What does a star mean to you?


At first glance, a person’s in-game rank (Star) is kind of inconsequential. However, I think much of a player’s credibility and respect from other players stems from that little color next to their name in chat. How do you feel about the different star colors? Do you have pre-conceived expectations of players based on their rank? Personally, I must admit I sometimes can be prone to assuming certain stereotypes such as “blue stars are noobs” or “white stars are fame farmers”, but as these are often not true I try to keep an open mind. This topic came to mind after I achieved orange star today and began to wonder how much of a factor stars are when it comes to first impressions in-game. What are your thoughts?

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this came up during realm bar, i personally think this.
light/dark blue stars are noobs mostly, or people who dont play that much.
red stars are people who play most classes, if fame farmers then they are noobs but if regular players than ok
orange stars are pretty good players, but are cocky
yellow stars are good players who get lots of fame
white stars are selfish gods
(disclaimer: not all people follow these stereotypes though.)


If you always assume the worst before you actually meet someone, a White Star is far more respectable than a Blue Star.

Even if you did the fastest method possible, with a new account, how long would it take you to get a White Star? 30 hours? 60 hours?

And how long does it take to get a Blue star with a new account? 10 hours at most?

Even if you are a new player who fame trained for 60 hours until he got White Star, you at least have a little knowledge on what each class functions like.

Even with Red Stars, i think to myself, how long would it take to get 3 stars on each class? A few hours? So the fact that someone is a Red Star or below, they must have not played each class for a few hours. And if they haven’t played each class for a few hours, how could they possibly completely understand how the game functions and how the balancing works?

And if someone doesn’t know much about the game, how could i respect them?

But then a dumbass white star strolls along and then i don’t respect anyone for anything.

Because if you treat everyone like shit, you’re treating everyone fairly.


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A star just shows the skill and ability and time that people spend on this game that I am very addicted to… :stuck_out_tongue: I personally have a hard time staying alive after 600-700 fame on a fairly decent character, so I cant judge blue stars (unless they buy from online sources like this kid i saw today with cosmic eledet soulless and a PARA HP on a 1/8 dex wizzy xd… i just don’t get why people do it…)


When u get to white star u will know. Trust me. Privileged .


No. You just get more trade requests and some compliments sometimes (which are mostly only because of your char).


Being a selfish god is fun though :c


Truthier truth has yet to be spoken.

BTW @Yaddladdl, try logging out and in of the forums, that should fix the color of you star here.

Sceleratis Spell of Death

By the way, a few days after I got white star I started getting pms from random people of light blue/dark blue/red/orange stars congratulating me for getting white star, but I had no idea who they were - happened like 10 times.

Turns out I must not really be such a bad guy.


You’re not a bad guy. You’re a BaadGuy.


Aside from that I assume light-blue stars are almost all spambots, it means little. You prefer one class, you’ll likely have very few stars. You trying to feed a pet, you likely have quite a lot. Oh, and new (lightblue) players also have questions, whereas the majority of other people in realm seem to talk extremely little to non-guild members.


I don’t think much about it. There are obviously a lot of stereotypes regarding every star colour, but there’s very little truth in them. There are good and bad people at every rank.


The star tells me how good they are, how respective they are, and how trustworthy they are.


the biggest RWT/exploiter/scammers/dupers are white stars

trust is 100% in the persons personality having zero to do with the color of their star.

I seem to be trusted by almost everyone in the game I would not say this is due to my star I would say it is due to the presence I have in the community and the fact that I am the founder of one of the guilds that have built the most trust over the years with all the guild members.


In general, I think the strongest correlation to a player’s rank is the amount of active playtime they have.

However, there are many exceptions such as players who start over on a new account, players who fame farm for stars more than they play the game, players who don’t care about obtaining more stars over time, and even players who make a point not to obtain more stars, especially in the 68-69 star range.

Essentially, even the strongest correlation isn’t incredibly consistent, and this means anything else we assume from a player’s star has a significant probability to be inaccurate.

So in conclusion, what does a star mean to me personally? Well, I regard a player’s rank as the probability that they were named after a relative, in percentage terms.



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