What is "Muledumping"?


What is muledumping?
I am hearing about it and I was just wondering what it was.


its a program to manage your items


Really? Can I download it?


extract > rename accounts.js to accounts > open in note pad > write all account info in the space provided > open muledump in a browser

// editor with syntax hilighting is recommended (for example, notepad++ 
or textmate)

accounts = {

// Put your data here as shown below. Don't forget the commas and 
// If your emails or passwords contain single quotes,
// escape them with backslashes (\) like this: 'pass\'word'

'notreal@gmail.com': 'hiispass',
'notreal2@gmail.com': 'hiispass',

}// don't delete this line!


its a little harder to download, but yeah you can. i suggest looking up on realmeye for help


Basicly, Muledump is a program allowing you to manage your accounts easily. Muledump gives all sorts of informations about your different accounts, characters, vaults…

It is used by player to get a list of their items or to get informations about their characters, like the pots needed to max, the roll of a character or even how achievements are going.


Thread of interest:

Pretty much pictures of people’s muledumps, if you wanna know what muledump looks like.

Disclaimer: May or may not make you drool from the amount of itenz. Especially Shurimas :love_hotel:.


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