What is [...]? [removed unofficial server name]


im not sure if this thread goes into game discussion but i think that affect the game.
a few days ago i was watching my youtube recommended videos and found a lot of [redacted] montage. thats look like a realm of the mad god but with a bunch of new stuff that will be never implemented to the main game but, what is [redacted]?. is [redacted] is currently a copy of realm of the mad god trying to beat the original game? and how affe?t realm of the mad god itself.
this can make rotmg players decreased?
or its just a new feature attached to the main game?
if its a danger for rotmg, deca will stop [redacted]?
im a bit worried about that, maybe i just look dumb asking this but, idk i need almost and answers

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[redacted] is a private server. We’re not supposed to talk about it on the forum, but basicly it’s an unofficial, alternate version of rotmg made by players.

It should never make people go away from rotmg, as it is mostly just a different experience, rather than an extended game.


I wish they would shut it down.

It’s an unofficial “private server” based on stolen code as far as I’m aware.

We can’t discuss unofficial versions of the game on these forums, so I’ll delete the name out of your original post to keep it within the Forum Rules:

Yep, unofficial versions of Rotmg definitely can have an effect on Rotmg players, as a bunch of people I used to know have gone over to playing them and only now bother logging on to the genuine Rotmg for their free logon items and the odd event, which they usually scuzz up the chat talking about their damn other games. I honestly don’t understand their reasons for wanting to play them, god forbid if they’re actually supporting with money, I hope not. /rant. :angry:

Annoying that it gets promotion via Youtube too…


Too fast for me on this edit x)


Honestly, I don’t think pservs would’ve gotten this big had Kabam not been abysmally terrible at their jobs.

When your security is so shit that one kid can get the whole game shut down for several days, when you barely update the game and just leave it to rot for years, of course any alternate solution is going to look like Game of the Year material in comparison.

Still can’t bring myself to actually play on any pserv though. I don’t get the appeal of playing RotMG on even worse servers, especially when all the new content is either overpowered game-breaking shit, poorly thought-out badly designed shit or dumb memes.

I don’t get the point of playing on a server where all progress gets reset to zero every so often and where any random asshole can buy admin rights only to kill you with random spawns. Yeah, sure, it’s fun to fuck around with for five minutes, but after that it’s just boring.


I don’t play there but many people like it because no pet, fullscreen, and frequent updates.

The way its going now I think its just a matter of time before Deca sues them. It’s gotten big enough to compete with realm. If I were the owner I would be very worried. The copyright laws in US and EU are extremely tough, and if Deca is really going to court they will likely end up paying more than their revenue, potentially bankrupting some of their employees.


Really appreciate that. im new in the forum so i really dont know much about.

maybe with the unity port the pserver will not be more accessible
i hope they do something to shut down it


The pservers will die as they are Flash based and Flash goes away in 2020, so next year.

They already struggle to survive, as they are not competitive. They can’t compete with ROTMG on price as it’s free. They can’t make enough money for a single dedicated server, never mind the multiple Amazon AWS servers ROTMG uses to provide a global, scalable service. They certainly don’t make enough to employ full time staff, so bugs don’t get fixed, content is amateurish and broken. Seems they only last as long as the person running is interested and willing to subsidise them, before being closed a few weeks or months later.

So I think the end of Flash will kill them off completely. In theory they could continue by using Flash Projector but the number of people willing to play that way will be much smaller, especially with it no longer being needed for ROTMG. Once Unity is out we will hopefully see improvements which will make pservers even less attractive, relatively. I just can’t see them continuing in any form.


Unity is apparently notorious for being easy to use, so it’s not like the switch would permanently kill pservs and modified clients.


My point is without Flash player, which is going away in 2020, they will find it much harder to survive. They essentially will need to use Flash Projector but that is a technical solution many users won’t be prepared to use. Especially as the main reason to use Projector now, for ROTMG, will stop once it switches to Unity.

Also once there’s a Unity client they will no longer be able to just decompile it and grab assets. Even if it’s easy to decompile Unity file formats will be different, the code will be radically different so it will be much harder and more work.

Finally once the Unity switch is done they will be able to improve the game in ways that weren’t possible in Flash and which will be impossible to copy.

Private servers are already a struggling, marginal “industry”. With all the changes coming I don’t see how they will keep going.

Modified clients have even less of a future. Once ROTMG has switched to Unity and no longer supports Flash it will mean modifying the Unity client. Even if this is technically possible it will be a long time before hackers find their way around the code to modify it. And there are things DECA can do to make it technically impossible no matter the skill of hackers.


No defense is unbreakable. Eventually hackers will find a way to breach the unity security stuff.
It’s a matter of how long.


as far as i know there aren’t any new private servers that has come out recently.
also the most well known private server has been shut down for a couple years now.


do you think Unity will make pservers obsolete?


Think about it from a legal standpoint. What will DECA actually gain from suing? The amount that the other games are making? Sure there’s a chance DECA will win but what actually ends up happening? They lose some 5,000$ for a lawyer to earn the 2,000$ that the private servers earned? Both games are simply too small to actually matter.

@RMGnoob Have you ever tried any of the pservers? Was kinda bored and tried some at school (cause normal RotMG is blocked). Many pservers offer strange balances but still, in the end, make the game relatively balanced to difficulty level. Also, just quick note, can’t really only blame Kabam. A lot of the newer dungeons, produced by DECA, also appear. Plus, most of the pservers run better then RotMG does

@GTmasterTG unlikely that they will be able to be shut down these sites.

@Skandling Yes they will die out eventually. But a lot of what makes them more liked then RotMG is that, while they exist, they make more visible updates then DECA does. Also, they make the small changes that people ask for which DECA logically chooses to ignore (using 1 to use item from slot one for example) for bigger updates and keep on doing what they can to make more money.

@Laserquest Yes, the infamous one has been shut down a while back. However, recently I have found a resurgence in another one.

@Starwartwo I know I’m not Nevov but i highly doubt it. Turns out, Unity isn’t much more difficult to break then flash.


i love playing on (ik the name of the server but the mods would prob delete so im not gonna bother putting it, stupid but rules are rules :woman_shrugging: ) because u can make actual progress in the game. most of the time when i get on realm its either to get a reward, or to maybe play an event and feed my pet. All the whites i want are so amazingly rare that i dont even want to bother joining some discord i shouldnt even need to grind for it. The game has literally been like this for at least a year for me. I have used some “end game items” but the thing is i dont want to use them to do the “end game content” because if i die there is no way to get the items back except for the incredibly tedious grind of doing the same events and bosses over and over again.

Now when i play (pserver) i notice a few things
no hackers because you cant download the client
no bots in nexus because the premium items dont affect gameplay to the point where people would want to sell them
many people in the realm actually doing events instead of waiting for someone to pop something for them (and the server can actually handle more than 85 people in a realm)
end game content that does not revolve around just having the rarest items or the strongest pet and actually allows for a lot of variation in character builds
actually being able to buy the “end game content” with fame.

i love the last one the most because the fame system in this server (which is basically a whole, better game) is balanced. theres no ptrain. you actually have to do stuff to get it. you can sell items for fame which creates an economy that pairs well with this servers addition of a system that lets you buy and sell items without trading.

honestly i think this is one of the best private servers ive played on and im glad people are supporting the developers. even though people seem to have disdain for them i think theres a reason so many people play on them


Head over there and see for yourself how many people are playing it. I’m not familiar with their money model to know how much they’re making, but from this site:


Deca is making millions a year. Realm isn’t the only revenue source of Deca but it is by far the biggest. Even the most pessimistic estimate should project a revenue increase of tens of thousands of dollars if this pserver is killed.


Maybe it’s because they’ve gotten bored of the production server and have more fun playing with the unique features on each of them, especially UT trading, which is a common feature among many of them, and functional market places.

Some of them have some genuinely fun additions to the original concept.

I’ve personally moved over to them, along with other games, I haven’t even opened prod since the first I think.

Kind of sad that prod hasn’t been that fun for me recently :frowning:

Maybe when I come back later I’ll have fun on it again.

Maybe if you’re referring to releasing the code, most of the big pservers right now were made after Deca took the game over.

This guy’s been to the darkest places of the pserver community :eyes:

Why? Other people are having fun using features that won’t ever be added into prod, let them have their fun.

Actually, the biggest pserver as of right now is making their own separate client that won’t run on Flash.

I hardly lag on any of the bigger pservers, and when I do it’s because they absolutely fucked the code.

They don’t need to hire people, there are many people that work on them for free for fun.

On the bigger pservers bugs are patched pretty fast.

Many of them have lasted longer than a year.

Doubtful, people don’t play them because they don’t have the same problems as prod, they play them because of the features they add, most of which will never be added to prod.

They don’t host a 1:1 version of realm, all they really need is what they currently have, if worse comes to worst they can just grab the files from the last patch before Unity.

All they need to do is figure it out once and they’re good, they just need to add their modifications to the latest version.

Small pservers pop up constantly, they usually don’t last that long.

[Redacted] (its dead I don’t see a need to censor.) might’ve died but the new big pserver is nearly, if not just as big as it was.
[I will remove the name anyway, previously “dead” ones have resurrected. -Nevov]

Unity won’t fix the main reason people play on pservers.

There are hackers, atleast on the one that I think you’re talking about (starts with an R ends with an F?), they’re just handled way faster than hackers on prod.

Hardly, the majority of pservers are full of both people that are completely f2p and people that have stopped playing prod due to boredom, even killing the largest pserver most likely wouldn’t get them half of that, it would just stop a ton of people from playing any realm-based game.


We’ll see. Flash is uniquely easy to hack as all you need is a free app, which decompiles a SWF into its original source + art. It is highly unusual that this is possible: all other compilers I have come across remove the source when they compile an app.

I have no development experience of Unity, but I imagine it works like this, the normal way, and removes all code when you compile. This makes it much harder to hack; still possible but it takes far longer and requires much greater technical ability.

So modifications will be harder to do. It will take longer, perhaps much longer before they are available. There will be far fewer than Flash. And after update it will take longer to reintroduce them.

And this is based on DECA just using Unity normally, i.e. just making a version with it instead of Flash without any special steps. As there are things they could do in a standalone Unity app, not possible with Flash, that will make it even harder to use modified clients.


Concerning the fact that pservers will die with the end of flash, a pserver has found the solution of making a unique game inspired by rotmg and their pserver, under unity instead. Right now, according to the spoilers posted by one of the devs, the game seems really different, with a system of multiple weapons and a more futuristic look, while apparently keeping the permadeath we all know and (most likely don’t) love.

If pservers want to keep the attention of players without getting the risk of copyright issues, I feel like that’s the way to go, although creating a full new game inspired by rotmg isn’t a thing anyone can succede in. At least this way their content will appeal to the same players while being unique enough so that players can both enjoy rotmg and the alternate game.


Will be interesting to see how this works out. Building a new client from scratch is a major undertaking, orders of magnitude different from hacking an existing client like ROTMGs.

It will be especially hard to do what DECA are doing, make a new client which is identical to the old one. And why would they want to – they surely want to diverge from ROTMG to distinguish themselves better, and to limit their reliance on the official client.

In which case why not go all the way and make a brand new game? They can still use some ROTMG art as it’s available from Oryx Design Lab, or use their own. Seems a shame to go to all the trouble of writing a new client, but still basing it on ROTMG.