What is the dungeon that you HATE the most


Okay time to destroy your entire argument again :slight_smile:

They may not be meant to be general, but they are. Maybe wait until you take English 5-6.
Tops are essentially useless. A t11 staff has an average of 2.5 damage per shot lower than a t12. This is reflected by every other t11 to t12 weapon type.

My exceptionally condescending tone that you misread is simply my exasperation because if we as a community want to teach new players, we want them to learn information that is correct and good.

Check this guide out.


one misconception to newer players is that tops are 1000% better than old tops, but in truth, they arent.

Lets look at Acrop. It has 1 def more than abby. But the prices of
abby = 3def
acrop = 2L = 13 Def

thats 10 def more!!! Why would you use an acrop over abby if you havent maxed def?! The only big jump in teirs in armor is T8-T9, apporximately the same spot for weapons. That is a 5def jump !!!

After T9, everything is just a 1def increase,

These patterns are also followed by majority of other weapons/abilities

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Just lost level 20, I just gave away both my backup sets.

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lol i like how you just randomly posted this in a discussion, trying throughing this in one of the off topic ones or The Death Thread


Sorry but it kinda seems like you’re just bad.
Also, try using another class.


I am not great, but Im not bad either.


The dungeon I hate most is spider den. There is no point to that dungeon.
Shatts and abyss are awesome dungeons just get more experienced with them and you will see how great they are. People die in shatters all the time but thats kinda the point. If you find it too risky, just dont use your main characters. Use throwaways that you can easily rebuild. I had one week when I did like a hundred shatts and lost something like 8 different 4/8 - 7/8 throwaways in shatts (dont judge me lol), Its supposed to be a hard dungeon. High risk, high reward.


Ummm… I think you underestimate the power of the poison dagger.

lmao jk its only purpose is to have a basis for the crawling depths to be a mega dungeon of.


?no there is
learn slows

if that is true, not point to any of the low level dungeons


It used to be great for exp but that seems to have gone away.


Well Scorchy, I don’t know if it’s that important to learn how to walk slower. Maybe that’s not what you were saying.


well learning to dodge bullets in the web, like for melee/slowpokes its sometimes hard in cdepths to not get sat on



puppet cuz i had the worst luck there


Yeah so essentially all the minor dungeons are practice for the major ones.
Pirate cave to Deadwater docks
Spider den to Crawling depths
Forest maze to Woodland labyrinth

But other than that they’re pretty much only good for ppe-ing and tunnel rat bonus.


what about new players…


Yeah new players are essentially ppe-ing without realizing it. You know what I mean lol


no ppe means no trading