What do you guys put in your quickslots?


kinda late but now that you can stock up on more than just hp/mp, what do you guys put in it? does that change if that character has an adventurer’s belt (aka 3 consumables instead of 2)?

what would be your ideal loadout if obtaining the consumables wasn’t a problem? (e.g. pretend you can say “dex eff” and guill would give you 23985723 dex effs)



basic loadout: (1) hp pots and (2) ichors. both are easy to obtain and good for monkey situations. ill swap out ichors for mp pots if it’s an mp heavy char like knight or priest

“main” loadout (with belt): (1) hp pots + (2) holy waters + (3) ichors. i play like a pussy on mains so i like max healingggg

“dream” loadout (with belt, no cost to get consumables): probably something like (1) fire waters/cactus juice (2/3) dex/atk effs. dps effs probably make the most difference in gameplay esp in groups


i roll hp/holy/ichor or hp/holy/dexeff usually, depending on how much i value the character im on


omg real thresh on forums??1

dex eff looks pog before but am too greedy i hoard those xd

ik zquid used to have spd sprouts for o3s. faster than snake ring


speed sprouts are great below 50spd but i feel like the slight use speed improvement isnt worth going out of the way to grab them once you can just keep up with any phase with base speed, especially since i mousebutton my snake ring instead of having it on a numberkey

an alternative to dex effs that i use sometimes is courage tincs just because ease of access but basically i run hp/holy + dps or backup healing depending on character


omg threshold big fan!


I personally like hp pots(any hp alternative), grums/speed sprouts, dex/att eff. grums see more use from me over speed sprouts and well hp pots are hp pots


grums are great and i have a bunch in my vault but i just hate dealing with drunk so i end up never using them lol


As a Casual Realm Enjoyer™, I tend to stick to HP/Ichors. On a few classes I still carry HP/MP, generally those where I consider my ability a valuable asset in survivability (Paladin, Necro).
On a few, I mix it up with Royal Jelly, which can replace either. I’m something of a Nest expert myself, after all.

When it comes to third slots, it’s almost always a singular random Nildrop from an event I got. I really don’t care much for a third slot, so most of the chars I have one on, only have it cause I needed the inventory slot.

It’s kind of insane that you could carry 2100 HP worth of healing items in just your quickslots…given HP, Greater HP, and Ichors.


Hp pots
Holy water


same especially cuz u can’t change drunk anymore I get like 30fps drops :(((

still not enough for me when doing new shats someone teach me how to dodge ;-;


I tend to do the same, hp and ichors, or ichors and mp for certain classes. Although those are the ones i use my belts on, so i do hp/mp/ichor.

If I could use any consumables…

  1. Snake oil or herbal tincture, to heal people around me too
  2. Fire water
  3. dex/att tincture, because increases group dps by a lot


oh dang actually being thoughtful

when some frends were returning to game and first learning o3 I’d bring snake oils and spam them during celestial. but they usually died anyways lmao


I may have a good 2 hp pots


would that be 6 if guill were in the nexus

or even thats too much effort, and youd only pickup more if it autoreplenished from fountains :^)


i love ghost rum cuz its fun but im too lazy to pick up stuff like that anymore


Fairy Dust is my favorite to both seek out and use. I just love to run Magic Woods to get them, and the consumable itself is worth the time on sorcerer with Grotesque scepter and priest with T-pain.

As such, I get HP thingies/Fairy Dust/never used a belt.
HP is on F key and Fairy Dust on leftctrl.

If obtaining consumables wasn’t a problem, I’d settle for Azure Nildrop/Azure Nildrop/Azure Nildrop, for the INSANE, JUICY and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS sight that would be T-pain on steroids. salivating rn


Ichor, Magic, Health


they should autoreplenish from fountains >:((
stop making me go into the guildhall (actually i just pick them up off the floor in glands and shit normally cus im too lazy)


Under most circumstances, my default would always be:

  1. Healing Ichors
  2. Speed Sprouts
  3. Ghost Rums

If anyone asks why ghost rums, I’m mostly a soloist, being able to invis when I’m alone can be extremely helpful in many cases, but it has definitely helped me when there are people around too (eg. throwing the o2 or o3 chase aggro onto someone else)

And while I’m aware that mist and turncoat exists, it’s the same reason why I bring speed sprouts instead of a snake eye ring: Convenience in execution, I don’t really like the concept of switching to snake eye ring to forfeit the HP bonus of my current ring, or to get cucked by the cooldown of either it or mist.

In the case that the character I’m using renders speed sprouts obsolete (eg. Bard or Warrior), my priority consumable to replace it would be:

  1. Holy Water
  2. Any form of DPS buffing consumable (dex/att tincs/effu)
  3. HP pots

Grums are never replaced, even as a rogue, cuz being able to invis for an extended period of time is actually quite useful in a select few cases~