What does a star mean to you?




Might be a problem with my new priest uwu


Get a prot and facetank more :slight_smile:


Generally, a player with more stars is more experienced due to having played the game more. They tend to have more knowledge and skill relating to the game compared to players with lower star ranks.


Tombs completed: 0
Fastest Nexus in the West


What does a star mean to me? This.





Lmfao he died


lmao, i bet from ab paras


: (


I stand by my statement,

Starist and proud,
Gon get me a confederate flag.


my dad told me that consolation trophies should be banned because they reward the ones who lose.
so i took down his confederate flag


kekek imma steal that

I live in the super racist part of Arkansas help me
The KKK headquarters is literally a town away from me
aight back on topic


k gonna fame train for yellow :slight_smile:


For now, I’ll forget my hatred for you. Good luck joining the club. :wink:


yay thanks bb


Inserts that fame train stars are the worst star color.


just be white omg sorry for necro i did not see timestamp


I definitely already am that.

I think the problem is that im not an ultra-conservative
or a christian
or a theist at all
yeah, I should probably move somewhere nicer, but the land over here is so cheap
I wonder why…


Just go somewhere in the southeast it’s cheap there as well