What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


So your ‘old’ class is from 2020. Long after the Samurai was added and so the first version of this mechanic was in the game, though on testing.

I know what was being tested in 2018 was very different from the now. That though is just normal iteration. It seems likely they’ve been working on this for a while, as a Samurai variant, as the other features of the class, katana and heavy armour (not robe as many people assumed) are the same.

The dash mechanic also exists in other games, and in ROTMG as an enemy behaviour – the Jade and Garnet statues e.g. or the Murderous Megamoth. So no, your idea is neither original nor new.


Am I talking into an echo chamber here or something? I even explained in the main post (which is why I added "Main post has been updated.") the exact reasons for my suspicions, and they are summarized in the post you’re replying to. Hell, I even directly say:

It was never about the dash itself, but the exact way it fundamentally worked.

Maybe if I worded it poorly or didn’t make it clear from the get-go I’d understand what you’re saying, but I feel I’ve made myself very clear here, even from the beginning. I specifically talked about the functionality being almost exactly the same for this reason.

I was incorrect, yes. I’ve already mentioned that I was. But the reasons are there(and if I really need to I can provide the exact conversation that happened with Toastrz and some other people), and despite making them clear, it doesn’t feel like you noticed them being mentioned.


It is very bad practice to change your posts once other people have replied to them. It just leads to confusion and makes the replies hard to make sense of. Then to carry on arguing as if you are right, despite saying now you were wrong, further muddies the water. Frankly I can’t make sense of what you are arguing about now – and I doubt another half dozen paragraphs will help. If you have issues with DECA take it up with them. If you have a point to make more generally then better to start a new thread.


I have to mention that the link in the main post is gone now. please bring it back if possible.
if not, CURSE YOU.




Just for you.


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