What improvements would you like to see in the first Sanctuary balance patch?


Don’t mean to be picky, but I guess I’m being picky. This should be O3 I’m guessing


Isn’t that ideal? Not only on that phase, but in all fights throughout


Muscle memory I said o2 too many times during my pally ppe ;-;


That’s a fair point. I simply don’t want to see a reoccurrence of old LoD where it was left almost no room for melees to go deep into.


Thats just how mmo games operate! Because realm is very beginner unfriendly(and the widespread use of hacks), theres a huge endgame player population. Of course there should be at least one final boss of the game that determines who is late game and who is end game.

Whats the point of items if you dont use em?


…i was drinking

That’s the opposite of what will happen

The current realm is too grindy and slow, In-Combat is just part of addressing that (the lack of deaths, specifically)

As for another improvement, make the “Ground quakes from my splendor” attack not staggerable, it’s stationary and super easy to approach, every time he does that phase he loses an extreme amount of health.


Oi, thought you said you’d stop with the personal attacks. (though that might’ve been a joke and I’m just slow) uwu


You are right. I can remove the evil, but I still think they’re misguided.

Oryx 3 has a fantastic loot pool. But even then, it’s not enough to offset the massive amount of deaths. I don’t think the devs should be changing the loot pool (aside from adding deca rings), but I know that I just don’t have the time to do the dungeon rebuilding.

Just look at candy’s graveyard, stella’s graveyard, hyeperion’s graveyard, and many other veteran players graveyards. It will just take too long to recover.

Can I ignore O3? Of course I can, but then you feel left behind and find yourself playing other games anyway.

I can’t help but feel concerned if they’re trying to extend this concept to the rest of the game.

I think overall it would be a positive change if Deca allowed players to go onto the testing server more often so they could practice fights and learn them without sinking massive amounts of time.

The breastplate and oreo candy lost can definitely take months to recover.


Forgive me, but I think it sounds like they’re trying to turn it into something similar to the pre-(effective)pet era, where it’s easier to die, but as an offset, make loot drop at a higher rate. I wouldn’t mind that, personally.
It’s different than what the game has become, but I think this will be a healthy change, even those of us used to a more convenient system have to adapt or quit.


The cyclical argument goes round and round with no end.

I would not define O3 as fun. Challenging, but overall not enjoyable.

Having to try and squeeze into yet another 95 man discord que just drains life away.

And everyone in here keeps forgetting Deca officially stated that it would be a dungeon capable of being completed without discord (which is essentially not true).

If they wanted any semblance of fun the runes have to go.

This is why I have no faith in Toastrz. They flat out created a discord dungeon despite stating they would not create a discord dungeon.

Was there any way to avoid O3 being a discord only dungeon? No, not really. But they could have realized this and given the general game population a chance by removing the rune requirement.


I speak as a player that’s never been in a Discord run or efficient guild. O3 has yet to be trod by my soles (in the little time I’ve had to play lately ); ), but I’m not terribly worried by the limited access. I think that having the end game dungeon not easily accessed and constantly flooded with people repeatedly makes it feel more end game. And the rewards feel all the more worth it when you get them!

On a slightly separate note, how uncommon are the runes, would you all say? I know where they drop, but is it particularly difficult for anyone to get their hands on them?

I am truly curious as to what you define as fun.

(PS not in an aggressive way, I really am just curious)


Droprates are insanely low. Only large discords that consistently run key-popped dungeons or are partnered with other discords have a large supply of runes.

One person(or small group) having all 3 runes is incredibly rare.

Thats not to say that I don’t find o3 fun. I’m one of many people who actually still love the thrill of a good raid in a hard dungeon, led by a discord.

I actually haven’t found myself in a situation where I can easily be insta’d by o3 that often… its mostly just a attrition game where I am constantly chased by o3 while still having to dodge both bullets shot from o3 and rows and rows of lightning… skill definitely ups your chances of finishing the dungeon, which I love.


I think the ideal dungeon is thicket. It’s a dungeon that forces skill in the best way possible.

You can’t survive ignoring the rules, but you will not instadie if you break them.

Instadeath like O3 leaves the player wondering wtf happened and lets lag reign supreme.

Thicket actually teaches you and gives you time to nexus.


Hmm… that may be the larger issue. At least, in my opinion. I’d be more in support of a higher drop rate of the three runes than how the ancient inc system worked with incredibly low drop rates. I’m not sure I’d want these runes to become tradable, either. Perhaps the rarity is in place to make the dungeon harder to get steamrolled by Discord groups constantly. That does make it harder for us public players to do anything though. I wouldn’t mind the insane difficulty being preserved with higher drop rates, but maybe the dev plans are going a different route.

I’m more concerned about the escalation of difficulty in everything (relatively) shortly before IC/OOC right now. I’m really trying hard to reserve too many solid opinions on anything until I can see enough data from the aftermath of that.


Ah yes. So it’s mostly the insta-death that gets to you, then? It certainly feels like a step towards the BH aspect of this game vs. the rpg side. Many of those BH games are pretty unforgiving (albeit you aren’t losing equipment and stats, and, more often than not, back up on your feet in a hurry to try again). As in the above comment, I’m going to refrain from debating much more until I gather more data from upcoming changes. :slight_smile:


You need to realize the context this is in, we are 1 week after release and it should be clear that people wont know everything going on right away resulting in more deaths. Judging difficulty entirely on week 1 deaths isnt a very good practice imo, hell even now we have a lot of players that were dying or failing a lot early beginning to get very consistent with the fight. As time goes on people will get more used to it, more information will spread and the deaths will settle.

Additionally we are in a phase where a lot of the more experienced players are going in with the intent to complete at any cost thus you are seeing a lot more deaths from them than regular people, to the point of some of them even not nexusing when they clearly should just to get that fight complete.

And before you drudge up my graveyard and point out “look this closed tester died 3 times already” one, two of those were solo, and two, if the new pinnacle of endgame can’t give me some level of real risk even after ive practiced it a ton, then it really isnt deserving of being the new endgame.

Try to let the dust settle, judging its difficulty this early would be like seeing the marble defender killing a bunch of people the first day after it got armor pierce and calling that too hard.

Personally I don’t think thicket and O3 are all that different, they both have a learn or lose phase, oryx’s is just a bit more immediately lethal. The thing is you usually do have plenty of time to nexus, he telegraphs his attacks, and unless you stand on him its very hard for you to die before you realize whats happening. You can choose to nexus at any point when a phase gets risky, I think whats happening to most people right now is just misjudging how much they can take.

I’m not going to say the fight is flawless, and you are right some kind of indicator for where hes teleporting might be a good addition.

Personally ive been hearing a lot of the contrary even from people who havent managed a complete yet. In a game like this quite a lot of people find fun in challenge, and thats what this is catering to as the new hardest content. Overcoming o3 right now gives people an actual sense of accomplishment, something I dont think halls even manages to do in the current state of the game.


The only thing they need to fix to make O3 not just a discord only dungeon is helmet rune accessibility which they’ve commented on, even if it sucks for the moment and might not even get changed if we’re being pessimistic… well, the droprate increase from IC/OOC and exponential scaling being applied to the rest of the content are still a major positive change for players outside of discord