What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


Realm was attractive to me as you could easily get into it as a new player
That is getting slightly harder with all the limited-time things, and next the enchantment system will come.


that was me!


In a permadeath game like RotMG, instakill mechanics that drop your health drop immediately to zero is really stupid, considering the time and investment it takes just to max one character. It made some sense when pets and pre-nerf priests were a thing, but now that they’ve both been nerfed there’s no reason to keep on putting them in the game.


biggest issue i see right now is with deca.
instead of optimizing their game(like kill aura exploit, dc’s, and the insta-kill bug that was there a while ago) they keep churning out chest events which burns out players real quick.
i feel like they are prioritizing money over the actual state of the game.

another big issue is that the community is becoming more toxic.
nowadays i see more and more people being rude and saying racist things in chat which is a big turn-off and leaves a bad impression of the game for newer players and veteran players alike. i also don’t understand the discord toxicity… was in a realm farming pots earlier that apparently was an o3 run and people were calling out newer players that didn’t have ‘4/4 gear’ and asking them to leave even though it was a public realm.

the constant chest events really kill off enjoyment of the game, they burn players out and personally i’m going to take another long break soon because of them.


How much developer time and testing sessions does it take to set up a chest event?

And, isn’t there a public testing session live right now with optimizations in specifically various dungeons? Loading times, too, mind you.

I don’t blame you for being burnt out on chest events. They do happen too frequently, and can seriously drain your energy over time. However, I don’t think it’s reasonable to blame them for an apparent lack of focus on optimization.


I don’t run events unless I feel like it. They’ll suck you’re soul if you do them constantly, so I’ll skip even really good ones. Also, unless it’s something like an O3 event, the Realms aren’t bursting at the seams, and I’m totally away from the toxicity and usually amongst the blissfully unaware players of the game. ^^

As far as increased toxicity, I think that might have something to do with OG players getting older and wanting to be more less “mature” with their humor, especially as they grow increasingly bored doing the same things over and over again. Getting reactions from others breaks the addictive monotony most surely feel, since they aren’t receiving any positive pleasures.

Next, as botchy as DECAs history is, I frequently wonder who amongst them is really to blame for the problems of the game. There’s different positions for doing different things, and I’d imagine there’s been times where a team wanted to do something to the game, and management/another team disagreed. There’s a lot we aren’t told.

With that, my current largest confusion is what I hear happening on testing. It sometimes sounds like there’s glaring issues, and they they get dished out to prod anyway. That seems odd, to say the least.


Essence of bullet hell LOL. You have a ton of characters to use in the new endgame dungeon and you choose not to because it’s “too hard”? Pampered much?

Wonder why you got shotgunned and died lmfao.

Or just join a guild with friends to run all these dungeons? Or talk to rls and become a raid leader? There is much more community nowadays than ever before.


My only issue is the fact I get 10 fps in a 10 year old pixel game.

I’ve run this at 720p and still have low fps??


My issue is that there is no advertising for this game.


advertising a broken game isn’t gonna help. I think first deca needs to finish fixing performance and other client issue before they even begin to start advertising.


They need to do something about frameskips. Nothing is more bullshit than your game freezing and you dying in a situation you had 0 control in. I personally quit playing for a few months because of this. I always lose my best characters to this, doesn’t matter if I play safe. It is just a game of luck until I get a bad skip at a bad time and die.


I think in the current stat that the game is essentially fixed and they just need to buy better server and they would have a very good game.


In addition I think they should add rwt through steam as it would make more money as they could take like 5-10% and it would make sites like realmscock less viable.


Deadwater Dock treasure chest needs it’s hp buffed badly. Right now if ddock has more than 20 players you essentially need to get lucky and stand in front of exactly the right door else even if you teleport to the t call within 1 sec of it being found it could easily be popped before you can damage it.

Ddock Davy could also drop Gwis instead of wis, wis has been painfully tedious to farm for a while and this would at least be something to help alleviate it.

LOD could also use a buff to it’s potion rewards, maybe a guaranteed random Gpot (no life) to reward players who made it through the 5 part boss rush.

Edit: I am a hyper moron, I Mean’t Davy Jones’ Locker.


Agreed, davy chest hp scaling has been awful since release, it just needs a little bit more base hp.

LOD also definitely feels like it needs a buff to pot drops.If the dragons all dropped GPots I’d do the dungeon more.

Ice Cave potion drops feel super underwhelming. Perhaps adding a wis drop can help the wis situation.


And maybe if the dragons didn’t always spend so much time invulnerable.
Only Feargus is enjoyable to fight.


Nah, Dreadstump and Wlab are just as tedious, if not more with the entire dungeon, yet they drop more pots.
Even cemetery gives more pots, despite being easier.


dreadstump drops no pots

I think you mean Bilgewater but that brings me to another problem. If Hive drops Dex rarely then I think Forbidden Jungle should drop Wis rarely and Spider Den should drop speed rarely. These little changes can improve the early game and stop players from losing all interest in these dungeons when they lose interest in the UTs they drop.


Keep in mind that even though the Hive seems very easy to steamroll to an average player, it is way harder compared to forbidden jungle and spider den when starting out a NPE due to the copious amounts of bleeding and damage, constant minion spawn that are perilous compared to the minion spawns of other early game dungeons, and a boss that moves around at mach 10.


How are dd and wlab tedious? They are some of the more entertaining dungeons in the glands, lib and cd being the only other ones i rush for fun. I find cem very, very boring, i do one per character and that’s it