What if bullets could deal a % of your maximum HP?


I know I know, Knights, Pallies and Ring of Decades merchants the realm over are seething in rage at the heresy, but as it stands right now, there’s no reason to not have as much sheer HP as mathematically possible - But, seeing as how they’re currently looking at nerfing the effectiveness of defense across the board, I think it’d be a good way to… reduce HP from being the stat to have more of, hands down. Thoughts?

Edit: changed the title from “remaining HP” to “maximum HP”

Edit 2: y’all are overreacting, and the title is more clear about this being a part of design moving forward.


Maybe explain it a little better.
In response to the title, it sounds very confusing and a bad idea.
Especially when looking in the wiki and all the damage values say “this attack deals 7% damage”.
Like nobody wants to do any more maths than required.


I considered making it deal damage just… based on your current maximum HP (I.E. if you have, say, 850 hp, a 5% bullet will do 42 damage even if you’re at <300 hp - the only factor would be your maximum HP w/ no regard for current hp), but I think basing it on current hp (read: pally buff) might hurt players w/o good pets than it actually hurts what I think the problem is - players using hp only equips because why would you use anything else?


then there would be no point in using health rings


That’s just dumb. Why ever drink life pots(WHICH ARE EXPENSIVE FOR A REASON) and use any hp augmenting equips with this suggested system. Cheater armor would become an option to make your pet heal a greater % of your hp, since you’d still lose it as quick as anyone else.


wow big brain


If i understand the concept correctly then that would mean that harder endgame dungeons would become obsolete. You could be lvl 15 taking same amount of damage of percent of your health as an 8/8 knight. Hardly seems reasonable


No boss is going to do exclusively do %health damage. There’s still a reason to take HP boosting equipment.


yes but still i suspect the only place this can be used is maybe like pirate cave?


you’re a fuckin’ nutcase if you think I’d replace all damage w/ all percentages of your HP. Besides, if I did that and expected it to be % of remaining hp, you’d literally never die to anything but bullets >50% >100% remaining hp (I.E. bullets that are deliberately meant to be instakills). For endgame bosses, I could see bullets meant to deal up to 25% of max hp total, and everything else would be 15% or less. And seeing how I intended for this to help control the proliferation/popularity of pure HP rings, these bullets would more than likely be affected by defense.


Absolutely terrible idea, knight and warrior would die in the same amount of shots as a wizard or necromancer, melee classes would be hindered by an absurd amount by a change like this.


I see there is some confusion on what you really meant to say here. I suggest stating that only some enemies will have bullets that deal a percent of your total HP - your DEF, and not that all bullets will do this.

The concept itself makes sense. There is zero reason to use things like T6 DEF rings because the T6 HP rings exist. There are far more benefits to having higher HP than there is to have higher DEF.

High damage projectiles, armor piercing, bleeding, and armor broken is what lessens the effectiveness of DEF.
And what threatens HP? Many low damage projectiles. That is usually negligible once def is maxed on a character though.
(DEF is a must if you don’t have any though. So unmaxed or new players need more def.)

I personally wouldn’t mind it if there were a dungeon that were designed in such a way to make defense incredibly valuable like the Parasite Chambers does with Health by throwing armor break everywhere. I’d like more content that requires some pre-planning and insight to maximize effectiveness, and this concept can make that happen.


I absolutely think that some implementation of this would definitely work. If your title was written as: “What if certain bullets dealt % Max HP damage?”, then people would be a lot more down with this. But I thought it was OBVIOUS that these shots would be far and few in between and not EVERY SHOT IN THE GAME would follow this rule.

You’d have your normal shots, your armor piercing shots that fuck over DEF, and then these HP Based shots that fuck over HP. It’d honestly be really great as I’ve always said “what’s the point of not building health in a permadeath? especially when DEF is considerably worse in almost every regard?”

It would make DEF better by comparison, and put less value on HP users (and no, it wouldn’t make HP useless; that’s never going to fucking happen if pets still exist), which is overall much healthier (pun not intended) for the game. It doesn’t even have to show up much at all, maybe if it was more dungeon gimmicky, or sort of an endgame exclusive type of thing.

Definitely something needed in RotMG. HP is broken as fuck, and DEF is not even close to as good as HP (you’re wrong if you think otherwise (and no, the 1% of situations where DEF is superior doesn’t make the stat better as a whole)), so this would be a nerf to the tankiness of players, and it would add more skill for swapping items out (like back when people actually had 3 rings on hand to swap around for maximum effectiveness).


Well then the bullet would do less and less damage because the remaining hp keeps decreasing


max hp =/= remaining hp.


I meant remaining hp sry


I think you’re trying to get at the same thing that bossimon misunderstood (much) earlier as well… it’s not meant to replace every bullet, ever. It’s supposed to be another tool in their belt as creators for the game, if they ever consider this idea at all.


I mean, considering that it’s the anti-HP version of AP shots, I don’t think that there’s any reason NOT to implement this other than time/resource concerns


I think the percentage of HP damage dealt should be affected by defense so it’s not overpowered, if that makes any sense, so if a shot took 20% of your hp if you had 50 def (im making these stats up) you’d only get 10% of your HP taken away