What does a star mean to you?


You know, it’s quite close between redred and dark bluedblue per RealmEye’s ‘recently seen’ player count:


I’m orange star rn, but in realmeye forum it shows dark blue star.

But i agree, 8/8 blue stars is absolutely possible, i used to only play priest for 3 months


A log out, log back in will update it. :+1:


orange stars = people who are trying to flex that they are not blue stars

you do realize that orange star is higher than red star right


it still works, just he messed up the order


its funny that we perceive red/dark blue stars as the “major population” when (a.) orange stars are pretty close to red/dark blue stars as well and (b.) light blue stars are the vassstttt majority. ig its because they don’t talkmwahaha star restrictions in chat ftw?


not much, I usually sort players more by maturity level in the way they talk, and their attitudes towards the game.


Absolutely nothing.

Its not about your rank or gear, but how you use them.


How do you use your rank?


might be off tangent, but can everyone distinguish between a real skilled white star and a newbie one?
for example, when I was in Black Bullet, the then red stars in that guild were more skilled and calculated than a lot of the new white star players I’ve seen.

I also notice (after a 2 year hiatus) a lot of people who have LH experience, have no shatters skills… It just goes to show many of these LH people are more followers than being able to be observe things by themselves.


Basically rank =/= skill, but rather rank shows how much time you put into getting class quests. Since it doesn’t take much skill to earn fame that doesn’t make it a good way to measurement skill.

You can have a person who isn’t skilled but managed to grind 2000 fame on each class. On the contrary you can also have a person who is skilled but only plays a few classes.


I dont really mention my star (for obvious reasons), I try to play to the best of my ability and help out.
I played Archer for a long time, was my love, I only had one character slot at the time, so I couldn’t do much.


Archer is love. Archer is life.


I’ll answer your question with another question: does it matter?

If a guy can solo any dungeon in the game but spends most of his time leeching, dragging, talking shit, and generally not doing anything useful, do you think his “skill level” matters?

(also, you’ve always seemed so disappointed that nobody acknowledges your friends’ skills. I’m really sorry but how many of us do you think even play on Asian servers?)


i died on my archer, when idiots run down the mid in shatts, rip 2nd 8/8 ever.
Then I tried farming for pots to max an assassin that i made and put a max lvl pot on.
Then an avatar spawned.
After shades, i was running back to the bottom, got confused, ran into ava,
Rip 6/8 pally.
Today was a sad day in realm.


Everything will get better for you. You will see!


What do you consider shatters skills? Every shatters starts with rushing past the first area, ignoring the enemies that are entirely capable of insta-popping 8/8 melees, mystics are extremely helpful with this. Then you group clear 2 of the next switches and have a trix/plane rogue get the third. Then you either group clear the final area or lava walk. A single priest with a good pet, p2w or not, is capable of lava-walking a group that isn’t stupid, though 2 to be safe. Shatters is one of my least favorite dungeons because the main point of the dungeon is not doing the dungeon. There is no reason to fight the enemies if you don’t need to, so you rush or lava walk. The middle area is the only place where you are actually forced to actually fight enemies in, besides the bosses of course. Basically everything in a shatters run, even public shatters in the realm, is entirely a group event that requires no individual skill besides not running into your own death.


There are two main things that my white star means to me.

  1. I learned that once you can play trickster without teleporting onto enemies it’s actually a great class and will be the first class that I make a lvl 1 8/8 flex char for because I love it. Before I decided to work on getting white star I hated it, and then I learned how to play it because I needed to get 5 stars on it.

  2. I have no reason to ever play samurai again unless they change the star system.

The first thing is the only important thing when it comes to judging other people. In theory getting higher stars means you’ve spent time on multiple different classes to the point you are at least somewhat proficient on them, at least by white star. The obvious rebuttal people have to that is: BUT FAME TRAINS. My response: if you don’t want to deal with fame train white stars then leave the fame trains and play the actual game. This may be skewed by the server I play on, USMW2, but when I am in dungeons the only white stars I don’t see rushing the dungeon are either me or recently started ppes that might actually die. My excuse: I’m bad and I like clearing because it’s safer, but there’s no use clearing when someone will rush anyways so I just leech because it’s not like there’s anything I can do that the rusher isn’t already doing. Except for when I need to do it myself, but obviously nobody will see that, or in labs because I want to do 2nd and most people don’t care so I’ll help clear then.


Do fame trains still exist? I thought they had died out


Public trains have. Only private chains with only melees and sorcs are worth doing because halls gives better loot and fame.