What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


Its the coolest weapon in the game at the very least!


You’re the coolest weapon in the game.

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I saw somewhere that what QoT is used for in O2 is this:
From my experiences as a chainstunning knight it’s a pretty big hassle to get close enough to get a shield in. So what QoT is used for is to daze Oryx to let the knights get close enough to stun.


True, but a common Trickster can also do that, without a rare UT.

Instead of 1 set of bullets going towards you, 3 are going away from you.


Helm of the Juggernaut Since it doubles your Defense stat and can basically be used permanently with a maxed rare pet.


The most op ut in the game is the want t8


I don’t think ogmur is the best ut because it’s only good on high def enemies. Jugg is probably the best because it’s good everywhere you go.


Well, technically Jugg is useless in Ice Cave.


Or anywhere else with armor pierce - not that there are that many sources of it


This here is the most overpowered UT in the game:
no more words needed.


Doku No Ken, without question.
More range, more DPS (10 less avg. damage, but 125% fire rate), debatably easier to hit targets.


A tiered weapon…


An amazing bullet is useless in a crappy gun.

It shouldn’t matter how good the Doku is on the Ninja it should be about how good is the character with a doku, and the answer is, not much.


My opinions

Doom Bow seriously, this thing has to be one of the best, if no the best weapon in the game. It has the highest dps for most of the part, and has the highest “true range” (which is the maximum range where all the shots hit).

Helm of the Juggernaut I really think that this is the most overpowered UT in the game, not ogmur. I mean, how to you double the defense of a class that already has the second highest possible def points? It literally is a win-win-win, you both can tank literally every single bullet in godlands, while dealing impossible damage at the same time. In fact, it’s so good that you can actually use this as a replacement for tiered helms, that is if you don’t rush or do wc often.

Spectral Cloth Armor This armor has to take the throne for the best leather armors, because of it’s high balance. Lost 3 def and 2 dex? No worries! You’ll get 3 spd AND 3 att! How cool is that?

Fairy Plate This heavy armor is nice for every melee, even pally. You’re only sacrificing 4 def from an acrop in return for a boost in both hp and mp, where the hp makes up for the missing def, and the mp allows you to use your ability to protect you more often.

Mad Lab Robe Yes, yes, I know that this robe strongly rivals the tier 13 one, but hey, it’s all about UTs and this one has no other ut rival.

Bracer of the Guardian Yes, I know that although there are rings that are better than this for certain classes, you’ll still have to agree that it’s the best ring for most of the part. It has a nice balance of extremely high att, def, and don’t forget the high hp and mp boost! Again, although some classes are better off with crown, there are more classes that benefit better from a bracer than a crown.


Juggernaut: Changes your whole gameplay, you become the highest DEF, DPS and VIT on the game for 4.5 secs. For shatts, it’s just your guardian angel, without it you can’t rush towards hundreds of ice adepts.

Doom Bow: Overpowered? Yes, what’s better than pierce, 900+ damage per bullet and also paralyzing infinite loads of minions with your quiver?

Tome of Holy Protection: I used it once but I say that it’s a REALLY fun ut and also overpowered with a legendary pet.

Tome of Purification: Best of the best for Tombs, use it once and say bye to your Weak, armor broken and paralyze. Essencial for getting SB at ffa tombs.


I’d just say crown even though I’ve never gotten one.

Edit: I meant the shatters crown, but the admin crown is clearly better than anything else.


This is a pretty tough question, and now that I think of it, there isn’t any particular UT which is even 2x more effective than a tiered item. I guess id have to say jugg, although to be honest I consider jugg to be not that much more powerful than the t6 helm. T6 helm has that extra seconds of boost and also makes you speedy so I reckon with good skills and good pet its more powerful than a jugg, but jugg would be better if you had less skills and a worse pet.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

The pimp robe


I also have the fire dragon armor, IDK what to do with it. You’re talking to Lod master right now, 2 lod tops whites and 2 lod cloths on my 5/8 pali rn :smiley:



The +3 vit and +3 wis make it possible to tank anything without blinking an eye. It allows you to grow your DPS in ways never imaginable before this game-breaking UT was released. You get a bracer every time because your DPS is too magically high, and feed them, because you have this ring, so who needs bracer?
Overall, I’m really surprised that DECA hasn’t nerfed this ring yet. It’s just too game-breaking and overpowered, and should be nerfed or removed before everybody has one of these shiny babies.