What happened to Doc, and the other old mods?


I haven’t seen them in a few years, and have been meaning to ask.



at least doc is alive :eyes:

ob last seen march, stu actually logged in game this year

guess most of them have moved on after handing over the reins


Another reason is probably that they’re all old enough to have actual lives going on and the amount of time they have to spare for a game like this is very small. And rotmg doesn’t give you much if you’re a casual player who just pops in for a bit every now and then, it demands your undying dedication and all of your free time.

Also they’ve been mods for an extremely long time, since long before the RE forums were created. They might have just gotten tired of managing it, especially now that so little of it needs managing these days.




jesus christ his reddit account is 15 years old. . .


Moved on with their lives I suppose. Xak’s probably got it there. being a casual realm player just doesn’t work.

Yeah the only moderation needed right now is approving the post from first time posters.


one thing i hate about updating (and not dead abandoned games) is that it was easier to be a casual player and drag the game and pick up again without having to learn a bunch of new things.

ofc im not saying thats good, but a positive in the cesspool of problems


hi scorch hope you’re alive and well

also I’ve seen some other mods like Mattyfatty doing new content like o3 so that’s cool



doc’s reddit btw

Edit: It was already posted i see


not if I have anything to do with it


yeah im fine, trying to switch to econ.

i figured out i hate cs.


the return


I have stalkers. :eyes:

RotMG took a back seat (or may have been tossed out the window by now, not sure) for me after a job change. Having to choose between managing dozens of forum members or dozens of employees isn’t something RotMG could win.

Xlax and shattr have done great since the old guard vanished. :wink: :+1:


hellooo doc :smiley:

gz on the job change. hire me pls


ill remember that.


Dang Doc the Boomer has graced our presence once agane


yeah, lol, “where’s doc been?” “LET ME GET YOU THAT REDDIT LINK READY FOR YOU!


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