What Happens When You Get an ST and Someone is Sitting


So, today I was playing on a wizard PPE as I have tried before and unlike MANY of my PPEs I had gotten a ST item from one of the phylactery bearers and got the Ring of the Covetous Heart. Unfortunately, a few minutes after I was done relishing in what I had gotten on a PPE I had tp’ed to someone who was sitting on a beholder and flying brain. I, at the time did not have my trigger finger on the nexus key(Even if I did I don’t think I would have survived anyway) so POP! I’m dead… So ya, I decided to share this because these kinds of things always happen to me, like the time I got a Staff of Extreme Prejudice(On a PPE) and a few moments later I got absolutely destroyed by warrior puppet who was in his ‘Berserk’ phase and moving! It’s funny how all these things happen to me a lot of the time, you can only look back… And laugh… :joy:

Note: If you hover the PPE word it says pet player experience but I was doing a pro player experience just to throw that in there.

Also I don’t have a picture of it because I wen’t to my RealmEye account and clicked the ‘Dead’ button and forgot to snip it so it’s gonna take some time for it to pop up in my graveyard. Ya, I’m pretty stupid.


Haha you died, you died, nothing can be done. It’s your fault for choosing to tp to someone dragging.




sorry for your loss
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I don’t care about the kind of experience you have, and EP is common so it really isn’t a big deal to die with one.


um… they are literally the same exact thing…


I got soulless on ppe and died with it, it happens jeez
Just chill out and try again, it happens d:
Also i feel like this should be in Death thread, @moderators ?


you’re lucky you didnt get anything better. Ring of the Covetous Heart isn’t that good. worth about a def - mana


What rhe frork did you just said to that precious 15 hp bonus 8 wis and 5 speed do you even know how good it is earlygame :feelsree:


it sucks. forgotten ring is the best amirite


Well there is a difference actually. A pet player experience only implies that you have a pet. I was doing a pro player experience which implies that I didnt take items from other people and got everything myself legitly.


Its called normal gameplay btw you just tooked items to anothur char
Or you were without pet then its NPE


I know but for someone who’s a noob like me it’s really rewarding. And its my first ST I got myself as a drop. :slight_smile:


I didnt take items from another char. That would make me cheap. :slight_smile:


:thinking: Rip
Also for lich farming i suggest taking moon/elder with EP and sit on bearers which deal low dmg granting u sb threeshold, then onto another and another and cross your fingers!
I got 2 phylas 2 orbs 3 soulless and 1 ring so it works


not necessarily, i’d go para hp > covetous heart (unless you’re going priest/necro)

fite me i got pixie once. then died rip




nope, that would just be normal gameplay. PPEs are the same wether using the word pro or pet. for a true “pro” experience you would be doing an NPE.


@moderators can i wc