What does a star mean to you?


I used to be bounded by the usual stereotyping of different stars, but nowadays I don’t really care? Like, I’m not going to look down on anyone regardless of their star colour, because I’ve met a fair share of people who are dark blue or red star and know how to play the game well, and I’ve met a fair amount of toxic or nice people from each star rank.

I guess one thing that stars still define to me is a rough estimate of how long a person has been playing. Even then it is still not accurate as some people are alts, play the same classes or outright refuse to play certain classes. Despite knowing the inaccuracy, I’m still bound to think that, and I’ll still have an internal standard that orange stars and above should know most of the game’s content and its workings because they’ve probably “played long enough”


white star is the best rank because saying random words in chat is 10x more funny.


I agree with you, Phantom. Stars are more relative to which classes people play more. For a long time, I was a dark blue star because I only played a couple classes, necro and assassin, and couldn’t break through to 2k fame for the 5th star still haven’t gotten 2k on anything smh anyway, if someone loves a particular class and doesn’t play anything else, they could very easily stay blue or low red star while still having a good grasp on game mechanics. One of my guildies, in fact, is like that. He is still a dark blue star because he doesn’t play a class variety. He has been playing about a year longer than me. He has 19 stars, but a good grasp on the game. He has an 8/8 necro which currently has more alive fame than I have ever had on my characters combined. He’s not bad because he is a blue star, he is a blue star because he plays almost exclusively necro.

And he is also better than I am. I am only orange star because I started branching out and playing more classes, and honestly, getting 400 fame is not that difficult. exceot on sorc for me. I literally got so pissed off with almost always dying with 350+ fame, that I made one with lh gear reqs, and just farmed halls. getting 400 was fantastic. I have no doubt that he could easily be orange star by now if he branched out in classes like I did.


what it means is jack shit, it’s cosmetic.


I don’t think stars are really a decisive way to tell a persons skill as much as it’s a status symbol that just indicates “Okay I play all the classes pretty evenly” or “I specialize in a select few”. If you want to be pessimistic though you could just assume anyone above an orange star is a fame trainer :moyai:


Hey I don’t fame train I do halls


That’s partially true. It’s also “I consider stars as milestones of my progression” or “The game gave me white star as a potential goal and so I tried to get it” on the one hand, and “I don’t care (or pretend not to care) about that part of the game” on the other.


Heh… just gonna go hide in a corner now. :expressionless:


Stars now don’t mean jackshit, unlike back in 2011-2012, where you see White Star like, holy shit it’s God.

Now? You see a White Star and you are like “Eh, he probably fame farmed for it.”

It would be interesting if you got awarded something depending on your Stars, or atleast some sort of “Ascended” Skin on a class you get 5 Stars on.


Yes that would be a nice idea, a skin that only unlocks when you hit 2k, with one per class. Reminding me of an idea concept back in the old days where it’d be 5 skins per class, one for each star level. Whether these were automatic and you’d change when you hit that much base, or if unlocked like other skins when you got the star through base or death, I don’t recall.


was thinking about dis idea, like for 5 stars u get a mystery pot, coupons for 20 stars etc


Back when Realm was skill-based, people thought of White Stars as pros. Nowadays, the respect is more of either “fame farm smh” or “damn, they addicted”

But after playing for a while, I’ve come to care less about Stars. Who the hell cares if someone’s a White Star or Blue Star? Having a better Star doesn’t mean you can act like arrogant bastards.

It’s nice that most White Stars I’ve come across are pretty chill, though many say they’re piles of turd.

though i remember one time i asked a white star what a jugg was, and he started rambling on how much of a noob i was and how i should “get good” and level up stars lmfao

@Hypermania just some random offtopic stuff but u were the first white star i met as soon as i understood stars. i saw u in the shorelines as a knight with op equip and i was determined to beat u >:(


I’ve been looking for this post for a while >:) I’m the representative for all orange stars and you are wrong sir.


I’ve dedicated my entire realmeye to prove this statement wrong.


to be fair this post was from 4 years ago, when times were most definitely different


Oh my god this thread is ancient.
I don’t really differentiate from the early stars.

I think the only notable distinction is yellow/white stars where statistically they’ve probably spent money on the game and they’ve also probably participated in discord runs. Which is a little amusing because for all the undertaking it takes to reach that rank you can still silence them with “shut up p2p noob.”


Yeah, I feel u, but I’ve had most of these 8/8s around the time this post was made, I’m just getting back into the game :wink:


Thank you I’ll keep that in mind… :smiling_imp:


it means everything to me, I NEED MY WHITE STAR



Shut up p2p noob :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: