What exactly happened to sullen blade?


In wiki it says it dropped from the old lod. And it isn’t listed in katanas, not even in limited edition ones. Did celestial blade somehow replace it? Would be sad because never got a chance to farm for it (When old lod was in effect I was too scared to go in or got popped by rock dragon)


Sullen blade was completely removed and celestial blade took its place


Sullen Blade was renamed Celestial Blade and the stats were reworked following the LoD rework. This can be seen in the patch notes X.31.8.0, same patch notes as the aliens. https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/cbghjb/x3180_alien_invasion_patch_notes/



I didn’t realize this so I had a sullen sitting in my vault for awhile because I thought it was utter trash.
1 shot now niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I hated how it was like a dblade before.
also increased fame bonus niceeeeeeee
I guess I won’t be suiciding with it anymore since it seems good now


So it went from firecracker to sullen to celestial? Interesting…


Actually, I believe the process was Celestial -> Firecracker -> Sullen -> Celestial.
See its wiki page for more info.


I read wiki and I think celestial->useless katana when accidental release. That was the end of the None intentional to be in game ones.
When old lod released, it had firecracker, firecracker -> sullen during old lod, and the entire thing got a rework into celestial when new


The AFK (annoying firecracker katana) was completely worthless. The Sullen that replaced it was basically completely worthless. The new Celestial is a good weapon but after 3 revamps it still fails in comparison to the original Celestial blade. I don’t know why they’re afraid of giving Ninja a tiered bow-like weapon. Doku reigns supreme but if you don’t have one I’d take a Celestial any day. It’s solid.

But yeah, the Sullen to Celestial remake was a good move.


I’m not sure what you’re talking about:

from what I can tell the current version is a direct improvement on the original leaked version.


Celestial is way better than doku


RIP Sullen. I liked the Firecracker/Sullen, the colours and the three-shot cone thing went well together to be a visually pretty item to use, and as a katana version of Dblade it provided F-U-N. Celestial for me doesn’t have a unique niche in the same way, it feels like “just another katana” (only with no pierce) and when I’m at longer range I don’t enjoy the erratic shots, so I never use it anyway near as often as before.

I’d actually love it if the design of how Sullen was, would make a comeback one day as a new weapon type for a close-range super melee class.

Vid of Sullen for anyone who never used one (vid credit @Lawgin), sums up a lot of how I enjoyed using it:

And how it was before it became Sullen, as Annoying Firecracker (vid credit @Doges), it was less usable back then due to the wider spaced shots making it more like EP than Dblade:


the real OGs remember when it was called “Firecracker Katana”

good riddance tho, it was actual poopoo trash before the new celestial blade.
and yes, I know the original name was celestial blade, so just don’t >:(


Annoying Firecracker Katana.



I don’t care for the annoying part of the name, it doesn’t sound good all together :frowning:


Clearly not an OG^


I always wondered, whether they chose that to be initials A.F.K. on purpose, and if so what the significance/reason was, if it was a joke or reference to some specific occurrence. Or just haha it’s AFK, or they didn’t even notice.


Why did no one like the cone like thing when cstaff does pretty much the same thing but worse?


Y’all really out here using Doku in 2020?


I mean the reskin for entropy and like to make a samurai fire sorta set


You’re on very, very thin ice. Better watch yourself.