What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


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jugg is the most overpowered item in the game, I know a lot of people have said it already but it’s true. anyone who says something like “it’s not that good” or “prot is technically better” hasn’t had a jugg or didn’t live long enough with it to properly experience it. prot isn’t as good as jugg because priest takes 12 years to kill anything on his own while warrior shreds through entire mobs in seconds. you’re basically unkillable and just about everything falls over dead in front of you.


There are many definitions of OP.

In terms of how much it improves the corresponding class, plane and prot seem to best.

In terms of absolute power, prot is still really good, and jugg is probably also great.

In terms of functionality gain compared to how easy it is to get (my own favorite metric), dbow and plane top the list.

In terms of all-round items, Omni followed by Bracer are really good.


internal screaming


It depends on how good your pet is. I liked jugg the best with a 70/70 pet, but after I got a lvl 90+ mheal pet prot seems better.


4 years later I got a new Jugg


And now the mods do necrobumps. Coronavirus really turned society upside down


Tome of purification, hands down.

as long as the priest(s) can dodge silence / quieting shot (not too difficult considering his range)
he can essentially erase any dodging error of his teammates, removing deadly status effect and healing over 300 HP in one go.

it even trivializes some boss phase, the killer bee queen’s armour break phase comes to mind, in fact it is so powerful that deca had to give Oryx 3 Incurable status effects on his counter just so they don’t get removed instantly.

this single white bag drop has saved countless characters over the years of its existence, it has kept the manor a well sought-after dungeon for anyone. even before the introduction of wismod this tome was THE best in the game and kept priest viable and sometimes necessary.

that is why, in my opinion the puri is THE best UT in the game.



Jugg is not nearly as good anymore because of mseal in groups/pets. Also ggen is super useful for rushing.


most op is colo sword. insane dps and amazing range.


Marble Seal. There is no defending it. Giving up to 65 players the chance to double their fucking armor and also giving them the chance to increase their damage by 1.5x is absolute fucking insanity. Yeah sure you have to stand around a merciful 4 tiles range, but within this 4 tile range, the group has become unkillable, killing machines. The cost is low enough to where you can put it back up as soon as the cooldown is over with a decent (not good) pet. If I’m not mistaken, you can even stack the buff with another seal (like the Conflict & T6 Orb stack), but that might not be the case.

Even if it isn’t, god this fucking item is broken.


Marble Seal and Tome of Purification

These 2 items aren’t good, they’re straight up hysterically overpowered, giving up to 65 players like you said, the ability to shrug off debuffs, to tank and outheal all non armor piercing damage ontop of that? Puri is fixable but mseal was honestly a mistake, and needs a rework.


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That said, I think crystallised mist is the best item overall (aside from dps and procs that buff)


The venom or the ring?


Typo, wrote most instead off mist (the ring)


Prot for yourself, puri for a team.

Never got to try crystalized mist but not sure wheter its that good or not.


That’s interesting! I have the ring on my Warrior but haven’t found it too gamechanging to be honest. The issue is that the damage threshold for invisibility is so low that the ability gets used unnecessarily, leaving you with the cooldown period when you need invisibility most.






overpowered UT that can break our innocent heart every times naughty trix use that


Wish I didn’t lose mine it was too fun