What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


If we look at it from a PvP perspective; one one one, in a lock corridor with no place to hide, we all know who would win: The Archer (with dbow)



makes warrior a mother fucken tank that destroys everything


After the buff I feel like leaf bow is one of the best UTs in the game. It outdamages any other bow, and has more range than a dbow or tiered bow. +5 spd is also nice, and it just kind of can’t be changed that there is no pierce.


Prot. Seriously. Perma Armored. If theres armor piercing bullets, you just heal through it anyways.


In my opinion.
is the most overpowered UT. (it is Helm of the Juggernaut.)
even though I didn’t get it.


It depends on how people value things, some people value damage or dps more than healing/defense, I think it’s oreo, because even tho it only lasts 1,8 seconds, it completely removes impact, and 1,8 seconds are more than enough for an average player to nexus if he is still in risk, also really fun to play around with it.


If you’re capable of permabuffing you’re invul 36% of the time with oreo.


sunshine shiv hands down


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It only has 1,500 feed power.


Most OP weapon is cult staff
Most OP ability is jugg
Most OP armor is nil
Most OP ring is bracer


i got jugg, afraid to use it.

book of geb gets my vote, u can buy it instead of waiting 24 years to find it…

it is amazing for shit players like me and you can easily do O2 on it and get decent stuff


Most OP armor is Breastplate in my opinion…


And yet I’ve seen screenshots of people dying with it in PT


imo the best ut is doku before nerf it received
and even after it got nerfed its still decent and easy obtainable ut
it was straight upgrade from t12


Goal of a UT: offer a differing playstyle, or support a specific part of a class’ playstyle.
Good UT: Sidegrade. Can be used effectively in some areas, but is outclassed in others compared to tiered variants.
Bad UT: This.

Doku is still a mighty fine Katana, and despite its lack of a clear niche - only having a minor range advantage, higher rate of fire, but lower damage - is still very much usable for those who have trouble hitting a moving target, want to clear more spread-out, weak minions, are too scared to get into too close a range, etc…
It has this, all whilst not outdamaging Masamune all the time, as well as its inability to fire in a straight line sometimes being more of a curse than a blessing.

tl;dr Doku is good as it is, thanks.
If you were being sarcastic and I didn’t pick that up, just add a sized-down “/s” at the end of your post.