What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


the fact that u even did a jungle raises questions for me xd


(My guild opened it lol)


The most overpowered UT is jugg. Prot comes a close second


Well it’s not satire :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s actually sarcasm :slight_smile:


Dude tunnel rat bonus. Plus it drops incs.


Ran over 50 to complete the set :slight_smile: 50 jungles ey?


did everyone forget about our pet rocks


still have mine


Just watch I’m gonna place a pet rock on the cultist pentagram and it’s gonna mega evolve or somethin’






Okay so first off this is just a joke so no hate.
But let’s look at it for the top 2 voted (Ogmur VS Jugg)
Warrior uses Jugg gets double defense.
Then Knight uses Ogmur and breaks the warriors armor.
0 X2 is still 0 so Ogmur does in fact win the Jugg


Attacking with berserk is actually faster on melees than with armor break. I did the calculations on a maxed warrior with an acclaim on an enemy with 75 defense and here are the pics:

That’s good dps right? 2881.67. That’s a lot. But

Even though average hit damage is much lower the dps is 750 above with armor break and no berserk. 2881.67 VS. 3666.25. Which is higher?


I think the answer is qot. Qot halves the amount of shots therefore helping all classes melee or ranged. In tombs during rage imagine half the shots same with o2 instead of dying from a shotgun there is a chance that you can actually survive.


Honestly UT’s are always going to be objectively chosen to be better or worse… I love playing on all of the melee classes for tanking and pretty high DPS and I would say that jugg, ogmur, and oreo are all pretty OP from the individual point of view. I would also look at this from a cooperative point of view, which seems to favor puri, the new seal for paladin that is like jugg for a group of people which is very neat. Everyone has their preferences though.


Ogmur? Good luck getting close to it for most endgame content…

Let’s just face it, knight is a bad class overall for endgame content. Sure, its godly farming sprite worlds but not so much at doing oryx2(big risk, small reward - wis pot) or the new dungeons deca added(the nest, not the hive).

So what is the most overpowered ut in game? I would have to say the most overpowered ut is the dbow. Yes, while it isn’t the rarest ut, it doesn’t have to be rare to be good, does it? Factoring the availability of the bow(coming from a mid tier dungeon people!) it seems too good to be true, but you better believe it. It’s accessiblity, power, and general op-ness is just too good. You would rather get a jugg than a dbow, but still, with accessiblity this makes dbow more overpowered. Dbow is only overpowered because of its reasonable drop rate from an insanely easy dungeon. Dbow wouldn’t be as viable if it was a jugg drop, being super rare. Archer/huntress is becoming a very viable class for endgame content. With high def counts and the boss being hard for melees to get deep into, dbow just shreds through the boss, basically ignoring the 50 defense and dishing out easy soulbound.

I chose dbow, not because it was an insanely over POWERED item(though it is good), but because of its commonness to power ratio. It’s just insane how many people are running around with this bow.


and i got a goddamn ogmur…
after arguing for jugg i got an ogmur.


Oreo, coz u are immune from like all damage, but it doesn’t last very long. But come on, you don’t take any damage


Admin staff.


#All of Players know, This is a best UTs
Very good SET, but drop from Very Hard Dungeon “Forbidden Jungle”

#Mixcoatl the Masked Killer God

Hardest Boss In game!
Have only 4200 000 HP
And 150 Def

Immune to Everything

All of Mixcoatl the Masked God shots have 600000000000000 DAMAGE
600000000000000 DAMAGE (Armor Broken, Bleeding, Blind, Confused, Darkness, Dazed, Drunk, Hallucinating, Hexed, Paralyzed, Pet Stasis, Quiet, Sick, Silenced, Slowed, Unstable, Weak) for 3 sec
600000000000000 DAMAGE (Armor Broken, Bleeding, Blind, Confused, Darkness, Dazed, Drunk, Hallucinating, Hexed, Paralyzed, Pet Stasis, Quiet, Sick, Silenced, Slowed, Unstable, Weak) for 30 sec
600000000000000-70000000000 DAMAGE
Phase 1:
He wanders around the room he is in. Any damage done to him will make him go into his next phase.

Phase 2:
He runs to the middle of the boss room and does some form of ritualistic dance. During this time, he cannot be damaged. After this phase is over, Mixacoatl randomly chooses one of the two paths in Phase 3. Also the boss totems in the room will spawn 200 totem spirits after his dance.

Phase 3:
Path 1 - He shoots fireballs at the closest player
Path 2 - He will shoot walls of Mask Powershot in a spiral around him.
When he is finished firing, he wanders around the room for a while before going back to Phase 2.

Phase 4: When enough damage is dealt, Mixcoatl moves back to the center of the room. He and the Boss Totems will shoot out concentric circles of projectiles.

Phase 5: He then will charge at the nearest player, firing 666 blasts of concentric circles in time with the pillars. He also shoots out his spiral pattern shots when close to you.
###But If you no Die you have a chance(0.0001%) to drop Best Set Ever
#Staff of the Crystal Serpent

  • Tier: UT
  • Shots: 20
  • Damage: 600-700
  • Projectile Speed: 18
  • Range: 90
  • Amplitude: 0.5
  • Frequency: 2
  • Rate of Fire: 500%
  • Fame Bonus: 20%
  • Feed Power: 10000

#Cracked Crystal Skull

  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 0.1
  • Radius: 10
  • Damage: 900-9000
  • Heal: 500-5000
  • Stat Bonus: +190 HP, +180 MP, +9 Def, +9 Spd, +9 Wis, +9 Att, +9 Dex, +9 Vit
  • Defense Ignored: 150
  • Fame Bonus: 20%
  • Feed Power: 27000
    #Robe of the Tlatoani
  • Tier: UT
  • Stat Bonuses: +30 Def, +450 MP, +80 Wis
  • Fame Bonus: 20%
  • Feed Power: 25000
    #Crystal Bone Ring
  • Stat Bonus:+30 Dex, +30 Wis +30 Def
  • Fame Bonus: 20%
  • Feed Power: 22000


Doom Bow of course, 700 damage without any buff and around 1600 with curse and paladin buff