What happens when I become white star?


Do I automatically become a toxic, evil person when I get my white star?

Or does nothing happen?


its automatic brother




I’m turniiinnngggg


Some people will have some more respect for you, others will stereotype you.
That’s about it, really.


You will be the best player in the game.


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Bruh… you aren’t supposed to tell!


At least he didn’t mention the fight club!


What fight club?


Don’t listen to the others: at White star the game ends! Sorry, that’s why i am still so far away from becoming one myself :stuck_out_tongue:


So you’re saying we won’t see much of a difference with you?



The toxicity is automatic, yes. But even after you hit that 75th star, you don’t get the pretty white one until you pass initiation. You get flogged and then a fellow white star sleeps with your girlfriend.


I once read somewhere that when someone reached white star, he automatically got 1 bag of his choice.
Not sure though


When you get white stars you lose all the kendo sticks in your sex dungeon *wink wink please don’t flag me owo


how did I know this was going to become weirdly different than what really happens


Then you have a baby with al the other whitestars
why’d you leave ice now there’s no one to call bullshit on me :confused:


only person who said the truth was Seelpit


Oh come on, not so serious!

Didn’t you see the original question already was not very serious either?

But yeah… Seelpit’s answer was the most serious, and truthful asnwer of all


people will automatically think you’re decent at the game and beg you for items from time to time even when you’re actually really bad at the game (me) lol


When you’re white star people won’t pity you when you beg