What does a star mean to you?


A star is an ability used by the ninja class


not funny


I was basically what you listed as an orange star but red, I just recently got my orange star though after being red for months cause I’m too lazy to play anything besides my mains


just wanna point out (before this post gets deleted) that i’ve been 69 star for over 5 years now #nooootttaaabiiiiigdddeeeeaaalll


For me Light blue stars are NPCs and i ignore every other rank exept white stars (since we have a bro code going on)

Also, i judge players by the gear they wear and the stats they have maxed and also what dungeons they run.
Deca should remove stars in chat or atleast make an option t turn it off. Colored names by the color of your star could be cool though.

-Selfish Whitestar #5420


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  • from a raging red star


wth was that bump all about…


Using this bump to my advantage, about 4 months ago I discovered how to get good. I started screen rotation, off centre, and bound my Nexus key to Q. All of this let me keep my beloved warrior alive until now. Having only one slot for my whole playthrough so far has meant that after attaining 5 stars on my warrior, there was no way I could get my rank higher. I’m an 8/8 warrior with wc tops and some UTs, but I can’t pop keys. People say I hack, or I bought my account, but not dying in this game comes down to risk/reward. Do you stand on Gulpord’s final phase? Of course not, that’s a lot of risk for little to no extra reward. But rushing abysses did net me my dblade quicker that I could have gotten otherwise, so yes that gave me adaquete reward for the risk. Have I almost died to shotguns and server lag? Oh yeah. But that doesn’t mean anything. Dying in this game is a core mechanic and I have no doubt in my mind that eventually my warrior will get popped and I can play another character. But does the fact that I have not died yet mean that people should think of me as less than them upon seeing my star colour? What I’m trying to get at here is stars really should mean nothing. Who cares if you’re a fresh wizzy in the beach or a MBC set pally? We’re all just here to play ROTMG for fun. That’s the point, not for an arbitrary colour next to your name.

TL;DR: Stars should mean nothing because they are not a reliable indicator of skill of commitment


Prime example of why White Stars does not equal good at game --> Me (look at my rank history lol).

(TBH, I was just trying to get fame to get a leg pet/pet yard upgrade… and figured I might as well get to white star along the way)
(I’m getting better though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: Oh lol, my forum rank is still a blue star


Log out and back into the forums


jesus christ that looks weird

I’ve never seen a white star that had like nothing on their account…


Here are my naive assumptions:

Light Blue: Awwww bubba, I need to give you a para hp. :slight_smile:

Dark Blue: Personally, I love befriending dark blues. They are the nicest peeps.

Red: We can chill and run dungeons?

Orange: I hate you, stfu, you’re not welcome here.

Yellow: Frens?

White: Though you tell me to join you, I might stay at 74 stars forever. You can be my fwen tho?



I have some random UTs and things, 1/0/1/0 malus whites and 1/0/1/1 LH st set, and other random ones (before events) maybe like 16 in total? no char slots though… :frowning: Mostly from running LHs for fame+life

Edit: Oh… I forgot I fed like 12 of my UTs back when I only had 1 vault


what screen rotation keys are you usin son


To force myself to use screen rotation I use w and s for forward and back and rotation side to side is d and a


z and c for right and left?


Initially when I was learning rotation I had left and right unbound. But now I do have them on z C but I barely even use them.



How do you dodge


Am warrior