What is PPE


Hello, guys how are you? I would like you to reply that it is the ppee itself, what it consists of, what should be done, I am thinking of doing ppee but I would like to know more about the good graces.


read this


My main thing about PPEs is that it’s a “personal player expierence” That means that outside of the basic rules (pet/no pet if wanted, no items from donations, vault, or trading) you can make your own rules. Things such as tier progression PPEs, UT only ppes, and such


the better question is what’s a “PPEBTWLELXD”?
I also heard that PPE = Poor Player Excuse


ppe is pet play experience hope I’m helpful you welcome bro haha


It’s something you do if you wanna be a degenerate and spam “PPEBTWLELXD” and get blocked.


See the RotMG slang to English page for other abbreviations you may wonder about.
There’s a whole lot of ‘Realmspeak’ going around, and it may be confusing at times >w<


What is PPE?

(whispering) It’s trash


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