What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


Mana is always a downside to abilities, duh. And armor broken is something that should be avoided regardless of class.


I think that jugg is most overpowered. In my opinion, a couple UTs could use a better droprate, and just a little nerf to compensate.


Bulwark look at that damage


Really? Well that’s really good for me because my 7/8 knight got one in a public lod before it died.


Actually, you can use Deca Ring(Ring of Season) now, which gives 190 hp too.


Also bows. Both used UT are way better than the Covert.


well, mana is not as much as a down side for things like gomur, b/c if your a prot presit deep with no mana, then your pretty screwed, but a deep quieted knight is ok.


True, but I’m rarely ever quieted on priest, as it’s my priority to dodge them. As for other shots, I just heal them off no problem.


Honestly. it depends on skill, Like being able to activate a Oreo at the perfect time, Or having perfect aim with a QoT, Etc… Although I do agree. Ogmur is pretty overpowered if used at the right time. It makes steam rolling avatar’s and the three bosses in the shatters too easy. But Jugg/Prot Is equally broken.


Let’s see here, In terms of dmg and weapons, these UTs stand out:

The Doom Bow, in my opinion, It’s the best bow in the game it pierces and does high dmg, maybe combine it with a paralyse quiver and it makes taking down bosses much easier and also it’s not that rare :3

The Demon Blade and Pixie Sword Take one of these and put it on a warrior and you may be taking soulbound from like everyone in the dungeon.


Helm of Juggernaut What the heck? No debate here, you’re mostly invincible once you activate this (unless you’re armour broken). A warrior can double its defence to over 100. Then it can eat Oryx’s shotgun for dinner (jks jks DON’T DO THAT) You can take most hits.

Tome of Holy Protection Again, once you get this, you get around 80 def on a priest and you can tank like a Knight, Heal yourself and deal damage at long range. Bit OP there.


To my opinion, all the armours are quite balanced, Candy coated has a DPS nerf, Resu has a defence nerf. All robes
and leather armours are pretty well balanced.


For me, there isn’t any OP rings, only very powerful ones like Shatters’s Rings. (Unless you count Admin Crown or something like that)


From what perspective? I mean, from the whole game’s perspective Planewalker/prisms are pretty OP.

They can let people sit on Avatars/Ents.

But from someone who actually plays the game, BY FAR, Jugg.

It makes a ridiculously OP class god-like.


By the most overpowered UT in the game, I assume you mean the UT you would want as a gift if you won the skin contest or something.

I would pick Jugg, like everyone else. I had my experiences with a protted (get it?) priest, but imo it’s still not as good as a jugg. Jugg raises your defensive and offensive capabilities at the same time, from armoring and beserk.


I mean Jugg is, but I think that is way to obvious. Ill pick a 2nd… Plague Poison. You can’t miss, and you can lag people out.


I would say either Crown, Bracer, Jugg, Ogmur, or a QoT.

Crown-Maximally raises the DPS of any class in the game, and looks sick.

Bracer-Can be worn by any class well, and looks sick.

Jugg-(A fan favorite) Looks epic as all living hell, and gives warrior one of the best buffs in the game and also allows him to briefly surpasses the defense of every class in the game.

QoT-This is a bullet hell game. And it decreases the amount of shots that the enemies releases, making it help basically everyone.

Shield of Ogmur-A shotgun that can usually instakill gods and has one of the best sprites in the game. It gives everyone DPS and makes Shatters safe if you have a knight with this that’s good enough.

Thanks for reading!
Here’s a white bag.



It does it from a distance, minimizing the risk.


Shields stop it 100% !


It does it from a distance, minimizing the risk.


stop it 100% !

point being QoTs really not all that OP, I guess it’s good due to being able to daze more things then you can stun.


Yea, it’s pretty good, but I like it because (I think) the things that are immune to stuns are not immune to daze.
Correct me if I’m wrong on that one.
It’s at least pretty good on O2, because I know that he’s not immune to daze.

Shields are still cool.