What does a star mean to you?


Er, maybe more complicated than that. Maybe x, y , and possibly z Fame requirements for 1 to 3 of those stars, plus certain other players retirements met, like maxing 8/8, exalting your character one time with 1 of those dungeons, etc…


Well, stars to me are kinda like whether or not you know what you are talking about when it comes to classes. I know a white star has tried out every class, so if he/she says that they don’t like a certain class, but if a blue star says that sorcerer sucks when they probably haven’t even unlocked it I probably won’t respect a single thing he says, because at the end of the day he probably doesn’t really know what he is talking about. Other than that they don’t mean much to me other than flex , because there are light blue stars like Lunafreya who are loads better than I will ever be


I was a dark blue star for 7 years because I only played priest and assassin and necromancer. Stars don’t mean anything in my opinion.


0^0 i see my name

Ahaha i’ll take that as a compliment :heart:


Always found it weird how many people care about stars in a game where the best players have an incentive to go on alts… (Whether it be to preserve their fame, fun, etc)


wtf this thread is still alive? guess I have to update my opinion: stars are meaningless because fame is meaningless and rotmg is meaningless. any possible purpose it could serve as a measure of achievement is lost because of how many layers of separation there are between having a white star and “being good”.

Realm Rewind 2021

Adding on what Xak said: star shaming, elitism, widening gap between casual and hardcore Discord raiders, can be even from penniless F2P to richest P2Winners.


I feel like having stars displayed in chat leads to toxic behaviour… wouldn’t mind if they were hidden in chat


since fame rework my opinion change to whitestar good all other star bad

i have spoken


Prior to fame rework: a denotation of EITHER dedication to fame trains OR relative skill with a class.
Post- fame rework: an indication of roughly how many of the classes an individual is willing to spend any time playing (eg, most yellow stars just have one or two classes they basically refuse to play).

Observed prowess combined with the kind of soulbound gear equipped (exceptions for early/mid ppe’s) are a much better indicator of skill/dedication for me at this point. Not perfect, but better than stars.


The color of the star represents what bag you will get. :slight_smile:


Light Blue: Newcomer
Dark Blue: Entrepreneur
Red Star: Idiot
Orange Star: Decent
Yellow Star: Good
White Star: Realmer

Some will agree with these bold statements and some won’t. But these bold statements have a reason to be. Here I’ve explained it:

Light Blue (0-16 stars): these are the newest players. They’ve just downloaded the game and they’re starting to play realm. Either they’ll like it and progress to a dark blue star, or quit and leave the game. So these are the newcomers (no major controversies here).

Dark Blue (17-33 stars): You’re not a newcomer anymore, you’ve got the hang of the game and your skill is rapidly increasing. This is why I call them “entrepreneurs.” This is when your skill really starts growing. You’ve played a couple of classes and you’re advancing through the game. Maybe you’ve done a raid or two, and you’re starting to learn how to participate in discord raids.

Red Star (34-50): It is well known that red stars are the worst stars in the game. And with good reason. You’re to the point where you know how the game works but you’re not good enough yet to use this to your advantage. You also lack experience. So you either get really cocky and look like an idiot or you remain an idiot. Either way, you’re an idiot.

Orange Star (51-67): You’ve passed the red star. You know what it feels like to be cocky and play the game the wrong way. But those times are gone, you’re on your way to becoming a real realm player. You got a lot more experience and now your skill is increasing to aid you in your path. You’ve probably played every class at least once. You’re now a “decent” player.

Yellow Star (68-84): Both your skill and your experience have increased since you were an orange star. Discord raids and dungeon farming are second nature to you and you master your favorite classes. You probably have more than a few exaltations. You know which classes you like most and you can rebuild super fast with them. You’re a good realm player.

White Star (85): This is it, you’re now a Realmer. You’ve played every class a fair amount of time. You can rebuild from scratch in mere minutes with any class. You have your favorite classes like anyone, but you can play with any class that is given to you. The white star is the most experienced player all-round. Some yellow stars may be better than you in certain classes, but you know all the classes like the back of your hand. You do raids daily and farm your pots. Farming potions are no longer about farming, it’s all about speed. How fast can you farm them?

White Stars have the biggest skill range. From someone who has experienced every class to someone who has every class with some of the best gear in the game. Certainly, there’s no telling what range someone is in, but for a first impression, it is safe to say that they have a ton of experience in the game.


I like this.


Light blue represent!


2021 update: More nothing than it was before

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im white star but based on your analysis i play like a red/orange star


i read this as necromancer


Yeah! Screw Rogue and Paladin.


Rogue is so easy to play.

Unless some idiot warrior decides to rush when ur rushing. I really hate warriors.


I prefer the high risk, constant screaming of rushing with trickster or assassin.