What is associated guild


Is it like “What guild are you founder of” or what?
If it is I should be associated with Expert


Its the first result when you search for “associated guild”


Yes, the above link gives a concise answer.
It’s a way for guilds to share access to their guild message pages on RealmEye, outside the guild.

Guild leaders (not sure if officers too) have the option to tag non-guildies into the guild as associates:

Or if you have a long term guildie who has effectively quit the game so you don’t want to waste a guild place on them, they can retain access to the guild boards through this even if they’re outside of the guild.

(Discord of course probably obsoleted this for 99% of guilds)


Where is associate founder? :frowning:


Might need to be founder for that option to appear. Nevov is only a lowly leader loool


I had founder lol


O lol idk then ask @shatter he made a bunch of people associate founder of our guild.


idk, I can do it with anyone

HAD… ah, there’s your problem


Lol not associated sounds great