What does a star mean to you?


“Joke’s on you I’m F2P”


I just realised that as a yellow star I’m still hovering around red and orange according to his post lmao


wym hovering ? lol


I accidentally got my yellow star today and I’m very dissapointed…


Yellow star is when the fun begins.


Somewhere between those 2



You can log out and back in to Realmeye to get the star changed in the forums. Or not if you want to keep it, haha.


I hope so… :slight_smile:


Is there any way to change it in game? :smiley: If not should it be something Deca should consider in the future? :thinking:


Idk if I said this before, but a star is the same to me as a virtual trophy. Who cares, it’s really all about skill.


No, there isn’t. There is also not a way to go back to a “lower” star if you log out and back in to the forums. Might be interesting for stars to have backgrounds (similar to what they experimented with for the Rifts seasons) based on exaltations, though!

Or, really, for various in-game achievements. That would actually be really interesting. To have an Oryx Slayer star background you could “equip” to your account/character, or similar.


Stars just mean how addicted they are to this game. Sometimes it shows how good they are, but still, how addicted they are to this game.


I think this is the best answer lol


I’m sitting at this dark blue star and haven’t moved for such a long time.
But that’s mostly because I enjoy playing most as necromancer (cause I’m a babi and necro helps me not die)
I mostly played other classes to unlock all possible classes then stopped playing them.
I have no real intention to try new things right now. Just looking to enjoy myself.


I was reading the older replies and I found it funny that this guy moves his character like a car.


Bragging Rights :sunglasses:


If it took you 4 years than maybe I was right lmao


necro gang


nah i stopped playing for around 3 years, it took me like a year to find this thread tho


mfw stars mean nothing now and all you have to do is spend less then an hour killing cubes