What have you gotten from ST Chests?


This month I logged on everyday, but I didn’t even get the chest today. :-1:t3:


I’ve gotten rags of the host, two edictum praeortis’, memento mori and zaarvox’s heart from st chests


yes, because i don’t buy them.
i probbaly missed quite a few in the calendars too


My few ST chests that I’ve opened gave me the cheapest tradeable STs that exist


Same here - the login calendar starts half a day ahead of my time zone :frowning:


This is what I got.


Halls? More like got no balls.



Amulet of Drakefyre


Covetous ring.


Waiting st archer to be released >_>

But I got fplate, st spell, shendyt, etc on my mules


St trickster dagger,
St trickster armor,
Pure wishes ring ;C,
St huntress armor,
Symbiotic ripper :smiley:,
Etherite dagger,


This is the time when your brother pinches you and you press the delete button

Hey hey dudes ! I’m going to open ! I don’t even know what i’m going to get

Robe of twilight ? at least it’s something but i’m still sad


3x 1x 1x 3x 4x
2x 2x 3x 1x 1x
2x 4x 6x 2x 1x
1x 1x 1x 1x


I, like, never open ST chests cause I’m in the midst of a Vault space crisis.
Digging through the White Bag Thread grants me the info of having gotten…
…absolutely nothing from them.

Though I think I did once get a tradable ST item, which I then sold for a good deal of life. Can’t remember what, though - maybe a Shendyt…

The General Chat Thread

Nice Uts I see there.


Holy Fk, how did you even manage to get that many chest?


How are u patient enough to login everyday on mules?


Simply login using muledump and collect all the reward at the end of month.

/off-topic btw try quoting each comment in one reply

Like this



The entire oryx set, the rings for the Priest of Geb and the Shendyt


Love the format!