What is considered 4/4 for a wizard?


What is 4/4 for a wizard and what situations are the items used in?


Shatters: t13+ staff, para spell, water robe, esben ring

Lost halls t13+ staff para spell, anointed/o3 robes, crown, potato, burger crown,

o3: t14 staff/superior/EP, tablet/genesis/fungal/para, o3 robes, crown/god’s horn

(nest and cult are shatts level, fungal are shatts level aswell)

(minimum reqs)


What’s that?


Burger Crown is a fan-made nickname for Divine Coronation.


Alright, thanks.


These are some generic req sheets, might be a it dated tbh but they show all items that count as 1/4 (or most of them). Some discords allow trident and opressors staff, but I would dm rl before to be sure


It depends on the discord or dungeon you are doing. Generally speaking the following items will almost always count as a DPS item:

T13/T14 Staff, Superior
Parasite spell, Tablet
Vesture of Duality, Diplomatic Robe
Any end game ring with at least +8 DPS stats

These items may or may not count as a DPS item:

Cult Staff, Oppressor’s Staff, Squaroid Staff
T7 Spell, Fungal Spell, Genesis Spell
Anointed Robe, T15 Robe, Water Dragon Silk Robe, Judge’s Robe
Exalted Horn, Cranium, Esben Ring, UBDEX/UBATT


Also I may be completely wrong here but I recall seeing Jade Storm listed as a dps item somewhere, but I can’t find it anymore.


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I’d say a staff, a spell, a robe, and a ring. That should fill up all 4 of your equipment slots :)


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