What does it mean when a Dungeon Event is being held?


Hi. Today was the first day after MotMG that an event is being held in RotMG: Oryx and Wine Cellar. What does it mean though? Do they drop more loot? What exactly changes with it?

Sorry for being a noob question :frowning:



To sum it up here - defeating Oryx as you normally would now spawns an additional Event Chest, which has additional drops. Oryx still drops his loot as he normally would, don’t worry about that.
Inside this specific Event Chest, all the normal loot from Oryx will drop, as well as a few clothes (matching the dark/gray Oryx theme), various Oryx-themed Pet Skins (as well as the original Mini Oryx Skin), rare UTs originating from both Month of the Mad God (the Shield of Flowing Clarity, the Cloak of the Mad God, and Jade Storm) and Janus the Doorwarden, whose Spiteful Scutum drops from the chest; the last notable drop is the Mystery ST Chest - an item that, when consumed, grants a random ST item.

After defeating Oryx, you can use a Wine Cellar Incantation to open the Wine Cellar and fight Oryx 2, as you normally would; however, again, an Event Chest will spawn after he is defeated.
This one contains Oryx 2’s normal drops alongside the unique drops from the Oryx 1 Event Chest.

Overall, this is mostly an event that doubles the amount of drops from Oryx’ Castle - incentivizing on closing realms! Looking at you, @Nevov ;)


Thank you so much! Amazing explanation! :blush:


Also, a portal to Battle for the nexus opens after this.


o2 doesnt drop scutum tho sadly


It means the economy is going to explode.


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