What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


When looking at OP for Realm I tend to look at items that are not situational and can simply replace its counterpart with little to no negative effect. For example SDag has a great max damage and nice range but its minimum damage keeps it balanced. The CDirk Has incredible damage but low range. The Dbow is more interesting, as it DOES have one of the highest DPS in game and it’s hard for me to tell if the fire rate keeps it balanced… Compared to covert both of the UT bows are incredibly OP.

After browsing through the UT list, my pick for most OP item goes to Doku.

It is a direct upgrade to ninja and in honestly it is the item that makes the class remotely viable. The wavy shots are a negligible downside and its greater range, fire rate, and DPS make it outclass Masamune is every way. Maybe this is just a symptom of ninja as a class being tremendously under-powered, but Doku is not nearly as niche as a UT should be. It fills all roles for the class well and in that sense it is incredibly overpowered.


Now if only Juggs could heal also! I dream for that day


What is the real final boss of this game? Other players dragging on you or messing up bosses.

What is the best answer to it? Fulmi.


Yeah it’s good for speed on a fairly slow class and really easy to get, but there are some other good ones too.


I agree.

To answer the question, the term ‘overpowered’ has to be defined.
While many of the UT’s listed above are indeed very powerful, that does not mean they are ‘overpowered’.

A quick google yields this definition of ‘overpowered’; “defeat or overcome with superior strength.”

Doku completely embodies this definition, it effectively renders the T12 katana inferior.


How does that even make any sense
Torment’s damage is only 50 more than Bloodsucker’s, it only costs 5 less MP
and has 1.75 less radius


Just wait for the next ST set.

I think Jugg is very OP, but after dying with my Jugg Warrior and actually using the T6 helm, its usability decreases depending on how good you are with speedy and how good your pet is. If the player has both skill with speedy and a good pet, rushing an abyss is far faster with the T6 helm than the Jugg. If I got Jugg again I would only really use it to run through Godwalls or in really sticky situations where I need more defense.


Jugg, no question. It’s always been overpowered and I can’t believe it hasn’t received a nerf. I disagree about Ogmur. I think of Ogmur as a UT very similar to the Quiver of Thunder. It’s a UT that breaks from the norm by inflicting a status effect and doing more damage, but trading that off for no longer doing what is usually the core mechanic of the ability (QoT doesn’t Paralyze, Ogmur doesn’t Stun).

The difference between Jugg and Doku is simply the class that they’re for. Doku is an overpowered item for an underpowered class. Jugg is an overpowered item for an overpowered class. There’s a big difference.


How is this a game?


Yeah I’m not sure either. Will change it.


It’s more of a debate. You have to explain why you’re position is better than someone else’s, so I guess it’s not really a game.


It’s overpowered because of not only its active effects, which are 200 dmg and 2 range, but also its passives, which gives the user def, making necro a more tanky class, and I feel that on my necro I never need to use a tiered skull


Personally it’s the Oreo. I’m still waiting to drop one to be able to play pally again.


Oreo is a situational item, and it’s balanced out by its passive -4 def, I’m wondering why you need one to be able to play pally


It’s just less fun without.


I personally like Prot the most even though I have never gotten one… it gives armored for longer than warrior as well as a huge 250 hp boost for 0 wis… with max wis it’s even more.
@PlasmaRoar you wanted Jugg to be able to heal? Well here’s your solution use Prot.


Not kidding when I say this but like the Water Dragon Robe is pretty damn op because now you move quicker so you can do some serious wizard rushes in O2 and lets be real - it looks DOPE.


Ogmur is situational, it’s not useful on a lot of enemies, basically Avatar and stone guardian, otherwise you’ll just gain a few seconds by armor breaking other monsters, especially that it doesn’t stun

The most overpowered UT’s could be Prot and Jugg and they are usable as main abilities since it does what a regular ability already does plus doubles the defense. Having it or not totally changes your gameplay


Tome of Holy Protection is my choice, especially with the recent addition of ST robes.

There is no cooldown, you have the defense of a knight, with +40 from prot, +25/+60 from the ST robes respectively, and +180 hp from UBHP, you can have the hp of a knight and range+piercing (possibly cwand for some situations), and FINALLY you get 300 hp everytime you heal.

The only downside is the priests low DPS, which doesn’t matter when we are talking about the item only.


but armor broken and quiet…

and your mana limit, and remembering to buff yourself