What is the best item to store wealth in 2022/23


Hi, firstly I want to preface this by saying I know this question has been asked before but the latest thread I could find was in 2017. Perhaps I am wrong and if so please feel free to correct/direct me.

But here’s how my story goes.
As a returning player who has realised that Exalt makes transferring between accounts really annoying and difficult, I am seriously contemplating converting all of my life and mana potions into more storable assets that I could keep on 1-3 accounts.

So with that said, does anyone know what is a good way to store wealth in the current market?

Thank you


I would say that the best wealth storage overall is skins.
I stored a decent portion of my wealth on skins a couple years ago and the price has been steady, and some skin prices have increased a bit.

Demand for skins has always remained constant throughout the years, so I see it as a pretty safe wealth storage.


Decas will always be the “standard” of wealth storage since they’re innately useful, so they’re probably a safe option to keep a hold of.

Kageboshi already mentioned skins, and that’s true for most of them, minus any skins that still drop. The Puppet Assassin one for example is a poor way to store wealth, and skins that reappear every year like the Oryxmas skins, Infected Assassin, or Stone Skins are also poor ways to store wealth.

Legacy ST weapons are also fairly safe, but I’d just store it in Decas instead.

You can also store wealth in certain “vanity” items, like the wizard sun set or the Legacy Oryx set.


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