What have you gotten from ST Chests?


The majority of the ST chests I’ve opened, were from the Unity Campaign.


Makes sense, I can’t really invest much into the unity campaign, I’d rather just get event keys or chars slots and vault chest.


Toga Pica, Cuffs, Rags, ST Samurai Armor,


From what I can remember, I’ve gotten

Oryx sword
Samurai armor
Samurai ring
Geb ring
Geb staff
Necro ring
Wizard spell
Skuld ring


Now the Archer set is out I opened the 8 chests (4x chests, 60 shards) that I’d been storing up:


I’ve got enough claws but the rest of em I can use: either I didn’t yet loot them, or for vanity, so, thx RNG.


That’s a nice brain you got there.