only on Wzard so suddenly Necro and Mystic does not have a “high skill ceiling” because of EPing but Wizard has. Even though Wizard has the lowest skill ceiling for a good class outside of EPing. Assassin and Huntress don’t have much purpose. Sorceror got shit on by Wismod. Blah blah blah I geninuely have so many things to talk about this and I absolutely HATE typing it down because I am not a forum person.

The only non-boring classes in my opinion are Trickster, Mystic, Priest, Warrior, Bard, Paladin.
Knight, Archer are too confined by UTs.
Assassin, Huntress, Sorc, Necro, Ninja, Samurai are too outclassed
Summoner, Wizard, Rogue are too self-centered.

You can tell I absolutely hate how the game treats classes.

Events and NOT Monetization cos I have no care about Monetization cos I’m f2p

Event-wise. There are 2 types of events. Dungeon events and Realm Events. Dungeon events in my opinion are great at making more people do Pub dungeons like Cult where people get a more comfortable experience to do them on Prod.

Realm Events on the other hands. Literally from this motmg how Daeva, Void Crystals and the Appetizer was handled. It was really flawed. Daeva and Void Crystals are treasure chests that fight like cube gods around the realm and they drop party-wide buffs so everyone would just be spamming buffs. After that they would rush to the crystals until they go extinct. Why not just make them like crystal prisoner or glitch rather have a ton of them taken up by quest markers, make them more like a treasure hunt or make them fight back like they unleash some powerful Daeva or Void warlord that was locked away?

The Appetizer on the other hand… The random angle linear shots, especially on the last phase where it happens right after a claustrophobic and slow phase.

Too much is too much

This is the one point I geninuely disagree with.
I’d argue that the minion types are WAY more of an issue compared to the bosses.
Theres too many enemies to actually keep track of more important enemies such as the rogue which has gone invisible and instantly killed groups of people.

Sentinel infact is not even that much. When O3 came out O3 was definitely a lot more depth and complex. I’ve actually been waiting for more fights like the Sentinel which are much more “On your Toes” in my opinion. Especially the giant sword attack.

The Solar System attack is so absurd that it has its own simulator just so people know how to not die during it, and that’s something that you should never need to do in a game.

Ok in my opinion, end-game being much more of a step-up compared to most things in rotmg isn’t an issue. Its a thing that happens in every game. And more importantly, you DON’T have to use the simulator. The simulator is MEANT for people who are struggling to learn it or those who want to perfectionize it. Its not a game issue, its a resource created by the community as a learning tool and for that I am grateful for things like that. I can just watch a video on how to do Celestial and I’ll be 3/4 as prepared as the Simulator. Its a thing people learn through the community rather than themselves which in my opinion is a perfectly acceptable way of playing the game since if you want to learn things brutally yourself you can just do it yourself and do it the hard way.

At this point of writing I’m completely burnt out in writing. So I’l talk about Variety then list down issues this game also has.


The biggest problem with variety is that, that’s how dungeons are and how they will always be. Its extremely hard to produce a different experience each time. Randomized rooms isn’t the problem. DIFFERNET randomized rooms is the problem. Look at things like Davy, Library or even Halls and Cult. They have rather distinctly different rooms that play differently based on how its structured or the enemies that spawn from it.

Anyways here’s more problems I think Realm also has but is too burnt out to actually explain
New player experience
Process of Maxing
Learning to Amount Lost to Amount Gained in Life AKA Learning in Rotmg
Problematic status effects - Blind, Paralyze, Confuse.
Insta-pops without signalling
Reward to Time to Difficulty - Shatters being the main issue.
Dungeon desination in the part of the game - Snake pit, Court of Oryx, Hive, A LOT
Super Rare Whites, to keep or to die with?
Blueprints, Reliable or Just another White drop - My opinion is just to make them 1 time use but drop more often.
The lack of user made content for the lack of content Deca is making
The lack of reconstruction for everything
The unrewarding of Solo Play
Low effort fixes
Clearing and Reward
Rushing Epic Dungeons
Demonizing Skill Issues
A lot more.

I need a shower after posting this. I’m sorry I can’t end this formally but I am COMPLETELY burnt out from typing this and I don’t feel well In terms of my body health. Not my mental health, that’s fine. And most importantly I AM SORRY if I can’t phrase anything well. Like I said I am NOT a forum poster, I am absolutely not good at trying to convey what I think without conveying it completely wrongly, which is why I would usually let my girlfriend proof-read everything I said so that she knows what I’m trying to convey. But shes not here atm.


I don’t question why I play this game

the ones who do are the ones who quit


There’s multiple points here that either go completely past what I was trying to say, miss the point, or are misguided. I will mainly focus on stating one point, and clarifying it, to instead remove any possible confusion:

You can make UTs from different parts of the game useful for different reasons.

What do I mean by this? Well, let’s go ahead and take Crystal Sword; it has a very high range for a Sword. That’s a great starting point; if we were to say, give Crystal Sword closer to 5 Range and maybe reduce the range of Sword of the Colossus, that would still give a lot of reason to use Sword of the Colossus while giving Crystal Sword a very pronounced purpose. It would make its territory clear in pure range, while Sword of the Colossus would lay closer to Ancient Stone Sword in that it has power and range with different dfrawbacks. The benefits of Crystal Sword would be useful if you want to sacrifice all of your damage, while they would still give Sword of the Colossus a major benefit in other departments while losing in pure range.

This can apply to any UTs of whatever type as well, given that you put thought into how they are executed and did not rush it. Powercreep is not an excuse for lazy design, nor is lazy design an excuse for powercreep.

Mentioning this one specifically because of the mention of Dexterity and Attack. Dexterity has more of an effect with low Defense, while Attack has more of an effect with high Defense, and as such both are important to have.

Having other classes able to perform another class’s status effects is a rather good idea in hindsight, but it was very overdone and way too many classes are able to do certain things. Hell, some are able to do it with things other than abilities, which is… dumb.

Though, summons are very untapped territory if DECA makes them less complex than Summoner’s. Just have them perform a function without the ability to move them around and all should be well off enough.

Dungeon events could be interesting if they were more like Prismimic in terms of adding something to dungeons, rather than just a chest of free loot most of the time… but the issue isn’t necessarily the event itself in a lot of cases, as it would be fine if it were exclusive to the dungeon dropping.

The issue is the monetization part of it. They clearly want you to buy a lot of keys, as they put the Mystery Boxes up through the entirety of an event for that dungeon, even if it’s just 1.5x Loot. You cannot tell me that is not intentionally trying to rake in money.

I never mentioned minions, but they are also a part of the list for different reasons. Even if each shot from a minion did 1 flat damage, once you have a lot of minions it racks up very quickly and that is a major issue sometimes when you have upwards of 30 of them.

As for Sentinel, the Sword attack is genuine and unadulterated bullshit if you want to play the game instead of waiting for it to end. It clearly wants you to be up front too, as he’s vulnerable during it, yet if you go up there you need extreme speed to not die or just die/Nexus.

In a permadeath game, a phase like Solar System having very, very little hints (subtle or otherwise) outside of the ones that require it (as in the beams) is very harmful to the game, and people who want to learn how to do it without needing either 30 attempts or an outside simulator specifically for it. Hell, there are games with Bullet Hell inspirations that aren’t perma-death that utilize things like this while it remains very difficult.

If you don’t know of it, I would recommend looking at the Mother fight from The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. It is something that is highly difficult, yet it is never outright unfair, and only one phase in the entire fight could potentially be very hard to learn the first time around. Meanwhile, most things in Oryx’s Sanctuary are outright not fair and would require forethought or copious amounts of trial and error. Not to mention, it takes quite a while to get into an Oryx’s Sanctuary in the first place.

The randomized layouts and rooms can generate problems, sure, but they are extremely few and far between usually. That being said, you might be overthinking what I mean by variety in this case.

I’m not talking about this major overhaul to make 17 different possibilities for every fight that all play differently. I mention Sprite World for good reason, and that’s because the second phase specifically has a few different variations that require you to play accordingly, and all are not overly complicated either; having a few selections here and there for specific phases of fights (especially long ones) would vary things enough to keep players on their toes while also keeping them engaged. Things like Sentinel do have this already but there are far too many issues with that besides variety.


This issue is made worse with the fact that most of the time you have to collect tokens for an event, whether marks, special tokens, or agents of oryx shards, its clear that deca wants you to grind events. Even if the only tokens dropping are shards of the doorwarden, deca wants you to grind at the least 35 of this dungeon, and that’s not even the fact that most of the time these shards aren’t even guaranteed for these events. Hell, it was made even worse with the ice tomb event, by purposely making it so that the one item of value (the ice crown) was very rare, and players were essentially forced to grind for it. While yes, I do understand that some items are meant to be rare, keep in mind that during the winter event of 2019 all you needed to get this item was 60 broken ornaments (the campaign point item of that event)


explain? also why are you putting rogue with summoner and wizard


Wizard and Summoner (and Sorc) because their tiered abilities purely do damage without providing group utility.
However they all have access to slow.

Rogue, as far as I know, just has a paralyze utility (rarely seen) and everything else it has is either a self buff, damage, or just invisibility. Their main contribution is that they can rush but there are several classes that can rush and anyone can go invisible. I have joked that rogue is the most useless class for this reason, but I’m certain it’s not completely fair to call any class self-centered (except rogues who needlessly go invisible except to solo bosses and steal all the loot for themselves),


That’s definitely unpopular opinion right here, because most of use believe powercreeping is based off certain UT outcompetes others, not droprate.

The difference between those 2 DPS robes are significant enough to make them use one over the another in terms of DPS boost and consistency.


Now that’s another unpopular opinion right here and hell, I agree with you. Using tiered weapons (namely WC tops) feels bland for some reason… even as they are designed for general usage.

That moment you use Priest as an example… Archer needs more DPS quivers beside QoS, Autumn King, Javalin and Beehemoth Quiv (those 4 quivers are not easy to get and one of them being event-locked).

It’s just Void tops (IDK why ppl are buying them for a Deca each). O3 tops at the moment, are SB. I would love to buy unwanted O3 tops for good price if Deca un-SB them (even though this means powercreeping goes zoooooooooooom). I would buy craptons of T7 Waki’s for 8 GLives or other T7 abilities.

Again, this man Oij pointed out the issue.
Tiered Rings Rebalance - Game Discussion - Forum | RealmEye.com

Being tradable should not be the excuse of making these respective items weak. And the recent uh… Bracer buff literally said “Fuck You” to somefing like UBDef. Hell, UBDex vs Coronation, sac’ing just 2 Dex for +110 HP, +5 Def and +55 MP. If UBDex gives something like +20 Dex (it’s a lot yes), I might as well keep it as a swapout for pure DPS boost in safe scenario. There are so many more examples to prove that power gap…

Ok seriously, I need to stop ranting about this.

I am going to stop you right here. He may have this weird stat caps that you mentioned, the high Vit cap is the saving grace especially after IC/OoC became a thing. Giving 75 Wis cap… eh a bit too much (yes I am aware of Priests, Necro and Mystic but they have 40 Vit cap to balance it out).

You just reminded me why nearly all of my main characters are 7/8’s without touching Mana… Most classes can go well without maxing MP (even classes who are reliant on MP but still). I only max MP when I am Exalting a particular class…

I heard Dreamless suggested to strip off 2 DPS stats and 2 Speeds from GGuard. Others from in-game suggested strip off couple Defence (something like 2 or so) but keeping the current Lethality + Agility stats.

Though yes, tiered items needs some of rework if we are not going to nerf the current high tiered UT’s.

MBane sacs 14 Defence from Acrops for 14 DPS stats (pst, pair it with UBDef, I promise it will be good <3 )

Aside from that, it is understandable why dudes are aiming for DPS stats (quicker you kill something, less threat that it could pose). But this itself caused more issues, namingly widing the gap between casual Realmers vs hardcore Endgame counterparts, elitism, harassments and so on.

And don’t forget that most of the DPS items requires you to spam O3 (and Halls) 24/7 until you get one and even risking it (with the exception of MBane and Tenne as they are dropped from O2 and Thicket).

Attack and Dex are about the same as they are critical. HP vs Defence however are… in rather a bad situation.

I think we need to crank down O3 pot drops 1st. It should drop just 1 GLife and Mana, maybe in exchange much higher chance of getting red bags (excluding UB rings).

And hell, you pointed that out as an unpopular opinion.

Looks like we need more UT’s for those guys. Hell, Archer too as I mentioned before.

Huntress isn’t that obsolete in contrast of what you mentioned. The area damage with Slow can still help for crowd clearing somefing like gods or Crusades.

Archer uh… the only good thing about him is the Quiver’s passive Dex boost…

Summoner already got powercrept wtf?

When you used Wizzy, you just made me think of why so many dudes are Exalting Wizard…

Rogue is self-centered because of the Cloak. The sole issue with him is Quieting vs Invisible. You get Quieted, poof there goes your Invisbility.

Just type all of them down. I would love to hear more. No cap.

How do you define “non-boring class”? By their UT’s and their role?

When you mentioned that Sorc and Samurai are too outclassed, I stop you right here again especially about Samurai.

As a Samurai enjoyer (though at the moment I am playing on other classes), his role of Exposing enemy face no competition. Somewhat mediocre DPS (75 Att and 50 Dex, sharing with Archer/Huntress and Warrior)… though his defence, range + pierce plus the ability are godsend especially spamming that Waki boi.

Eh… I still see most dudes let them rot most of the the time…

Yeah it feels absolute shit. Just steamroll through everything is nah… Hell, killing gods and letting the dungeons rot of the ground too, especially some of the epic dungeons.

More than just claustrophobic but also really unforgiving to dodge as a realm enemy. Shots passing through obstacle + pierces through armor + and dealing crazy damage… not even max HP build classes can stand a chance as well…

I strongly disagree, as this breaks blueprints’ purpose. A better way to tackle unlucky RNG would be implementing a piggy-bank mechanism to droprates. I would keep Forge as a bonus (not primary) method to obtain UT’s.

I would love to hear them all. No kidding man.

I myself too, can’t phrase things well too. Except there is no one but myself to proofread my words.


Ok, finally I finished commenting Hellblabe’s text wall…


I do want to say that discords (imo) do not ruin the game and without them this game would be in a worse state. However I believe that to be the fault of deca as the realm is very time consuming and overall not very fun so there is basically no other way to run dungeons.


Raid Discords, reskins, pets, focus shift to keys rather than realms. I’ll never be able to play pre pets rotmg again where you chill in realm and get to meet lots of cool people and have a community. The game has lost it’s social aspect and panders to sweaty efficiency.


To me, it seems that deca is focusing more on pushing out more and more new content, even thought the game isn’t ready for it yet. They seem to be playing the short financial game, where they develop something that people will spend money on to increase profit in the short term. The way I see it, the best way to proceed would be to work on optimizing the client so it isn’t so resource intensive, and actually improving the anticheat. These aren’t the most flashy in terms of actual new content, but they would make it better than any content could, and in the long term, they should be more profitable because the high spec requirement for the game to run well is so absurd it turns off a lot of new players, as does loading in and seeing it filled with spambots advocating for violating the TOS.


the worst issue: the missing stability.