What Foods Do You Dislike?


man i don’t like mushrooms either, but i cant really pinpoint the reason. maybe the texture? eating them triggers my gag reflex.

other than that, i can stomach mostly anything.



I die on the inside whenever I eat pickles


I have an unholy hatred for celery. It’s absolutely disgusting.


My little sister’s guinea pig would like to 1v1 you right now


I want to consume it. Let me incorporate its mass into my body.




I find certain textures really off-putting, like jiggly or slimy things. I also really hate most chocolatey things (don’t @ me lol).


Ahh same here, mushrooms’ textures are so weird that I can’t eat them!


I’m the other way around. I like raw tomatoes, but I find cooked ones to be gross.


I hate, hate portabello burgers, which is weird because I really like mushrooms in general


Even killer ones ?


*edible mushrooms


*only love killer mushrooms


I have a deep hate to the lentils


I have a weak stomach, so I kind of dislike foods with strong spices.

Not gonna lie, their great taste is offset by the 5 hours I spend on the toilet after eating said food.


Its not declared spicy until you’ve got a burning bumhole.

Raw tomato always got to me, I love a nice grilled one, but not sure about it raw


I’m fine with tomatoes as long as I don’t have to physically bite into them. If they’re sliced, they’re fine in my book

I swear to god if any one of you mentions that I would have to technically bite into a sliced tomato…


yOu tEcHniCaLlY hAvE tO BiTe iNtO a sLiCeD tOmAtO