What happened to the forums after July of 2022?


I can’t help but notice upon returning to realmeye forums, that it’s a lot more dead. Are there simply less players overall, or less players accessing realmeye forums? Ever since Deca broke the API that MrEyeball / Realmeye uses, I don’t know if new players even know or use the website.

Anyways, I noticed that #news:developers-corner hasn’t been used by Deca since July of last year. Is there a reason for this? Did Deca have a falling out with Realmeye or something?


The problems with the site may be part of it – people come here less as the functions of the main site work less well due to DECA’s changes to the game. But generally it’s just something that happens to 99% of internet forums, as new places to waste time come along, both other forums and elsewhere.

DECA haven’t been active on here for a long time. They used to in particular use public testing for feedback, with @Krathan, @Sileeeeex, @KiddF starting discussions for sessions and topics. But they stopped over two years ago.


Aside from the things already mentioned, its also

  • Deca just putting the links to their site in the update threads instead of the full patchnotes, leading to fewer people discussing the patch here
  • Some of the most active members of the forum quitting the game such as Nevov or RmgNoob
  • The rise of Discord as an alternative medium to discuss the game


Yes, Discord was one of the places to waste time I was thinking of. It’s a much broader and older problem though, if you’ve been around long enough you can have participated in many forums which no longer exist, or which exist only on life support/as an archive.

Before even the web there was AOL, CompuServe, Usenet, mailing lists. The web replaced many of them but made things even more unstable – if you can put up a website with minimal effort you can take it down just as easily. Who here was active on the Kebam forums, or Kongregate? And those are only two out of many thousands that are no longer available.

And now Twitter and Reddit are doing their best to destroy their products, while Facebook is struggling to prove its relevance. Even large and established firms like that aren’t immune to eventually being replaced or overtaken


That’s a damn shame. I used to almost spend more time here on the forums than actually playing the game. I am painfully aware of forums dying over time, I still miss the old wildshadow forums to this day.

My memory is also just going. Names like Nevov feel familiar, but I can’t place them. Even familiar faces of you both, or Jason, it’s starting to go. I used to know the entire history of my guild, but now the guild board reads like a manuscript, rather than something I wrote myself.

I’ve hopped on realm a handful of times in the last few days, but that amazement or joy that kept me playing for a decade, isn’t there for the… 13 year old player? Well, not 13 years old per say, dang how do you phrase this? Anyways, the magic that was in this post (HeyItsWii [Kalitaio] turns eight years old!), just isn’t there.


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