What exactly must one do to become a Leader?


All it said is that you must be promoted by an Admin, but how exactly do I get said Admin to notice me? Are there base requirements? If I was just dumb and missed it @Doc Could you tell me, thanks.


I’d start by not using the word senpai

RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


Whoa, ok I changed it please don’t spam Senpai memes!


I’ll make an assumption that it’d be similar to becoming a modmin on other forums. Be active, be helpful, report posts that need to have action taken on them, etc.

I doubt they’d be looking for new mods/leaders this early into the forum’s life though.


Forum titles are supposed to encourage quality posting. Worrying too much about forum titles tends to have the exact opposite effect.

Just do your thing fam. Either you’ll naturally get to Leader because you’re just that good, or you can play it cool and act like you don’t give a fuck if you never get it.


Where’d you read that?

New > Basic > Member > Regular > Leader

Everyone can reach Regular rank on their own. Leaders are granted that position by forum staff (admins/moderators). Leaders cannot promote others to Leader.


Hmm sorry I meant the admin staff, I’ll change that


You have to be invited to become a leader its not an earned type of thing, mod squad will prob choose someone worthy if needed. Being proactive and contributing is a step in the right direction though.


the first rule of the leaders is to not talk about the leaders

Also it’s like people think they can become a leader for some reason, just browse the forums for fun.


People are too concerned with rank and titles. I’m very glad they’re no longer displayed in threads now. Same as post count.


well if leader is like fight club i want in


Yeah I guess you’re right I was just curious about it.


Biggest bummer about the Kabam forums was the small amount of titles and lack of custom ones. Being stuck at Elite Member is a lot less interesting than being able to call yourself Spokesman of the Necromancer Preservation Society or something.


Read this to learn more about how it works on this forum. It’s not what you think.


Would it be possible to change these names to follow the title progression of guild ranks? Initiate, Member, Officer, Leader and then I guess make the mods/admins Founder since you guys started all this. It would fit more with RotMG.


That’s actually a nice idea.


Yeah it saddened me to see that one out of place rank.


We had all kinds of ideas but in the end we couldn’t decide so we shelved it.

Guild ranks was one of those ideas, but the concern was people might mistake the rank here with their in game rank also find on RealmEye.


Fair enough. Still a shame though.