What have you gotten from ST Chests?


The majority of the ST chests I’ve opened, were from the Unity Campaign.


Makes sense, I can’t really invest much into the unity campaign, I’d rather just get event keys or chars slots and vault chest.


Toga Pica, Cuffs, Rags, ST Samurai Armor,


From what I can remember, I’ve gotten

Oryx sword
Samurai armor
Samurai ring
Geb ring
Geb staff
Necro ring
Wizard spell
Skuld ring


Now the Archer set is out I opened the 8 chests (4x chests, 60 shards) that I’d been storing up:


I’ve got enough claws but the rest of em I can use: either I didn’t yet loot them, or for vanity, so, thx RNG.


That’s a nice brain you got there.


ST chest today from logins if you got all 31/31 days, got the ring from that, and the quiver from the 15 shards throughout the month.


Has anyone looted any of the vanity Golden Archer STs (the ones from Machine) from a chest yet? Am missing 3 of those and wondering if they’re possible to get via ST chest.


Not this month’s ST chest but I got an ST spell from a chest, went “ree” and wore it on my Lvl 1 0/8 wizard. Then I got popped in a snake pit.

Epik bump lelxd


Oh I got ripper from the last st tokens.


I highly doubt they drop from ST chests. I know this response is late but although the majority of the more experienced players would likely prefer the hard to obtain beautiful golder archer STs, it would be a relatively large dissapointment to newer players because there are few if any items worse then they are.



See,I can’t even boast my drops here cuz you’ve cursed me with your wakizashis.



Just give me bow already!


i’ve open a bunch from the past and i’ve gotten like 3-4 edictums from st chests alone, which stings because i need the st necro ring to complete the set


Just collected enough orbs for another ST chest. For a second I thought ‘meh’ as I saw the Seal of the Enchanted Forest, about the worst ST in the game.

Until I realised I was thinking of the old one. This is the new SB one and it looks massively OP. No healing but attack, def + speed boosts. Not sure if it’s worth even trying to collect the rest of the set, a very rare drop from a very rare dungeon.

The White Bag Thread v2

GIVE… ME… YOUR… SEAL!!! (part 2/4 of my set, have sb pixie already)


wait it’s soulbound now?


The original pixie set was renamed the legacy pixie set and it no longer drops. It was replaced with the soulbound version of the pixie set that’s a little dofferent. The sprites it uses are the older sprites from back before they were changed.


yeah i know about the legacy stuff but soulbound? rip my chances of getting that THICC paden ST skin


I know I opened quite a few ST Chests, but I can only remember getting the ST Skull…


Er…if I recall correctly, it actually lowers your speed.
Actually, it’s a party effect, so…uhm…