What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


What is the most gamebreaking --or at the very least overpowered, UT item and why?

In my personal opinion it is the Shield of Ogmur because it removes the defense of an enemy completely, rendering all incoming damage stronger, effectively killing it faster.

Here’s the “game” part:
Defend your statement when someone disagree and try to make a good point :wink:

What is (in your opinion) the best item in RotMG

I disagree, while it may make things die faster, it doesn’t stun, I feel the most OP UT is probably Jugg, as it can effectively be used instead of GGen, whilst Ogmur is situational.


If Ogmur isn’t as effective as I said just because it doesn’t stun then it is the same with your case, Juggernaut does not have the speedy buff, leaving me to the conclusion that it isn’t the most overpowered UT(?)


Ogmur isn’t because there aren’t actually too many places where 0 defence is particularly helpful. Puppet, Avatar, Shatters and Bes are the main examples I can think of, and in any case the enemies die very quickly anyway. All of these places, and everywhere else, Jugg is incredibly useful, because double defence on a melee class lets you tank almost everything up to an O2 shotgun. Having speedy is certainly useful but stun is what makes knight so good, speedy is not what makes warrior good.


‘At the moment I think I’ll quit the game if I ever died on my Juggernaut Warrior. It’s like a Rogue in that instead of rushing through shit by being invisible, you rush through shit by just being a motherfucking tank. Honestly the Juggernaut creates an entirely different class, it’s not a normal warrior. Forget pets, the Jugg is the most op thing in the game.’

These were my words on Reddit before I died a few days later. RIP Jugg </3


And what’s the only item in the game that can armor break? That’s right. Shield of Ogmur.
Speedy isn’t what makes warrior good? Then if not speedy it is berserk right? But you are wrong. Attacking an enemy with armor broken is faster than if you attack it with berserk without armor broken.


If the Jugg’s armored status alone is what makes it so op then what about the Tome of Holy Protection? Doesn’t it give armored status too?


Nerf candy ring pls.


I believe the stats
-100 MP
-10 WIS
are there to nerf the ring itself.


Warrior has bigger base def. Also you can pretty much have perma armor (other than cooldown) without having an OP pet. In order to do that with priest you need a really powerful pet. Also, the classes give it context- priest has no DPS, Warrior has all the DPS. It makes an OP class OOP.


Helmets have cooldowns. Shields don’t. So in conjuction with an tiered shield armor broken + stun is overpowered as hell but seeing as how we are talking about a single item, Shield of Ogmur wins over Jugg because I personally think killing the enemy faster is better than surviving longer. I mean why survive longer when you can kill faster although yes, I see that Jugg and Ogmur have their own purposes such as in godlands, Juggernaut would work better but we are talking about an UT as a whole and which has more uses and so, I rest my case.

my fingers hurt god help me


I struggle to believe that’s really your view when all of your characters are wearing HP rings. Where are your attack rings? Or dex rings?


I disagree with all of you.
I think you are all overseeing the fact that these are very rare UTs and difficult to get, some of us have never gotten one in 4+ years of playing the game.
“EP” on the other hand is easy to obtain and outputs massive amount of damage even as a single unit without buffs.

PS: Ignore the fact that you have to stand on the enemies to achieve full potential :smile_cat:


I think… I’ll have to agree with you surprisingly :sweat_smile: everything you said makes sense and is logical. But again, we are not arguing at how rare and how common the said UT is, it is which works and is on top of all UTs in order of the one the has the most uses.

+1 for your creativity though


Can we all agree the Tablet of the King’s Avatar is OP and call it a day? :sweat_smile:

Edit: Clearly for its piercing ability to hit multiple enemies of course with the damage of 85-125 and estimate 1700-2500 damage if on point of course. (TOTALLY not satire at all) :wink:


Tell us why and in what way is it overpowered and we might call it a day.


The snakeskin shield.
It is the most viable and overpowered UT.
It is one of the first UT’s a new player gets and you would do well to learn to never equip another shield ever again, the +3 speed is critical to knight and has saved myself on many occasions, this can be seen with the look of disbelief on the rogue’s face in a tomb when you can keep up with the circle jerk for guaranteed loot.
It is over powered as it allows the unstoppable wall which is the knight to move at incredible speeds and look stylish while doing so.


Currently the DBOW is the most op.



Uhhh… in terms of pure damage, it has the highest damage per shot but… there are better alternatives.


I honestly think the Skull of Endless Torment is ‘OP’ due to the fact it can heal people over 1k hp IN ONE GO