What improvements would you like to see in the first Sanctuary balance patch?


Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Sanctuary as it is, but the devs did say in their producer’s letter that they’d probably be pushing balance patches a few weeks after release. More improvements to the Sanctuary are always welcome, so I was curious as to how people wanted to see the Sanctuary become even better.

My personal list:

  • Obligatory screaming about visibility changes
    • That’s already confirmed to be coming soon, so whatever.
  • Higher drop rate for runes
    • Self-explanatory (pls I want to do a public run at some point). I fully support O2 and Janus potentially dropping all 3 Runes, or at least some of them.
  • Buff Treasurer Gemsbok
    • I don’t know exactly how, but buff him. He’s considered so much simpler and easier than the other three minibosses that I think he deserves to be on par with the others. Him being just simpler can’t really be changed too much atm, since that’d need at least a minor rework and those don’t just show up too quickly (feel free to prove me wrong :slight_smile: ), but there has to be some way to boost his power so he can match up with his colleagues - or at the very least, not be stomped by a stationary murderball of players with a Marble Seal and a ton of decoys.
  • Make the Elite Falcons in Beisa’s fight more visible
    • Make them glow brighter/for longer, and give them more brightly colored minimap dots. It’s never fun getting instantly killed by something you can barely see, and looking out for the Falcons seems like a bit too big of a part of Beisa’s fight right now.
  • Maybe buff Chief Beisa, just a little bit
    • Right now many consider him rather easy, but worse is that most find him boring, which is not a good trait for a boss to have. This will likely change once players figure out his movement patterns and ways to DPS him so the fight is shorter, but I still think his fight can be made a little more exciting - then maybe people won’t joke about falling asleep in the fight. I’d suggest increasing projectile speed across the board to force some faster dodges.
    • I’m totally not biased because he’s my favorite and everyone seems to hate him
  • Re-enable the beam VFX for Divinity and Oryx’s Estucheon
    • pl0x
  • (they’ve very strongly hinted that the safespot in O3 Celestial phase will be removed soon)

What do you think? How do you think the Sanctuary can be made better?

Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

add the new o3 tops to pirate cave because boi im not ever doing an o3


I really hope Leucoryx gets a few extra looks. He was already a mess during testing and even the combined efforts of a couple other designers couldn’t quite get him in a comfortable spot.
I, for one, sincerely hope the Chandeliers’ paralyze is removed.

(Oh yeah, and I think I sorta agree on Beisa? It’s indeed a little non-confrontational, I guess.)


Yes, please let them remove the Chandeliers’ paralyze! I am totally fine doing up-close and personal dodging with Leucoryx, but when I take a half-tile step backward, get paralyzed, and have to nexus before the stars knock me out in three hits, it makes me prefer to just hang back on the edge of the room.

Something I really enjoyed about the fight when it was on testing is that it rewarded players who were willing to stay within a couple tiles of Leucoryx by giving them more forgiving patterns, with the offset of more harsh punishments for mistakes. Now it feels like it is just the correct decision to stay further away and drag the fight out because the inside line is super sketchy from the paralyze shots.


Removing the safespot at the back of the room in the Leucoryx fight during the phase with rows of stars and beams, where only stars go so there’s basically no danger and no reason to approach Leucoryx since he’s invulnerable during that attack anyways.


O3’s teleporting phase needs an indicator as to where Oryx teleports. This is especially necessary when there are multiple players running about and Oryx might suddenly change targets.

This has been mentioned in reddit but the red circle indicator for the beams should reflect the exact radius of the aoe. Currently it’s rather misleading.

Oryx’ Exalt form is currently vastly more difficult for melees than it is for ranged classes. So maybe some room for melees in there.

Not necessarily part of the dungeon, but I’m really hoping for that weapon rework to come soon (sword, katana, dagger, and wand changes)


+1 for improved falcon visibility. They feel like a really trashy aspect of the fight for me; trying to compensate for one of the less interesting fights in an unfair fashion.

Removing the short-range paralyzed from Leucoryx would greatly encourage more engaging play.


Lag. I keep lagging at dammah’s knife phase, and leucoryx’s beam attacks. My PC is not that bad !


I hope they fix the weird unbalanced bonus stats on the T7 abilities. Some even give less stats than T6…


They’re aware! For some reason this wasn’t actually done on purpose by Toast to make huntress less desirable.


I personally think Oryx is too fast.

Ideally, changes should be made to him so that melees don’t have to ‘leech’ for a significant portion of the fight (especially after exalted).

I personally think it’s poor design when you see sebchoof just running away and not dealing damage for half of the fight.


I think the best thing they could do for that fight is shortening the range of the chandelier’s paralyze by a tile. There’s a reason why that paralyze exists. They want you to be up close and personal with the boss. I think moving it back a tile would make people more willing to actually fight the boss.

Also, the paralyze duration is super short if I recall so it’s pretty much a non-issue unless you’re already at super low health.


Do what you will with this information and then draw your own conclusion -
100+ Went in, 92 were at the first Celestial Phase, that number dropped to 17 after. There were two more Celestial Phases after that.

(No, no I am not sure it wasn’t a mass disconnect, but maybe?)


I am convinced at this point that surviving celestial consistently without taking damage is completely possible, even without the safe spot. It is a tough pattern, no doubt, but I don’t want that to change. This is the hardest boss! If huge groups were already regularly completing the fight with minor losses I think that would be pretty lame.


Ideally, I think melees shouldn’t be able to stay in and gun down a boss 100% of the time.

The melees also have a secondary function outside of raw dps, like buffing allies and stunning towers.

Aside from visibility and maybe some rune drop rate buffs, I’m very happy with o3 as it is


I think you’re being dishonest.

You literally lost at least a hundred hours (even more) of playtime to O3.

If you think that’s ok I don’t know what to tell you.

The grind O3 demands is absolutely unsustainable.

I’m certain you’ll burn out at this rate.


The whole point is that it is difficult. A lot of talented players who have hardly died in months other than attempting crazy challenges like solo MBC or the like are finally getting to put their skills to the test.

It isn’t meant to be run on repeat the entire day through. It is the place you go once your have conquered every other challenge the game has to throw at you. It is where your character who has finished 100 voids goes and suddenly is in danger of dying for the first time basically ever.

Seeing the “recent 8/8 deaths” updating constantly and seeing these veteran players’ graveyards fill up is seriously a good thing! Way better than seeing someone suicide a dozen maxed characters in lava just so they can feel like they have a goal again.

Even with O3 as challenging at it is, people are getting better at it all the time and ordinary players already have a fair chance at beating it with the right group and the right leader.


If the misguided toastrz gave up his quest to nerf pets, I could accept O3.

But the closed testers’ continuous attempts to put this game into a no-lifer category is just ludicrous.

Do you know how many people spend 100 hours on a game?

Do you know you can completely beat 2 good full fledged single player games in 100 hours?

It’s just madness to push the game away from its playerbase towards the basement dweller mentality.

Ok to stay on topic the Oryx 3 instapop teleport after the celestial phase should have an indicator. With multiple people you can’t tell where he’s going.

I also agree with Isalea that Deca rings should be dropping from all O3 minibosses and O3.


20 hours at most. Also fact that I haven’t died in literally days, and the trickster death (meteor) was due to EU lag, suggests exactly what I said before.

When you die, you learn from your mistakes. You’ll notice that 6 of my deaths are to the portals, because I learned the hard way that portals have a shotgun in multiple phases.

A good example of this is Cray, they died 7 times and are now on a 25 o3 completions with no deaths/nexuses streak

More death stuff later when I’m back on pc


As far as I can tell, Leucoryx doesn’t have an animation for transforming into his Chaos form. If nothing else, that’s something I’d like to see.