What gear should I use? a.k.a. Critique me


Please say all the mean things you want, as long as it’s somehow useful and thoughtful (in a sense).
Also I would like some thoughts on the skins and what would make them look sexier.
Please include any items that are better/more useful than that of mine so I can actually get DPS.
Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


The only thing I see you don’t need is the t5 orb when u have t6. Also I think you should replace the st robe with something else.


Dont use the csword as main (or at all) , cutlass is way better


easy to get: gsorc, colo, (slightly harder to get would be soulless)
Ofc getting every item possible IS important


I would suggest moving the pyra from the knight to the mystic; mystic needs a boost to her offense capabilities, and pyra provides that along with a def bonus that robe classes need.


no need for the t5 orb if you have t6
get a soulless for the mystic
knight is ok, but you could probably get a colo/mad god shield (deca is preferable over pyra)
rogue is solid but needs plane


Feed the spirit staff, get an acclaim on your knight instead of the hammer (preferably as a main). I’d also get rid of the accessory cloth you’ve got on your knight or try on another one, because two of the same cloth makes him look like an amorphous blob.


For mystic, get a good ol’ gsorc instead of the twilight and Tlatoani’s. Neither of them serve much purpose on a mystic. I personally have a spirit staff on my mystic too but as a ppe, I almost never see use of it over m t9 staff so I would suggest that unless you want some vanity or trolling around, just remove spirit staff.

For rogue, I would suggest grinding for a planeswalker (shouldn’t be too hard) and getting an aditional tiered armor for those few times you do end up getting quieted.

For Knight, put on a decades if you own one because the extra def is kinda worthless. Actually, my personal favorite ring (unless you can already infini stun) would be a sphinx or nile specifically for knight. Cutlass and csword work. Maybe get an fplate if you can afford it


Acclaim over Cutlass?


Just my personal preference. I find that I notice the .2 range loss much more than I’d like to, and I’d rather have higher damage per shot rather than depending on a higher fire rate in general cases. If cutlass is your thing then by all means go ahead and main it.


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